From the Field: Spring in the Salish Sea

Jeremy Saenz - Expedition Leader, Safari Quest

Are you planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest? Wondering if springtime is the best time to cruise in the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands? The answer is yes! Our first trip of the season in the Salish Sea, which includes the Puget Sound, Juan de Fuca, and Straits of Georgia, was absolutely incredible.

Springtime brings longer days and brighter weather, making it the perfect time to explore this unique ecosystem. As the sun rises and sets at respectable hours, you can take in breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker, whose glaciers reflect the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset. And with moderate temperatures, hiking and kayaking become extremely pleasant activities.

Make sure to pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a rain jacket in your backpack, just in case! After all, it's still the Pacific Northwest. But with these essentials, you can easily play in the islands, explore rainforests, and visit shorelines.

One of the highlights of springtime in the Salish Sea is the wildflowers. From fruit tree blossoms to Calypso Orchids, the San Juan Islands and surrounding areas burst with fragrant colors. It's a photographer's dream!

But the real stars of springtime in the Salish Sea are the wildlife. The forest and sea birds are taking care of their brooding nests, while bald eagle nests abound along the shoreline. You might even hear the peeping of Pigeon Guillemonts nesting on the cliffside. River Otter families forage for food in the nearshore area while keeping an eye out for roaming transient Orca looking for a tasty morsel.

Join us on a boat and discover the beauty and wonder of the San Juan Islands & Olympic National Park. Don't forget your camera, because the scenery and wildlife are sure to take your breath away.