Memories, Celebrations and Sparkles - a Family Charter

An excerpt from an entry in the Safari Explorer Guest Book after the McCarthy Family Charter, July 6-13, 2018

“…There were 34 of us. Cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandkids, eight under the age of ten, including two eleven-month-old baby cousins who met for the first time. I fear we nearly broke Lindsay, who took the role of ‘Kiddie Wrangler’... But she and the crew did an amazing job converting the wine library into a playroom, art studio and preschool so the kids were always engaged on board and parents enjoyed their time visiting with one another. Mareth became their teacher on this voyage, sharing with them the wonder of tiny discoveries, like baby jellyfish, sea stars, edible plants and animal tracks left in the mud.

Jeremy, Evan, Captain Sean and crew took us to hidden worlds like Gut Bay, George Island, and Security Bay where we explored forests, bays and rivers by small boat and kayak. Each day brought new magic and new experiences that will live in our memories long after we’ve flown home, which include Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Arkansas, Maine, Spain and Dubai.

Our family really loves to theme our get-togethers. The theme of this trip was ‘Memories, Celebrations and Sparkles.’ There were printed napkins and beer koozies, there was a crazy hat night, a formal tea party hosted by Hayden (age 3) with fascinators and finger food, and the grand finale of Denim and Diamonds where we wore black shirts, jeans, and layers upon layers of glittery jewelry from Claire’s… including the men who showed up in sequined dinner jackets, bow ties and suspenders. We definitely know how to celebrate, and there was much to celebrate on this voyage, including 75th, 16th and 49th birthdays.

Our last day was spent cruising up the Tracy Arm and gazing in awe at the South Sawyer Glacier as it crackled and calved for us. What a magnificent way to end our trip.


Alaska changes you. We certainly are different a week later than when we boarded. Jeremy charged us with becoming stewards of this wild and wonderful country and I know we will. Alaska gave us so much – time to reflect, renew and redirect, time to be with ourselves and each other, the least of which we can do is take care of her and come see her as often as possible. Thank you so much, UnCriuse, for sharing this world with us…

"The Reeder Family”