Kids in Nature, Wild Woolly & Wow with Glacier Bay


Watch your little adventurer's eyes light up at the majesty of Alaska!

Includes Glacier Bay National Park and an up-close look at glaciers, old-growth forests, and sea life. Plenty of activities to keep young explorers busy and learning.



Included Highlights:

  • Explore parts of Glacier Bay National Park rarely seen by visitors
  • Hike, skiff, and kayak inside Hobart Bay
  • All day kayak and "yak-and-whack" opportunities
  • Wildlife search: humpback, orca, seals, bears, sea otters, moose, puffins and other sea birds
  • Snorkeling in the frigid Alaskan waters, wetsuits onboard, screams or smiles guaranteed
  • Experience the isolated LeConte Glacier (no mega ships here!)
  • Opportunities to hike, kayak, paddle board, skiff, and bushwhack, all in one week
  • Brown bear search near the shores of Chichagof Island

Kids in Nature Activities:

  • Extra expedition guide on board
  • Daily games & adventures aimed for kids
  • Jr. Ranger books & badges on board
  • Kid-friendly menu
  • Kayak or SUP races around the ship
  • Boat scavenger hunt

NAV = Navigator Cabin, TRB = Trailblazer Cabin, PAT = Pathfinder Cabin, ADM = Admiral Cabin, COM = Commodore Suite, SGL = Single Cabin


Day-by-Day Details

Day 1: Juneau Embarkation

Board the Wilderness Legacy, a gateway to a family adventure that brings nature's wonders to life. Let the journey begin with a warm welcome and a toast to new horizons, as your family is treated to a refreshing mocktail for the kiddies or a sparkling glass of champagne. Get ready to unveil a week-long odyssey tailored to ignite your children's curiosity and immerse them in the world of nature and the beauty of the outdoors. (D)

Day 2: Hobart Bay

Get ready for a day tailor-made for families and young adventurers! Kids will learn by being captivated by educational nature with our trained guides. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Hobart Bay. Start the day with a refreshing kayak excursion, gliding through calm waters or join our naturalists on an invigorating hike, uncovering the secrets of the local flora and fauna. In the afternoon, embark on a skiff ride for up-close views of the bay's stunning glaciers and a chance to spot eagles soaring overhead. As the day winds down, gather on deck for wildlife watching, an evening happy hour, games, activities and photo share in the lounge or captivating presentation by our expert guides. (BLD)

Day 3: LeConte Glacier

Today's activities are designed to captivate both young and mature adventurers. Our journey today revolves around the rhythmic dance of the tides. Enjoy LeConte Glacier, noted as the southernmost tidewater glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, and an awe-inspiring landscape. Guests witness the glacier's imposing beauty up close, a highlight of the Alaskan wilderness. 


Realize there are no mega ships at this most amazing glacier, as they are much too LARGE to enter the shallow entrance to this magical wilderness fjord. We will spend most of our day here, exploring by kayak or small boat. We may even have a chance to go ashore and frolic amongst icebergs stranded on the beach. (BLD)

Day 4: Thomas Bay, Land of the Kushtaka

Mist hangs in the air. The soft exhale of a whale wakes you from your well-deserved slumber. The anchor drops into the milky blue waters of Thomas Bay as the summer sun cuts through the mist and the fog lifts. You hear it before you see it – a profound amount of water cuts through the forest in a series of waterfalls known as Cascade Creek. This is a favorite location for crew – one of the few accessible trails in Southeast Alaska. Not to be missed, we have a level of hiking challenge to suit any skill level. After your foray into the woods, head back to the Legacy for a meal as the boat repositions to the other side of Thomas Bay for new adventures. Water access is unmatched here, a kayak to a salmon run or skiff tour in search of bears wraps up your day. (BLD)

Day 5: Whale Watching & Kuiu Island

Enjoy the top deck for a sunrise or morning stretch or kick off the day with an early riser breakfast. This day is devoted to seeking out the majestic marine life that inhabits the bay's waters. The Kuiu Wilderness of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska's Alexander Archipelago is a picturesque and remote destination. Guests can expect to encounter a diverse array of sea life, including Humpbacks, Steller Sea Lions, Porpoises, Dolphins, Pelagic birds, Seals, and other marine species. The cruise through these whale-rich waters offers a thrilling and intimate experience with nature. We may embark on kayak excursions or guided skiff tours to explore the hidden coves and the intricate coastline more closely. (BLD)

Day 6: Brown Bear Search Near the Shores of Chichagof Island

Seek out the elusive Coastal Brown Bear along this rugged coastline. The East side of Chichagof Island includes three specific areas that have exceptionally good opportunities for sighting these wonderful creatures. Your Captain will use his knowledge to put you in the best spot, which changes regularly. This day may include the opportunity for hikes ashore, kayaking, skiff rides and hopefully watching brown bears from all our small boats and kayaks. The bear population is abundant in this area. The day concludes as we get underway, and guests share their experiences and photos with fellow travelers. (BLD)

Day 7: Glacier Bay National Park Outback

This national park covers 3.3 million acres (thats a tad smaller than the state of Connecticut). Let that sink in. Most visitors see the same sliver of the park as everyone else. Not you. You’re going the furthest and exploring parts that 99% of visitors never go to. Hike the outwash field of glaciers winding down the Fairweather Mountain Range. The cool breeze off the nearby snow and icefields is energizing.  As the day winds down, it's time for Captain's Dinner. But that's not all you'll also get to watch a slideshow of all the amazing things you've done this week. It's like a movie starring you, the incredible explorer for kids and families.  (BLD)

Day 8: Juneau Disembarkation

Welcome back to Juneau. Enjoy your last breakfast aboard. Check every nook and cranny of your cabin for all of your things and say farewell to the crew as we disembark, get that last family photo and wave goodbye until next time. (B)