Alaska’s Fjords & Glaciers Ultimate with Glacier Bay Adventure Cruise



Experience the Wonder of Wild Places

The ultimate Alaska. Spend two days in Glacier Bay National Park, skiff to glaciers, hike in the Tongass National Forest, and learn about Native cultures.


  • Two days in Glacier Bay National Park”
  • Birding at the Marble Island in Glacier Bay.
  • Glaciers including Grand Pacific, Margerie, Lamplough, Reid, Sawyer & North Sawyer.
  • Visit Misty Fjords National Monument.
  • Navigate Wrangell Narrows, locally known as Christmas Tree Lane due to the amount of navigation lights needed for traveling this scenic pass.
  • Visit Ketchikan, famously known as the “Salmon Capital of the World.”
  • Kayakers’ paradise in the little-known Blashke Islands.
  • Snorkeling in the fridged Alaskan Waters, wetsuits onboard.
  • Hike and Kayak Thomas Bay, the land of the Kushtaka a half man, half Sea Otter.
  • Visit Juneau, Alaska’s Capital, and home of UnCruise Adventures.
  • Explore the shores and fjords of Tongass National Forest and Tracy Arm
  • Whale watching in Fredericks Sound, Stephens Passage, Chatham & Icy Straits.
  • Search for wildlife—bears, sea lions, seals, sea otters, porpoises, eagles and more.
  • Bushwhack and hike in old-growth forest and glacial outwash fields.
  • B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

Your day-by-day details

DAY 1 Juneau Embarkation

The smell of the sea hits you as you walk down the gangway to the ship. Welcome aboard your home for the next two weeks. Meet your captain and crew as you familiarize yourself with your home for the next week. In the lounge, a welcome cocktail and Champagne toast await you as you prepare for the grand stories yet to be written about the coming week. As we push off the dock, get out on deck with a pair of binoculars (there is a pair in your cabin for your use this week) and start the search for spouts! (D)

DAY 2 Saint James Bay Park

Wake up in Neka Bay, deep within the Tongass National Forest – tucked into a calm pocket of water where you will have the opportunity to take your first paddle, skiff ride, or shore excursion. There’s nobody here but us, and we have options that fit any activity order you can dream of. As the day unfolds, set out on a skiff expedition, offering an intimate encounter with the bay's wildlife; a chance to witness majestic eagles soaring gracefully overhead. Today is all about spreading your own wings and choosing your own adventure. Multiple excursions are happening at any given time, the choice is, simply, yours. A locally sourced meal is waiting for you back on the boat, so don’t be afraid to go big on your first full day. (BLD)

DAY 3 Haines

Welcome to Glacier Bay National Park. Enjoy breakfast and then step shoreside in Bartlett Cove – the park headquarters- where park rangers, interpretive sites, a trail hike, and Xunaa Shuká Hít - the Huna Tribal House – await your discovery. Less than 1% of visitors to the park get the chance to step on land in the park – and this afternoon you will have the option to bushwhack, kayak, skiff, or walk the shores of Beartrack Cove – a stunning welcome to the expansive wilderness of Glacier Bay National Park. After dinner, get out on deck for sunset and bring your cameras, the snow-capped Fairweathers are the largest mountains in Southeast Alaska and are just begging to be photographed. (BLD)

DAY 4 Icy Strait / George Island

It’s 6:00am. You were told this was going to be an early morning, and your alarm clock is the metallic sound of ice sliding past the hull of the ship. Grab a cup of coffee (let us grab it for you) and a warm jacket; directly off the bow is either Johns Hopkins Glacier or Margerie Glacier, depending on the season and ice condition. The quiet of the morning is only interrupted by the thundering crash of the glacier as 10 story-buildings of ice crash into the sea in the soft light of sunrise. Grab a pastry and a big breakfast, today is going to be a banner day. The captain drops the anchor deftly at Lamplugh Glacier–the morning is your choice of how you want to experience the glacier. Kayaks, ridge hikes, and ice garden explorations are all at your fingertips. The afternoon is spent singularly focused on the wildlife of the park. Get your binoculars out and spot Mountain Goats at Gloomy Knob and Tufted Puffins at the birder’s paradise of South Marble Island. This is our final day in the park–take it all in. (BLD)


DAY 5 Lisianski River / Pelican Town

Chichagof Island is a remote paradise for the local inhabitants, the coastal brown bear. Summers long days provide ample opportunity for fishing in salmon-filled streams, and we’re here to do our own exploring. Join your guide on hike along winding coastline to witness the greatest return of nutrients from sea to land on earth in the form of millions of salmon running upstream. Enjoy a skiff ride or a paddle in search of elusive brown bears and Sitka black-tail deer. We are on the fringes of Southeast Alaska; go further in with every stroke of the paddle. (BLD)


DAY 6 Glacier Bay National Park

We’ve entered the realm of the leviathan. Frederick Sound sits at the interface between Stephens Passage and Chatham Strait–and is a gathering place for hundreds of humpback whales in the summer. From the Keku Islands, it’s not rare for one to be able to sit out on a rocky outcropping and see not one, not two, but dozens of spouts piercing the horizon line in a rhythmic symphony as groups of whales patrol the herring-rich waters of Frederick Sound. The iconic Five Finger’s Lighthouse is Alaska’s oldest light station and sits proudly among the whales and was a heralded research station for humpback study for many years. New relationships formed with the owners allow the opportunity for a visit from time to time. We are just visitors to these parts, the whales rule the day. (BLD)

DAY 7 Chichagof Island & Neka Bay

Our ship is nimble, and the Captain navigates fields of ice with years of experience under their belt. Coming into view are the Twin S. Sawyer and Sawyer glaciers – cascading out of the coastal range in their long dance between rock, ice, and sea. Waterfalls pour out of every valley and crevice – evidence of the ice-field thousands of feet above you. Mountain goats hide on precarious ledges in search of willow shoots – look for the white dots moving on the mountainside – pull out your binoculars for a better view. Finish your week with Captain's dinner and post-dinner cocktials watching the week's “photo journal” by your crew. (BLD)

DAY 8 Juneau

Our only day in town until the end of the trip - you might choose to purchase a tramway ticket that provides a ride up the Mt. Roberts Tram, where views unfold as you ascend 1,800 feet through the forest. At the top, explore the trails and Nature Center; back at the bottom, explore Alaska’s heritage at the Alaska State Museum. Both options also include a lunch voucher for a local restaurant. Complimentary laundry service is provided today. Refresh your sea-legs and jump back on board for dinner as we begin our journey south. (BLD)

DAY 9 Tracy Arm / Fords Terror Wilderness

Overnight, we’ve sailed into a new dimension. Sheer granite walls propel themselves thousands of feet above milky blue waters as the Discoverer glides between massive icebergs. Deep, U-shaped valleys tell the story of the last Ice Age and Harbor Seals haul out on the ice with this year’s recruitment of pups. Endicott Arm is a spectacular place to get out for our first activities of the week, and you’ll feel the air get cooler the deeper you travel into Endicott’s wilderness. The ship slows down and approaches a massive wall of blue ice that blocks the end of the fjord, it's Dawes Glacier, our destination for the day. Bundle up and jump on a skiff tour for an intimate visit with one of the most active tidewater glaciers in Southeast Alaska. Back onboard, a warm meal welcomes you home. (BLD)


DAY 10 Frederick Sound

There she blows! Frederick Sound is a nutrient-rich intersection between multiple massive waterways. Upwellings from the Pacific bring in plankton-rich waters, beckoning enormous schools of herring, that bring in…whales! Humpbacks gather here in the hundreds each summer to partake in an epic feast, fuel for their long migrations to and from their winter breeding grounds in Hawai’i and Baja. Between Port Houghton, The Brothers Islands, and Five Fingers Lighthouse, there is no lack of extraordinary places to explore today, and your expedition leader and captain set a course for the most whale-rich waters they can find. Get out on a skiff tour in search of bubble-netters, or jump on a bushwhack or shorewalk and become immersed in the old-growth of the Tongass. There are wild places to be found, and we’re taking you there. (BLD)

DAY 11 Thomas Bay / Wrangell Narrows

In the distance, a symphony of water emerges – the resonant flow of Cascade Creek, cutting through the forest in a mesmerizing display of waterfalls. A crew favorite, this hidden gem is a rarity in Southeast Alaska, accessible through one of the region's few trails. Don't let this opportunity slip away, as we offer hiking challenges tailored to every skill level, ensuring an unforgettable experience in this pristine wilderness. Hiking not your forte? Jump into a kayak for a paddle. The afternoon cruise is a photographers dream, as the Discoverer deftly navigates the Wrangell Narrows–a famed waterway and home to eagles, Stellar sea-lions, and more. Count the navigational markers as you get a peek into life as only local Southeast Alaskans can relate to. (BLD)


DAY 12 Blashkee Islands

Today, set your sights on the captivating Blashke Islands – a realm of endless possibilities for your adventure-seeking spirit. Immerse yourself in a day of personalized, choose-your-own-adventure delights. Whether you crave the unknown treasures found on a bushwhack, the serenity of kayaking, the exploration of skiff tours, the underwater wonders of snorkeling, or the thrill of full-day yak-n-whack excursions, the options are as diverse as the islands themselves. This hidden gem remains a mystery to most, featuring a chain of islands perfectly tailored for off-vessel escapades. Amidst the excitement, keep an eye out for the majestic whales that gracefully roam these waters–they may just surprise you with their awe-inspiring presence. Brace yourself for an entire day filled with exhilarating experiences in this undiscovered paradise! (BLD)


DAY 13 Behm Canal

Embark on a morning of adventure as we kickstart our activities in the captivating Yes Bay–an opportunity too enticing to resist! Prepare to be surrounded by the wonders of wildlife, from the elusive black bears and playful minks to the majestic eagles soaring overhead. As we navigate through Behm Canal, be prepared for a journey into remote waterways, revealing the pristine beauty of the isolated Tongass National Forest. Our expert expedition team leads a low-elevation hike alongside crystal-clear, rushing streams. Immerse yourself in your own adventure with a guided paddle through the tiny, deserted waterways that seamlessly blend into Behm Canal. Say yes to an unforgettable day filled with exploration and the enchanting beauty of Yes Bay! (BLD)

DAY 14 Misty Fjords

Experience the overwhelming beauty and tranquility of Misty Fjords National Monument, a place that encapsulates the diverse ecosystems of Southeast Alaska. Navigate glacial valleys with sea-filled waters, towering 3,000-foot cliffs, and find sanctuary for wildlife like bears, mountain goats, and sea birds. Whether kayaking in Walker Cove or Rudyerd Bay, the area aptly nicknamed "The Yosemite of the North" offers an enchanting blend of paddle-and-go or sit-and-soak-it-all-in experiences. As a fitting end to your Alaskan journey, share a Farewell Dinner with your Captain, celebrating the week's adventures and capturing memories with a photo slideshow presented by your dedicated guide team. It's the perfect conclusion to a trip immersed in the wilds of Southeast Alaska. (BLD)

DAY 15 Ketchikan, Alaska - Disembarkation

The Discoverer is hard to say goodbye to, but our time together ends here in Ketchikan. The Salmon Capital of the World, there are more adventures to be had–ask your crew for suggestions as you depart and wave goodbye to your crew –new friends made along the way. We can’t wait to see you again! (B)

Passport required (non USA citizens). Itineraries are guidelines; variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur to maximize your experience.