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Winter Sailing, Safari Voyager / Safari Explorer                  

Expedition Guide - Safari Voyager-Winter 2023-24


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Now interviewing for Alaska 2023 sailing season.

  • Alaska 2023 Sailing Season Start Dates and End Dates:

    Safari Quest: End of March - Early November
    Safari Endeavour: Beginning of April - Middle of October
    Wilderness Legacy: Beginning of April - Middle of November
    Wilderness Explorer: Beginning of April - Middle of October
    Wilderness Discoverer: Beginning of April - End of October
    Safari Explorer: End of May - End of September

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Marketing and Communciations

Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist


GL Accountant


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Non-Discrimination Notification

It is the policy of InnerSea Discoveries (dba UnCruise Adventures) not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, religion, marital status, citizenship, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, or veteran status in its educational programs, activities, or employment as required by law.


Application Process


Once you have applied for a position and clicked "Submit Application," you will receive a confirmation email. We then have your application on file and generally review applications within two weeks. If your qualifications are a match, we will be in contact to set up an interview.


We are unable to contact every candidate. If we want to move forward in the interview process, we will contact you.


There is no need to call or email to check on your application. If you received the email confirmation after you applied, we have your application on file.



Our Company Culture

UnCruise Adventures denounces all forms of racism, bigotry, and discrimination. We stand in solidarity with our employees, community members, and leaders in the fight to end systemic and passive racism, social injustice, and violence against the Black community and all who suffer from racism.

Three of our company's core values are “Do the right thing,” “Be good to each other,” and “Get a little better every day.” These words are a start, but it is never enough to just say it—we must live it! We commit today and every day to learn, support, and play an active role in dismantling racism, systemic oppression, and discrimination in our world.

The UnCruise Citizen
  • The UnCruise Citizen is all of us—guests, crew on board, and our office team. We cherish exceptional experiences in nature and the unique stories we share with one another. We embrace the diversity of humanity just as we embrace the mosaic of nature.
We As An UnCruise Citizen Have Rights
  • To an experience free from discrimination and unpleasant behavior, whether racist, sexist, ageist, or otherwise
  • To celebrate who we are
  • To articulate concerns without fear of judgement
  • To resolve disputes and misunderstandings in a safe space
  • To experience nature in its wild and pure form
The UnCruise Citizen Also Has Responsibilities  
  • To hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions
  • To speak up when we see our shipmates mistreated
  • To own mistakes and get a little better every day
  • To respect the environment and follow “leave no trace” practices
  • To respect wildlife and their habitat
  • To respect the cultural heritage of the places we visit and the people we travel with

At UnCruise Adventures we endeavor to do the right thing and be good to one another while leaving a small footprint in the areas we explore. We expect and invite all members of our community to do the same.

The UnCruise Citizen Policy is a commitment to each other, guests, and crew alike, that we will all strive for an unparalleled experience while keeping our shipboard environment free of disruptive or inappropriate behavior.  

Our Core Values

Be good to each other

Get a little better each day

Make different mistakes

Do the right thing


Bringing the Adventure to Life

At UnCruise Adventures, we work together to support and build a brand that provides an enriching adventure travel experience that inspires an appreciation of local cultures and the natural world. This means we kayak among icebergs, travel to hidden waterfalls, snorkel with sea lions, dive with manta rays and share air with whales. Our destinations include Alaska, Columbia & Snake Rivers, Costa Rica & Panama, Belize, Galapagos, Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, and Pacific Northwest. Every team member plays a major role in bringing the adventure to life. When you join our team, you become an important part of our uniqueness.

  • Inspiring, yes. A dedicated bunch, too. You'll quickly realize it’s not just about the task at hand—you're family. And as an ethical company—it's not all talk, we walk the walk.
  • Discover life on board. Work in adventure travel and find your career outdoors.

Your employment adventure starts here – we are hiring!

Our Core Values: Be good to each other. Get a little better every day. Make different mistakes. Do the right thing.

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