Big vs Small Ship Cruising: Why Small is the New Big?

Are you dreaming of a vacation but can't decide between a large ship or the charm of a small cruise ship?

Picture this: You're sipping a cocktail on the deck, watching the sunset over the horizon, with the ocean breeze gently tousling your hair. Whether that deck belongs to a colossal cruise liner teeming with endless activity or a cozy small ship offering an intimate connection with the sea and fellow passengers will depend on the experience you are looking for.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of big and small ship cruising. So grab your sailor hat, and let's embark on this journey together! Here are just a few key comparisons to big vs small cruising.

Small Ship Cruising: An Adventurous Alternative

Small ship cruises offer travelers a more personal, close-up look at their surroundings. These cozy vessels allow guests to explore smaller ports and hidden gems that large cruise ships often overlook.

Small cruise ships are ideal for those who crave adventure and unique experiences. Here are some of the main advantages of small ships:

Authentic Experience

Smaller ships can dock at smaller ports and go where big ships can't. They allow passengers a more authentic experience closer to the local culture and way of life.

Small Crowds

Small cruising means you don't have to worry about long lines and large groups of people. It's easier to get on and off the ship, and most activities throughout the cruise are launched directly off the back end of the ship. 

Access to Remote Destinations

Small expedition ships can take you to remote villages and settlements, often through narrow fjords and channels. They also support local communities, indigenous cultures, and small footprint travel. 

Intimate and Relaxed Atmosphere

On smaller ships, the atmosphere is more akin to a friendly neighborhood than an overwhelming city. Passengers can connect with fellow travelers and crew members, enhancing their overall journey and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Environmental Consideration

Smaller vessels consume less fuel than their sprawling counterparts. Their intimate size allows for closer encounters with nature and wildlife, creating a more eco-conscious travel experience.

Big Ship 

These colossal vessels are designed to impress, featuring many onboard activities and massive buffets. There is a place for that but when they have big buffets we have farm to ship high end cuisine.

Big ship cruises—often called "floating cities"—are very different from what many don't know as adventure and expedition cruising options. 

Cruise Fare - More Dining Options

Larger ships have more dining venues, and buffets, but are less focused on sustainable cuisine and local community support that allows partnerships with local vendors.

Activities for All Ages

Big cruise ships are often family-friendly. They offer lots of activities and programs for kids, teens, and adults.

Wildlife Viewing  & Tours 

There are plenty to deal with for choices but you may have to pay extra and take on more packages to get what may already be included in a small ship. 

Onboard Events

There are plenty to turn to, from theme nights to pool parties but not as focused on nature, connection, and daily activities in local areas that are already included in your fare.

Choose Your Adventure

Take the time to research and compare different cruise options before deciding to ensure you find the perfect fit for your vacation needs.

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