Adult Tranquility, Wild Woolly & Wow with Glacier Bay


Adventure Cruising with an Age Limit | No lines. No crowds. No Kids. 18+ Please

Time to leave behind crowded school schedules, virtual meetings, soccer mom days, and family meals (at least for 7 nights). That means getting away from it all with our fully adult-only adventures! Our [F]UnCruise family guides are ready to show you comfortable luxury, with plenty of hard-charging daily excursions and your own adult summer camp.



Included Highlights:

  • Explore parts of Glacier Bay National Park rarely seen by visitors
  • Hike and explore Hobart Bay
  • All day kayak and "yak-and-whack" opportunities
  • Wildlife search: Humpback whales, orca, seals, bears, moose, puffins and other sea birds
  • LeConte Glacier with hiking and biking
  • Opportunities to hike, kayak, paddle board, skiff, and bushwhack, all in one week
  • Pavloff and Hidden Falls hikes and majestic waterfalls

NAV = Navigator Cabin, TRB = Trailblazer Cabin, PAT = Pathfinder Cabin, ADM = Admiral Cabin, COM = Commodore Suite, SGL = Single Cabin

Your day-by-day details

Day 1: Juneau Embarkation

After a day of exploring Alaska’s Capital City of Juneau, you'll board the Wilderness Legacy just in time for a welcome cocktail or glass of Champagne before dinner. The captain and crew will introduce themselves and provide an overview of the adventure that awaits this week with a kick off toast! Listen for the whistles as the Wilderness Legacy departs. These horns and whistles come from Captain Dan’s family collection…video on! (D)

Day 2: Hobart Bay

Wake up in Hobart Bay, deep within the Tongass National Forest – tucked into a calm pocket of water where you will have the opportunity to take your first paddle, skiff ride, hike, or bike. There’s nobody here but us, and we have options that fit any activity order you can dream of. As the day unfolds, set out on a skiff expedition, offering an intimate encounter with the bay's wildlife; a chance to witness majestic eagles soaring gracefully overhead. For the avid cyclists, a thrilling mountain bike excursion awaits, beckoning you to explore the hidden depths of the lush forest. A locally sourced meal is waiting for you back on the boat, so don’t be afraid to go big on your first full day. (BLD)

Day 3: LeConte Glacier

There is something in the water. The Legacy glides through a tight waterway – sheer cliffs on either side of the fjord lead to the southernmost tidewater glacier in the northern hemisphere. LeConte Glacier is rarely seen. Large cruise ships simply can’t get here. This is our special corner of Alaska for the day, and you get to choose your own adventure. Grab a paddle and go for a kayak, if conditions permit. Jump in a skiff and cruise amongst icebergs that can tower over the Legacy herself. This is a place of deep wonder and reverence for the Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian peoples; pause and listen to the sounds that surround you – this is where you belong today.(BLD)

Day 5: Kuiu Island & Whale Watching

The west side of Kuiu Island is our playground for the day. We’re in black-bear country now and Kuiu Island plays host to the densest population of the iconic species on the planet. Tucked into a Bay, the waters are calm and filled with the smallest marine mammal on earth – the sea otter. As you pass each otherthey are unperturbed by our presence, and about as cute as one might imagine them to be. Humpback whales patrol the reefs in search of schools of herring – resident bubble-netters are a rare and exciting sight. The cold, nutrient rich waters provide opportunity not just for above-water activities. Try your hand at a snorkel (fear not, we have a warm wetsuit for you) and unlock an entire universe of discovery as you peruse the most diverse population of sea-stars on earth – a surprise to many who visit this place. For just a moment, the cold water is forgotten as you’re transported into what can only be described as a “cold water tropical reef”. The Pacific transforms into the wildest touch-tank you can imagine. (BLD)

Day 7: Glacier Bay National Park Outback

This national park covers 3.3 million acres (that’s a tad smaller than the state of Connecticut). Let that sink in. Most visitors see the same sliver of the park as everyone else. Not you. You’re going the furthest and exploring parts that 99% of visitors never go to. Hike the outwash field of glaciers winding down the Fairweather Mountain Range. The cool breeze off the nearby snow and icefields is energizing.  Back onboard after a full day (dare we say a full week), your expedition team shares photos from the week–sent to you as our parting gift. (BLD)

Day 4: Thomas Bay

Mist hangs in the air. The soft exhale of a whale wakes you from your well-deserved slumber. The anchor drops into the milky blue waters of Thomas Bay as the summer sun cuts through the mist and the fog lifts. You hear it before you see it – a profound amount of water cuts through the forest in a series of waterfalls known as Cascade Creek. This is a favorite location for crew – one of the very few accessible trails in Southeast Alaska. Not to be missed, we have a level of hiking challenge to suit any skill level. After your foray into the woods, head back to the Legacy for a hearty meal as the boat repositions to the other side of Thomas Bay for new adventures. Water access is unmatched here, a kayak to a salmon run or skiff tour in search of bears wraps up your day. (BLD)

Day 6: Chichagof Island

Explore the untamed coastline in search of the elusive Coastal Brown Bear. The east side of Chichagof Island offers multiple distinct areas with exceptional opportunities to spot these magnificent creatures. Your Captain and Expedition Leader, leveraging their expertise, seek out the hidden corners of Chichagof–getting you deep into the home of the Coastal Brown. Today’s options feature shore walks, kayaking, skiff rides, and the thrilling prospect of observing brown bears from our small boats and kayaks. The bear population thrives in this region, ensuring a day filled with awe-inspiring encounters.(BLD)

Day 8: Juneau Disembarkation

Welcome back to Juneau. After a warm and filling breakfast, farewell to the crew as we disembark. (B)