Kids in Nature, Glaciers & Wildlife Family Explorer


Watch your little adventurer's eyes light up at the majesty of Alaska.

Two days in Glacier Bay National Park offer an up-close look at glaciers, old-growth forests, and sea life. Plenty of activities to keep young explorers busy and learning.


  • Explore parts of Glacier Bay National Park rarely seen by visitors as we explore the "Outback"
  • Hike and bike through Chichagof Island - UnCruise has the only permits in this area
  • Learn what it's like to live and work in the wild country of Alaska
  • All day kayak and "yak-and-whack" opportunities
  • Full days - from morning birding to evening skiff tours and kayaks to an evening campfire ashore
  • Wildlife search - Humpback, orca, seals, bears, moose, puffins and other sea birds
  • LeConte and Baird Glaciers
  • Opportunities to hike, bike, kayak, paddle board, skiff, and bushwhack, all in one week
  • Access to South Baranof Wilderness, rarely visited
  • Get on land at with an Ideal Cove hike
  • B= Breakfast L=Lunch D= Dinner

Your day-by-day details | Roundtrip Juneau, Alaska from $6300

DAY 1 Juneau Embarkation

Board the Wilderness Legacy, a gateway to a family adventure that brings nature's wonders to life. Let the journey begin with a warm welcome and a toast to new horizons, as your family is treated to a refreshing mocktail for the kiddies or a sparkling glass of champagne. Get ready to unveil a week-long odyssey tailored to ignite your children's curiosity and immerse them in the world of nature and the beauty of the outdoors. (D)

DAY 2 Robert & Crow Islands

Get ready for a day tailor-made for families and young adventurers! Kids will learn by being captivating by educational nature with our trained guides. Head out on the water for a thrilling skiff tour or join a Kayak 101 class to get comfy on the water. View wildlife along the shore with narrative interpretation through the captivating world of marine life. Watch in awe as whales breach and dolphins play, a spectacle that will leave the entire family in awe. It's a day designed to spark curiosity and foster connection. Regroup in the lounge for board games and crafts to round out your day. (BLD)

DAY 3 LeConte Glacier & Ideal Cove

Today's activities are designed to captivate both young and mature adventurers. Our journey today revolves around the rhythmic dance of the tides. Listen closely in the morning, as the gentle embrace of ice against the Legacy's hull. Our main highlight is the awe-inspiring LeConte Glacier, where kids and families will stand in wonder before the southernmost tidewater glacier in the northern hemisphere. Later, we'll venture to Ideal Cove, a treasure trove for young explorers and the perfect setting for storytelling and naturalist interpretation. It's a day that will kindle kids love for the great outdoors and leave them with memories to cherish for a lifetime. (BLD)

DAY 4 Cascade Creek & Baird Glacier

Explore the beauty of Cascade Creek in Thomas Bay, where today's adventure unfolds against the backdrop of nature's playground. With a focus on kids and families, this bay offers endless opportunities for fun and exploration that captivate young hearts and adventurous spirits alike. Learn about culture, nature and the temperate forests of Alaska. Next, experience the ice of Baird Glacier exhibiting striking blue hues. When sunlight interacts with the ice, it results in a mesmerizing blue glow. Recoup with a hot toddie and hot chocolate with more relaxation in the lounge before dinner. (BLD)

DAY 5 Patterson & Gut Bay Wilderness

Enjoy the top deck for a sunrise or morning stretch or kick off the day with an early riser breakfast as we sail into Patterson Bay! This bay is like a hidden treasure surrounded by towering mountains, and it's waiting for us to uncover its secrets. For those who love being on the water, today is your day! Young kayakers and families will set off on kayaking adventures, while early morning skiff tours promise to reveal hidden wonders along the shoreline. We meander through South Baranof Wilderness Area including Deep Cove, Port Walter, Misty Cove and eventually reach the southern extent of this primitive area. Perfect for treasure hunting, wildlife watching or photography. (BLD)

DAY 6 Glacier Bay Outback

Get ready to have your mind blown by incredible Glacier Bay – it's like a whole new world made of ice and wonder! Imagine standing in front of towering ice walls and massive glaciers that seem to touch the sky. This is where nature shows off its coolest tricks! Our super knowledgeable guides will tell you all about the secrets of Glacier Bay, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to hop on exciting adventures like kayaking and hiking. From learning cool stuff to having big adventures, Glacier Bay is where the magic happens and where you'll make memories that will stay with you forever! (BLD)


DAY 7 Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glacier

Wake up in the Glacier Bay National Park's "Outback" – it's like waking up in a secret world! Our ship visits super cool spots, like: Fern Harbor, Dundas Bay, or No Name Cove near Excursion Inlet. You'll have so many things to choose from: kayaking, paddle boarding, skiff excursions (think mini-boat adventures!), hiking, and even strolling along the beach. It's like a playground of nature activities. As the day winds down, it's time for Captain's Dinner. But that's not all – you'll also get to watch a slideshow of all the amazing things you've done this week. It's like a movie starring you, the incredible explorer for kids and families. (BLD)

DAY 8 Juneau Disembarkation

Welcome back to Juneau. Enjoy your last breakfast aboard. Check every nook and cranny of your cabin for all of your things and say farewell to the crew as we disembark, get that last family photo and wave goodbye until next time. (B)


Rates Shown Are Per Person, Based on Double Occupancy. Charter Rates Available Upon Request.