FAQs: Jobs On Board

The following are some common questions we receive from applicants and employees. If you have a question that's not answered here, then don't hesitate to contact us at careers@uncruise.com.

Q: Where will we be cruising when I come on board? How long are the trips?

During our Summer Sailing Season (April/May through September/October), our vessels are in Alaska. During our Winter Sailing Season (October/November through May), our vessels will be in Hawaii and Mexico. Our guests fly into these locations and join the vessel for a voyage of adventure and learning. Trips range from 8-22 days in length, but average 8 days.

Q: Is this a seasonal job or year-round? How will I be compensated? How many hours will I work each day? How do the crew spend their free time?

Crew members are hired to work seasonal agreements. Work rotations of approximately 6 weeks on / 2 weeks off is our standard, yet may change. Everyone works varying shifts which could be as much as 12 hours in a single day. We pay on a bi-weekly basis.

Time off may be spent viewing wildlife, taking photos, going on guided walks, kayaking, reading, watching movies, or attending lectures.

Q: What will I wear while I am working?

Uniforms are provided that are comfortable and professional. Uniforms must be kept clean, neat and orderly at all times. Employees will be responsible for the laundering and ironing of personal uniforms using the washer, dryer and iron provided.

Your appearance must be professional as a matter of respect to our guests and in keeping with the company’s image. You may be asked to cut your hair. While on duty, jewelry must be very basic for both men and women. Tattoos that are highly visible or deemed inappropriate by the Captain or Hotel Manager will need to be covered by clothing at all times.

Q: What kind of physical activity should I expect on the job?

Safety is our top priority. Each job on the ship is physically demanding, and we have a list of physical expectations for each position which describes the amount of lifting, pushing, pulling, reaching, etc. In your interview, this will be discussed in detail. In general, all crew members will be regularly required to lift boxes, haul bags of laundry and climb stairs.

Q: What if I have an injury/illness on board the ship?

During your employment, you will be covered for any injuries or illnesses incurred on board.

Medical and dental care in the remote locations we cruise are limited. We recommend a visit to your doctor and dentist prior to leaving home.

Q: Where will I sleep on board? Will I have roommates?

Crew quarters are small with little privacy. Crew quarters have a shower, sink and toilet. Storage space is limited on board our vessels. All crew will have roommates.

Q: What kind of meals can I expect on board?

Crew meals are served three times a day and provide healthy choices, including vegetarian options.

Q: Do I need to pass a drug test in order to get hired?

YES! Although marijuana is now legal in some states, we are federally regulated by the United States Coast Guard. All crew members must pass a pre-employment drug test and will also be part of a random drug testing pool throughout the season. Failure to pass a drug test is cause for immediate termination.

Q: If I’m a smoker, where can I smoke? If I don’t smoke, do I have to worry about second hand smoke exposure?

The use of cigarettes or any tobacco products are not allowed on any company property. Vaping is not allowed on the interior of any vessel at any time. However, vaping may be used in designated smoking areas on the exterior of the vessel.

Q: Do I need a passport?

Yes. All crew members must have a valid passport to sail on our vessels.

Q: Do the vessels have cell phone and internet capability for crew?

Cell phone and internet communications can be difficult and are frequently unavailable onboard, yet is available in most ports.