Northern Gulf of California: Whales, Birds & Sealife Adventure


Go farther than ever before on the Baja Peninsula

Skiff, kayak, and paddleboard through bays and beaches as wildlife greet you from land and sea. Venture farther north on the Baja Peninsula during this 10-night adventure.


  • Sea of Cortes UNESCO World Heritage Site—a marine life-rich natural aquarium
  • Snorkel with sea lion pups and colorful reef fish
  • Mule ride into the arroyos with local rancheros
  • Depending on seasonality, see gray whales, whale sharks, and/or superpods of dolphins, with opportunity for whale watching in every itinerary - wildlife watching with whales, orcas, and mobula rays
  • Birding—hummingbirds, cormorants, Great Blue Herons, Blue and Red-footed boobies, pelicans, and Magnificent Frigatebirds
  • Hike among desert shrub, cacti, along ridges, and take on a rock scramble
  • B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner

Your day-by-day details

DAY 1 San Jose del Cabo / La Paz - Embarkation

Board the Safari Voyager and get moved into your home for the next 11 days. We arrive and meet in San Jose del Cabo for our coach bus transport to La Paz. A place known for fantastic sunsets and culture, so plan on being on deck with a glass of champagne as we get underway for the rarely visited islands of the Northern Gulf of California. (D)

DAY 2 Isla Carmen or Isla Danzante, Loreto Bay National Park  

This morning ushered in the waters of the Loreto Bay National Park. We will cruise the park waters this morning as we search for whales, sea lions, turtles, and dolphins that call these rich waters their own. This is also your chance to learn safety practices while kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and skiff riding. After lunch, we will find a secure cove on either Isla Carmen or Isla Danzante where you will have a chance to participate in active adventures ashore or in the water. As the sun sets, we are underway to Bahia Concepcion. (BLD)

DAY 3 Bahia Concepcion

After breakfast, we'll drop the hook in the waters of Bahia Concepcion, a deep inlet that opens to the North. We will spend the entire day playing in this waterborne desert, soaking up the sun and settling into the vibe. You may choose to stay aboard and enjoy the scenery, go ashore for varying levels of activities, or simply settle in at our beach camp. Be on the watch for dolphins and turtles that frequent this area. We will pull the anchor after dinner and work our way north. (BLD)

DAY 4 Santa Rosalia Town

Originally a bustling French mining town from the 1880s, you will find Santa Rosalia to possess a flavor of that early charm, even today. This town is like no other in all of Mexico…they even have a French bakery. Take the opportunity to view many of the historic structures and take an included walking tour to Gustave Eiffel’s Church of Santa Barbara (of Eiffel Tower fame), the French Bakery, and the mining museum. Your guides will have these and other activities available throughout the day. (BLD)

DAY 5 Bahia de los Angeles

This bay and the little town are considered the “Marine Oasis of Baja California” due to the abundant aquatic life. This lovely area is also of the finest boating areas in the Baja area. Perfect for kayaking and small boat excursions and ventures ashore such as hikes to Punta Gringa, visits to the nature museum, and even possible swims with whale sharks. This is also a great chance to take guided walks and hikes or be on your own. This area is also known as one of the few places in Baja where the famed, and huge, Leatherback Turtle is spotted.  


DAY 6 Isla Salsipuedes  

We will have several hikes available, one to the prominent peak, where the view is incredible. En route you will see several species of cactus, with potential sightings of hummingbirds and possibly a nesting osprey. This island is also known for encounters with blue-tailed rock lizards, and sea birds of all kinds. Beachcombing, snorkeling, kayaking, skiff tours, and hikes will fill your day with joy. This evening, enjoy a campfire after dinner. Of course, keep your eyes out for marine mammals. (BLD)

DAY 7 Captain’s Choice & Marine Mammal Search

From UnCruise’s research notes: “The islands of San Lorenzo, las Animas, Salsipuedes, Raza, Roca Raza, and Isla Partida lie in a direction parallel to the Baja Peninsula. This area is known as the Canal de Salsipuedes, but due to its extreme depths it is also known to mariners as the Trench. The chart indicates a depth in this area of 4860 feet!"  (BLD)


Day 9 Mulege Town and Mission

This morning, we will anchor off the Mulege River Estuary. Yes, a river in Baja! If conditions are right, we will set our kayaks, skiffs, and paddle boards loose to enjoy this beautiful area. Later a chance to go ashore, visit the beaches, local shops in town or even take a tour to the historic mission. Your guides have several hiking options available today. (BLD)

Day 11 San Jose del Cabo / La Paz - Disembark

After breakfast, it’s “adios” La Paz, as you transfer back to San José del Cabo for your flight or UnCruise hotel stay. (B)


Passport required. Itineraries are guidelines; variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur to maximize your experience.

DAY 8 Isla San Esteban

Field notes from our research trip tell the story best: “We went up the main arroyo that splits the island in half. We found numerous Pinto Chuckwallas, that would slap their tails hard on the ground as they scurred off. The hike was rigorous but enjoyed by all. We found hundreds of sea lions hauled out along the south shore of the island. Pelicans, boobies, terns, cormorants, gulls, and osprey were numerous along this rugged coast. This is the right place to spend a full day.” (BLD)

DAY 10 Agua Verde

After lunch, participate in an adventure in Agua Verde Cove. Twenty-four years ago, UnCruise pioneered a relationship with local ranchers, the Romero family, who you will meet and share stories with. Then take an included mule ride into the back country with them, hike the hills around Agua Verde, snorkel at the famed “Roca Solitaira.” After Captain's dinner, join us in the lounge for a remembrance of our time together. (BLD)