Immerse yourself in Hawaii's natural wonders and rich culture aboard an UnCruise Hawaiian Island cruise. Our intimate yachts promote environmentally responsible travel initiatives. This reduces the harmful impact of luxury vacations on the ecosystems and local communities. UnCruise provides an unforgettable experience for those interested in enjoying all the amazing things Hawaii has to offer–all while respecting the islands and their people in an eco-friendly way. So, what exactly should you expect as you plan for your exclusive yacht getaway?

Important Things to Consider

Hawaii's sacred culture and incredible environment are vital considerations when preparing for a Hawaii vacation. Hawaii's history is marred by attacks and suppression that the indigenous communities endured during periods of colonization over the last two centuries. Today, locals still hold to their spiritual and cultural heritage. They show their immense respect for their home and sacred traditions. 

UnCruise's Hawaii small-ship cruise features a 36-guest yacht with eco-friendly standards to decrease the harmful effects of large cruises and resorts on the delicate and sacred environment and local communities. When visiting the islands, you'll be surrounded by nature, wildlife, and places of significance. With that in mind, always practice the following:

  • Cultural Mindfulness & Local Respect
  • Protection of Marine Life & Land Animals
  • Land Conservation & Laws
  • Ocean Safety 

Hawaii is full of sacred cultural and religious sites. These range from sacred burial grounds to Hawaiian temples. Around these sites, you may see signs informing you of where not to go out of respect. During your visit, you can practice cultural mindfulness and show respect for the local people by embracing the culture and caring for the environment.

The islands and ocean in Hawaii are home to a delicate ecosystem and countless species that must be protected. There are various laws on interactions with marine life and other wildlife, including keeping your distance, refraining from feeding, and not touching them. Sea turtles, or Honu, are especially sacred. Touching one may result in a fine of up to $25,000 and jail time. Learning about and observing Hawaii's wildlife is the best way to enjoy it.

Some essential dos and don'ts in Hawaii are: do try to pronounce Hawaiian place names and use greetings like "Aloha;" don't take rocks, sand, plants, or animals; do pick up trash, don't venture off-trail while hiking as it may harm the environment; do wear reef-safe sunscreen; do clean gear and clothes to prevent introducing invasive plants; and do not underestimate the power of the ocean. Ocean safety is vital, with risks such as large waves, rip currents, and harmful wildlife.

While there's a lot to remember, don't be deterred. Our Hawaii Island cruise includes education on sacred areas and respectful practices from locals. 

Essentials for Your Hawaiian Adventures

Whether you are an experienced traveler or enjoying a family vacation, there are a few essentials to pack and be aware of on our cruises around Hawaiian islands. Boarding our ships requires a government-issued photo ID for U.S. citizens and passports for non-U.S. citizens. A passport isn't needed for U.S. citizens traveling exclusively inside U.S. borders. Additionally, COVID restrictions have been lifted, so a negative test, vaccine documentation, and masks are not required. If you prefer to wear a mask, feel free to bring one.

The intimate nature of our Hawaii small ships cruise adventures allows for spontaneity and flexibility, accessing secluded passages, coves, and more–something that large cruise ships can't offer. The day's schedule is subject to change due to wildlife or adventure opportunities, so be prepared for all types of activities, from swimming and hiking to casual meals onboard and skiff tours.

Our Hawaiian adventures traverse the southwest side of the islands where the waters are typically calmer, so don't be too worried about seasickness. If you experience any discomfort, seasickness medications are available to you. Also, we provide refillable water bottles, sunscreen, insect repellent, eco-friendly hygiene products, and bathroom towels, along with adventure gear such as snorkeling gear. 

When packing, include active comfort clothes, shoes, and proper sun protection. Browse our full list of essentials to prepare for your Hawaiian adventures.

Highlights of Hawaiian Adventures 

The seven-night Hawaiian Island cruise with UnCruise offers an intimate experience aboard a small boutique yacht cruising between lush tropics and culturally significant locations. We transport you to paradise above and below the magical waters. Although the daily schedule is not set in stone and depends on the island you embark from, our day-by-day itinerary highlights what to expect each day, from the locations you'll explore to all-inclusive activities and provided meals. 

[F]UnCruise Activities 

UnCruise offers many all-inclusive activities, including award-winning excursions. Along with opportunities to discover your own adventures on the islands, like a bike tour or surf lessons. Our fun cruise activities include:

  • Learning Culture, History, & Legends from Locals
  • Hiking in Halawa Valley & Hualālai Volcano
  • Snorkeling & Swimming
  • Kayaking & Paddleboarding
  • Skiff Excursions
  • Surfing Lessons
  • Bike Excursions
  • Visit to Moloka'i Museum 

The Four Islands 

We visit four of Hawaii's largest islands, including Moloka'i, Lana'i, Maui, and Hawaii– the Big Island. Moloka'i is home to Halawa Valley and Mo'oulu Falls, offering a unique experience without modern developments. Moloka'i slows things down and allows visitors to take in the island's natural beauty. Here you'll learn from the locals about historic places and their legends. The breathtaking views of Lana'i are found above and below the waves, with impressive sea cliffs along the shore, diverse sea life, and Lana'i village to explore. 

During our stop in Maui, we'll dive into the blue waters to discover the coral gardens full of marine life. You'll also get to see the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary. We'll explore historic Lahaina Town with art galleries and an oceanside boardwalk. Our days on the Big Island take us up the slopes of Hualālai Volcano and to Kona Coast for magical, once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

The Wildlife 

Our cruises around the Hawaiian islands bring you up close to the fantastic creatures native to Hawaii (plus a few that stop by during their migrations). Whether the activities for the day include snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, or a skiff ride, the incredible coral gardens and offshore locations allow you to observe plenty of marine life. Discover everything from vibrant schools of fish to elegant giant manta rays, majestic sea turtles, playful dolphins, larger-than-life whales, and more. 

Experience Adventure & Culture With UnCruise 

Our unique Hawaii Island cruise adventures offer total immersion into the culture and beautiful natural wonders of the lush islands, pristine beaches, and indigenous people. The transformative experience of this cruise allows you to explore and appreciate Hawaii while reducing the impact of tourism and preserving the culture, people, and land. Discover remarkable Hawaii with UnCruise!