Unlock the Wonders of Alaska on an Intimate Small Boat Cruise

Alaska is a hidden gem in the United States—everyone knows of it, but few people outside the State truly know it. With its incredible natural splendor and vast areas of untamed wilderness—all of which showcase the land's own inherent beauty—Alaska is an amazing travel destination for those who seek fresh air, adventure, and scenic vistas. Few other places can match it. Taking a small boat Alaska cruise gives you a unique opportunity to explore huge national parks, abundant wildlife, and incredible cuisine.

When you experience it through the lens of small ship cruises, Alaska truly comes alive. The smaller passenger count and more maneuverable ship afford passengers a more intimate look at the sights and sounds with an Alaska inside passage cruise. Small ships take full advantage of the scenic route through this famous natural channel. As a passenger, you'll enjoy a chance to see the natural wonders of Alaska like never before. 

Experience the Rugged Beauty

Alaska has millions of acres of unspoiled wilderness. These offer some of the most colorful and picturesque vistas to be found anywhere in the world. Travelers can find an endless variety of stunning scenery, from the lakes and forests to the snow-capped peaks and the valleys full of wildflowers. This natural beauty is spread across four different seasons—yes, Alaska has them all, even if many seem to think of the place as forever locked in winter. This is definitely not the case! For example, Alaska small ship cruises for seniors are just as popular in the wintertime as in the summer, but people of all ages enjoy the beauty of Alaska reflected through its seasons. 

Because the state is so huge, every small boat Alaska cruise offers something new to see. It's truly a gift that keeps on giving, seeing the glaciers change, and the animals come and go in their fascinating and sometimes unpredictable antics. Every visit is different! Visitors could take multiple small ship cruises—Alaska will always find a way to take your breath away.

Immerse Yourself

Your adventure through Alaska will be immersive and full of quiet exploration. Starting with an Alaska inside passage cruise, small ship voyages will put you right at the heart of everything that makes the State so beloved to natives and travelers alike. Alaska is big and offers a variety of activities for you to dive into and lose yourself in the sheer fun of it all. 

See the Northern Lights

While they're not visible at all times of the year, many people come to Alaska just for a chance to see the Northern Lights. This awe-inspiring atmospheric phenomenon gives visitors a glimpse at the transcendent beauty of Alaska's true wonder. The lights in the sky will make a memory that lasts forever, delighting any visitors lucky enough to see them.

Explore the National Parks

Alaska is home to the country's largest national park—the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park—but it also features Denali National Park and others. Each of these places is a refuge: a bastion of Alaska's natural heritage. The land is full of unforgettable views and paths that seem sculpted from dreams. These parks are full of wildlife and stunning verdancy. They're also home to glaciers that seem almost like worlds unto themselves, giving travelers a chance to bring home pictures that belong only to them—the ever-changing glaciers mean that no two visits will ever be the same! Alaska boasts amazing biodiversity and visitors to the national parks will find much of it awaiting them right here. 

Abundant hiking trails guarantee you can have fun exploring the valleys and the hillsides that fill the parks, as well as small riverboat tours and guided fishing excursions. The peaks of Alaska include some of the tallest in the country, unmatched in their gorgeous austerity. 

See the Wildlife

Alaska's incredible wildlife brings visitors just as much joy as the boundless vistas. Brown bears and black bears are majestic and powerful, showcasing Alaska's dangers as well as the triumph of nature. During certain times of the year, hikers can potentially encounter either kind of bear, so they are encouraged to bring bear spray—but don't let that stop you from admiring these amazing creatures! Bear watching is a popular activity in Alaska, just as long as you maintain a safe distance.

Moose and deer also call the lush wilds home, along with eagles, geese, and ducks for the avid bird-watchers among us! 

The Benefits of a Small Boat Alaskan Cruise

A small boat Alaska cruise is the ideal way to experience the unique natural attractions that make the state so famous. These cruises are smaller and friendlier than large commercial ships, with fewer people vying for the same things in the same space. This puts all the focus on the trip itself, where it belongs. The small ships can venture to places that larger cruisers can't easily navigate. They're less intrusive, giving you more of an opportunity to enjoy Alaska without all the noise and hassle. 

Whether it's your first or tenth trip through Alaska, small ship cruises for seniors, families, and anyone with a sense of adventure will create a lifetime of memories.

Endless Alaska

Your Alaskan adventure doesn't have to end with just a small boat Alaska cruise! With an endless variety of things to do and see, Alaska welcomes visitors all through the year—and so do we! Our Juneau tours offer helicopter views, whale watching, and more, with local experts and almost three decades of experience showing visitors the incredible sights of Juneau and the surrounding area. With our Juneau tours you can extend your adventure, but do exercise caution… you might never want to leave!