Experience the Ice: Cruises for Glacier Lovers in Alaska

Cruises offer a unique, comfortable, and exhilarating way for glacier lovers to experience the icy wonders of glaciers. Among the best destinations for glacier enthusiasts, Alaskan cruises stand out as they boast unparalleled access to the mesmerizing glaciers and icebergs in the region. These cruises for glacier-lovers not only bring you up close to these awe-inspiring natural attractions but also offer an array of immersive experiences that cater to the interests and enthusiasm of those who love glaciers.

Experience the serene beauty and captivating power of the world's most impressive glaciers on a voyage like no other. These stunning glacier-focused cruises, offered by UnCruise Adventures, are designed for travelers who are drawn to the majesty of ice and desire to witness these awe-inspiring natural wonders up close.

Unmatched Glacier Experiences

Alaskan cruises focusing on glaciers provide an array of thrilling activities specifically designed for those wishing to witness the grandeur of these icy giants. Some of the various experiences on offer include:

  • Glacier viewing: Cruises navigate through majestic, ice-filled fjords, granting you stunning views of tidewater glaciers from a safe yet intimate distance. Witnessing glaciers calving and falling into the ocean is an experience you'll never forget.
  • Kayaking near icebergs: For the ultimate glacier experience, some Alaskan cruises offer guided kayaking excursions near mesmerizing icebergs and impressive glaciers. This unforgettable activity allows you to glide through the calm, frigid waters for an up-close perspective of these icy wonders.
  • Guided glacier hikes: To satisfy the curiosity of avid glacier lovers, some cruises offer guided hikes on land, allowing you to traverse the moraines of retreating glaciers or visit glacial lakes. These activities allow for an in-depth exploration of the glacier's geology and the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Helicopter trips to glaciers: For a bird's eye view of expansive glaciers and their stunning surroundings, cruisers can opt for an aerial adventure via helicopter. While this excursion is offered as an optional add-on or shore excursion, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for glacier enthusiasts.
  • Educational sessions and presentations: To enhance the experience and deepen the understanding of glaciers, Alaskan cruises often provide onboard lectures and informative sessions led by knowledgeable naturalists or expert crew members. These sessions cover topics such as glaciology, climate change, and Alaska's unique geological history.

Diverse Alaskan Destinations

Alaskan cruises cater to glacier lovers by offering a variety of itineraries that encompass multiple breathtaking glacial destinations. Some famous locations that cruises visit in Alaska include:

  • Glacier Bay National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay National Park is home to numerous massive tide-water glaciers, grand fjords, and abundant wildlife.
  • Hubbard Glacier: The largest tidewater glacier in North America, Hubbard Glacier stretches over 76 miles and offers cruisers an unforgettable experience of glacial grandeur.
  • Tracy Arm Fjord: This 32-mile-long fjord features deep jade-colored waters, sheer granite cliffs, and the twin Sawyer Glaciers, providing an unforgettable backdrop for your glacial exploration.
  • Kenai Fjords National Park: Renowned for the Harding Icefield, one of the largest icefields in the United States, Kenai Fjords National Park offers explorers the chance to witness tidewater glaciers rapidly calving into the sea.

In essence, cruises that focus on glaciers, especially those in Alaska, provide an exceptional and memorable experience for glacier aficionados. With opportunities to witness these icy wonders up close, engage in exciting adventures, and learn about the fascinating world of glaciers, Alaskan glacier cruises are an unmatched experience rooted in both discovery and admiration for our planet's natural beauty.

Alaska Fjords & Glaciers Cruise

The Alaska Fjords & Glaciers cruise takes you on a captivating seven-night adventure into the untouched splendor of Alaska's wilderness. Embrace a thrilling exploration of iceberg-rich waters, snow-covered peaks, and tidewater glaciers. The small ship's intimate nature allows you to get closer to the ice formations, guaranteeing an unforgettable journey for glacier lovers who want to experience the magic of these giants.

Highlights and Activities

  • Navigate through the fascinating LeConte Bay, where you'll witness breathtaking tidewater glaciers and mesmerizing iceberg gardens.
  • Discover the natural beauty of the emerald-watered Endicott Arm fjord, surrounded by dramatic cliffs and cascading waterfalls.
  • Explore the fascinating native village of Kake, rich in Tlingit culture and history.
  • Immerse yourself in diverse wildlife sightings, including whales, seals, sea lions, bears, and eagles.

Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise

Venture into the heart of ice with the Glacier Bay National Park Adventure cruise. This tour provides exclusive access to Glacier Bay National Park, featuring unhindered views of the park's colossal glaciers, such as the Margerie and Grand Pacific Glaciers. Witness the astounding spectacle of giant ice masses calving and crashing into the sea – an experience no glacier enthusiast should miss.

Highlights and Activities

  • Enjoy exclusive access to the 3.3-million-acre Glacier Bay National Park, being one of only two operators permitted.
  • Observe massive glaciers, including Margerie and Grand Pacific, unfold before your eyes.
  • Discover fascinating wildlife, such as humpback whales, sea lions, brown and black bears, harbor seals, and numerous bird species.
  • Embark on a guided hike to explore the lush, green forests of Southeast Alaska.

Inside Passage and Glacier Bay Wilderness Cruise

Embark on an extended, twelve-night adventure with the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay Wilderness Cruise, combining the intricate waterways of Alaska's Inside Passage with a tour of Glacier Bay National Park. This unhurried journey provides plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the dramatic glacial landscapes.

Highlights and Activities

  • Combine two iconic UnCruise itineraries to create an unforgettable twelve-night Alaskan glacier-focused adventure.
  • Cruise from the northern reaches of the Inside Passage, through the temperate rainforests and rugged coastlines.
  • Explore Glacier Bay National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its jaw-dropping glaciers, wildlife, and majestic landscapes.
  • Adventure through captivating ice-filled fjords, where marine wildlife thrives, and witness the calving of glaciers into the surrounding waters.

Add-On Packages and Specials

Enhance your glacier cruise by pairing it with one of UnCruise's fantastic add-on packages, like the Denali & Talkeetna Wilderness package. Also, make sure to check their latest cruise specials for a personalized glacier adventure tailored to your preferences – be it an adult-only, family-friend, or solo travel experience.

Experience the breathtaking beauty of the world's most impressive glaciers on an UnCruise adventure. These remarkable cruises for glacier-lovers showcase the majestic power and timeless allure of these icy wonders, offering unforgettable voyages and cherished memories that will last a lifetime.