Exploring the Scenic Waterways: An In-Depth Look at our Columbia River Cruises

Come explore the mighty Columbia and Snake Rivers. Imagine sunsets casting golden hues over undulating hillsides dotted with vineyards, and tasting wines as rich and complex as the views surrounding you—Now that's 'wine with a view'.

UnCruise Adventures' Columbia River Cruise: An Overview

The Columbia River Cruise by UnCruise Adventures is more than just a journey—it's an immersive adventure that will give you the chance to explore one of North America’s most magnificent rivers. You'll be swept away by the thrill of traveling through deep, winding canyons and past towering mountains, all while experiencing up-close encounters with local wildlife, but it's not just about nature. This cruise also offers enriching experiences like tastings at world-class wineries in Walla Walla, culinary delights at historical landmarks such as Gesa Power House Theater, and even adrenaline-pumping activities for those seeking a little extra excitement.

Aboard the boutique yacht-style ship with fewer than 90 guests on board, every moment is personalized for you. The crew members are passionate about delivering excellent service and sharing their knowledge of this stunning region. Whether it's pointing out an eagle soaring overhead or guiding you on a kayaking excursion along quiet tributaries, you're sure to come away from this experience feeling both enlightened and invigorated.

This unique river cruise caters perfectly to adventurous spirits looking for something different from standard ocean cruises. If you’re someone who loves good food and fine wines, or simply want breathtaking scenery served alongside warm hospitality, let yourself be drawn into the magic of the Columbia River Cruise.

Thrilling Adventures on the Columbia River Cruise

The Columbia River Cruise from UnCruise Adventures is not your typical cruise journey; it's an adrenaline-fueled ride that'll leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Kayaking Amidst Breathtaking Scenery

If kayaking has always been on your bucket list, this adventure offers a chance to paddle through serene waters with awe-inspiring landscapes as your backdrop. Imagine gliding past towering cliffs, beneath cascading waterfalls, and alongside lush green forests.

Hiking Excursions: Connect with Nature

Capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest by lacing up those hiking boots. Experienced naturalists lead hikes along trails filled with wildflowers or take you trekking across windswept plateaus. You're sure to be enchanted by nature's wonders while burning off some calories too.

Bike Rides Through Historic Terrains

For land lovers who crave action, we offer exhilarating bike rides exploring historic sites like Fort Clatsop, where Lewis & Clark wintered during their expedition in 1805-06.


All activities are subject to change based on local conditions, so make sure you check out our daily schedule onboard for updates.

The Wine Experience on the Columbia River Cruise

Picture yourself on UnCruise Adventures' Columbia River Cruise, savoring a glass of exquisite local wine as you drift past stunning landscapes. That's just one highlight of the wine experience onboard. You're not only tasting some of the best wines in the Pacific Northwest, but also learning about their rich history and production process directly from expert winemakers during exclusive vineyard tours. The region is known for its world-class Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and more than 30 other varietals – an oenophile’s dream come true.

Visiting Local Wineries: A Walk Through Vineyards

In Walla Walla, a town synonymous with fine wines, we visit celebrated estates like L’Ecole No 41. This historic schoolhouse turned winery lets us peek behind-the-scenes into how they create award-winning Bordeaux-style blends. You'll also journey to family-owned boutique vineyards, where you get hands-on understanding about organic farming practices and innovative winemaking techniques that contribute to creating high-quality vintages year after year.

Onboard Wine Events: Sip & Learn

But our love for wine doesn't stop at shore visits. Back on the ship, curated tastings are led by sommeliers who guide us through every sip, discussing nuances in flavor profiles and influences that make each vintage unique. Educational seminars that delve deeper into the wine world are also available. Topics like 'Pairing Wine with Food' or 'Understanding Old World versus New World Wines', give you more insights and let you appreciate your next glass even better.

A Taste Adventure Begins at Walla Walla’s Historic Gesa Power House Theater

The town of Walla Walla stands as a testament to Washington State's robust agricultural heritage, particularly known for its world-class wineries and farm-to-table dining experiences. Your taste buds get their first real thrill when you visit Walla Walla's historic Gesa Power House Theater. Here, locally sourced ingredients take center stage at dinners paired with exquisite wines from nearby vineyards.

Farm-to-Ship Cuisine Onboard Your UnCruise Vessel

To say that food is important aboard your cruise ship would be an understatement. Every dish served carries its own story, a delicious tale crafted by local farmers who supply fresh produce directly to our chefs onboard each day. You'll find menus loaded with Pacific Northwest specialties such as wild-caught salmon or Dungeness crab, but it doesn't stop there. Expect delightful surprises like Oregon truffles or Yakima Valley apples showing up in both sweet and savory dishes during your trip.

Nature's Canvas: Mountains, Rivers, and Wildlife

Mother Nature paints a spectacular picture along the route. Majestic mountains tower in every direction, their peaks often dusted with snow even as greenery blankets their lower slopes. In addition to the breathtaking scenery, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife sightings like eagles soaring overhead or deer grazing on riverbanks.

Riding along the Columbia River is akin to gliding through an ever-changing painting. With each bend of the river comes another awe-inspiring scene: perhaps a waterfall cascading down a sheer cliff face, or an ancient forest bathed in golden sunlight.

Sunsets That Steal Your Breath Away

As day turns into evening, prepare yourself for sunsets that redefine splendor. Imagine vibrant hues melting across sky and water alike while you relax on deck with your favorite drink from Walla Walla wineries. You don’t have to be a photography enthusiast to appreciate such beauty. Though, if you are one, remember to bring extra memory cards.

Planning Your Trip for the Columbia River Cruise

Booking your spot on UnCruise Adventures' Columbia River Cruise is a breeze. The cruise sails from April to November, but we recommend going in late spring or early fall to enjoy pleasant weather. 

To maximize enjoyment during this unforgettable journey, make sure you're ready for variable weather conditions (remember we’re cruising through diverse landscapes). A good pair of binoculars might also come in handy for those wildlife spotting moments. You shouldn't need heavy winter gear unless you're joining us in late autumn when temperatures dip a bit. Casual clothing and comfortable shoes are key for our adventuresome excursions.

Making Travel Arrangements

If flying isn't your thing or if it simply doesn’t work within your travel plans, don’t worry. Amtrak provides train service directly to Portland Union Station, just minutes away from where our cruises start and end. You might also consider renting a car to explore more of the Pacific Northwest either before or after your cruise. 

Plan Your Adventure Now

To get started with booking, just visit our website's 'Booking Request' page. You'll find options for different cabins based on occupancy needs and budget constraints.