Hawaii Cruise

7 Night Adventures | Nov - Apr

Whales and dolphins alongside the boat are just the beginning of your Hawaii cruise adventure. Snorkeling in Hawaii means warm water, coral gardens, and neon-colored fish. And you'll remember snorkeling with sea turtles long after you’ve taken off your flippers. Water play, waterfalls, lava fields, and talking story with locals—you’ve never lived aloha quite like this.

Whale watch from the yacht’s bow or bridge in the Humpback National Marine Sanctuary. Kayak along the coast of Lanaʻi. Learn about local tradition and Hawaiian culture from a kupuna. Each day is full. Do it all, or take it slow.

Discover Hawaii’s remarkable culture, history, and natural treasures. These behind-the-scenes guides reveal what awaits you aboard our boutique yacht cruise. Download rates and dates PDF.



Hawaiian Seascapes

Safari Explorer
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What To Expect In Hawaii

The places you visit play a starring role throughout every journey. While this list isn’t exhaustive of every nook-and-cranny you’ll explore along the way, we’ve included descriptions of key ports and places to help you get to know the wilderness areas, landmark locations, notable regions, and coastal towns relevant to this itinerary.

Cruising between four islands—Molokai, Lana‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i, the Big Island—experience a new aloha aboard a 36-guest boutique yacht. Four islands, one week!



“I was beyond impressed and delighted with this experience! I had the time of my life—every day, every activity, every meal —the attention to detail and genuine care of the crew was totally top-notch. I am an UnCruiser for life! Mahalo!”

Kayla R., Bend, OR


“Cannot think of a single thing that would have been better, especially the crew! What knowledge! What expertise! What kind and interesting souls! Beyond all expectations. I cannot believe the things I get to do — everyone is so encouraging. I learned so much on this tour. Thank you for everything. Worth every penny! Life-changing experiences!”

Jim M., Boise, ID

"The ability of a small boat to maneuver into hidden places makes for an unforgettable experience."

Patricia G, Park Ridge, IL 


Safe Environment

our own bubble in the wild. And we’ll do our darndest to keep it that way. Prior to getting on board an UnCruise, precautions are taken to ensure guests and crew alike arrive healthy and the risk of spreading a bug is minimized during your cruise. Crew members are fastidious about cleaning and safety protocols. Check out our triple testing protocols.

Beauty of Small Boats

No queuing up hoping to get in on the action or FOMO. There is room for everybody no matter how you choose to spend your time. Kicked back or go, go, go. Choose daily activities that fit your adventure level. Presentations from your expedition team can happen outside on deck or in the lounge. And on most boats, you can even listen in from your cabin. Check out the full experience.

Life on Board

Share a laugh and cocktail in the lounge with your new comrades. Chat up your captain and mates on the open bridge. Watch for wildlife or take a quiet moment on the bow. We go places others can't and get you up-close-and-personal with nature and yourself.