If you are looking for an adventure like no other—filled with wildlife, nature, rich culture, and food—consider a trip to Baja, California, Mexico. We're happy to assist you at UnCruise. We offer spring break savings for last-minute cruise deals to Mexico, where we can help you discover the small towns, rocky red cliffs, and the dazzling blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Whether it's a spring break vacation, a special occasion, or a solo venture, any one of our Baja, Mexico cruises provide an unforgettable experience on land and in the water. So, what exactly should you expect as you plan your Baja Adventure?

Rules & Regulations

When you take advantage of our last-minute cruise deals to Mexico, there are a few important necessities to consider when preparing for your getaway. Since our cruise takes you out of the U.S., U.S. citizens will need a valid passport to enter the country and board the vessel. However, there is no need for COVID vaccine proof or masking. If you prefer to wear a mask during the trip, that is welcome.

Mexico has lifted COVID restrictions, but the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention does recommend that visitors be up to date on all vaccinations for ensured well-being. That way, you can enjoy your vacation worry-free.

Essential Tips to Prepare for Your Mexico Cruise

Our Mexico cruise ships are much smaller than large commercial cruise ships. Small cruise ships offer advantages like a more intimate experience thanks to their maneuverability. On board, we provide essentials like bathroom supplies and towels, adventure gear for activities, refillable water bottles, sunscreen, and insect repellent. Your packing checklist should include clothing that prepares you for anything. 

The weather in Baja California is pleasant year-round, but comes with unique aspects. The region is one of the most cloud-free places in the world. This leads to plenty of warm sunshine and daytime temperatures in the 70s and mid-80s. With plenty of sunlight comes the need for essentials like clothes, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. 

Climates range from tropical to desert-like conditions, including windy moments and infrequent but intense rainstorms. It can get chilly onboard, especially at night when temperatures drop to the low 50s and 60s, so you'll want something warm to bundle up in. We recommend dressing in layers during your cruise. That way, you can easily adapt to warmer conditions by removing layers or to colder conditions by adding layers.

Destination Highlights

Now for the exciting part: activities and locations. When you book a trip or choose one of our last-minute cruise deals to Mexico, you will join the ranks of explorers like Jacques Cousteau, who took his adventures below the waves of the Sea of Cortez. Now it's your turn to explore the "world's aquarium," as Cousteau dubbed the enchanting crystal clear turquoise waters teeming with marine life. Our Baja, Mexico cruise ships offer you a wide range of adventure opportunities for an experience you will remember for years to come. 

[F]UnCruise Activities 

The extensive activities we offer provide something for everyone, whether you enjoy the land, water, or both. Strap on your hiking boots to explore the Sierra La Giganta Mountains. Hop on a mule to venture through the Baja canyons. Immerse yourself in the beautiful waters and discover the colorful ecosystems that are home to all kinds of majestic sea life, from whales to dolphins, sea lions, and mobula rays. Experience all of this and more, including:

  • Skiff excursions
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking, paddle boarding, and birding
  • Mule rides
  • Visits with a local ranchero
  • Snorkeling 
  • Whale watching
  • Lagoon exploring
  • Beach parties
  • Exploring the local towns and markets

Places to Adventure 

Our many adventures on our Baja, Mexico cruises take us all along the Baja Peninsula–ranging from La Paz to Isla Partida Park, Isla San Francisco Park, Loreto Bay Park, Isla Coronados Park, Loreto Town, Puerto Escondido, Agua Verde, and San Evaristo Village, Isla San Jose, or Nopolo. Each of these spots offers unique experiences. 

In our exploration of the Sea of Cortez, we've been able to witness all types of marine life in their natural habitats. All of this happens here in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Early in the year, majestic whales migrate along the Baja Peninsula to give birth to adorable babies in the warm waters and lagoons of Bahia Magdalena. The clear waters of Bahia Agua Verde are perfect for snorkeling or skiff rides to look for seals, dolphins, and whales. 

Hiking in the Baja canyons or the rocky red bluffs in Isla San Francisco exposes you to a diverse range of desert plants and animals, from tall cacti to colorful reptiles. Start your day by sinking your toes into the warm sand on the beautiful white beaches of Isla Coronado and then use the rest of the day to explore the small town of Loreto. Here you will find colorful restaurants with exquisite locally grown ingredients, along with a bustling downtown plaza area filled with history. Once you're through, enjoy incredible sunsets of vibrant colors as you relax and sip wine on the beach or join in on the fun of our beach parties. 

Explore the Sea of Cortez

Everywhere you go, the vast opportunities for adventure make UnCruise Baja Adventures the perfect last-minute cruise deal to Mexico. We have more information on our Baja cruise from daily itineraries and route map to a complete guide with everything you need to know before your exclusive getaway.

Take advantage of our upcoming once-in-a-lifetime Baja California Eclipse Cruise in April 2024, to view a total eclipse of the sun from the dazzling Sea of Cortez. Follow the path of real-life explorers and experience the real Baja with UnCruise!