Costa Rica

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Nowhere in the world is quite like Costa Rica. Its natural and rugged landscape provides an adventurous experience for visitors. The terrain is stunning and picturesque, and the locals approach life with a casual, kind-natured, and relaxed attitude.

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations in Central America, and since the country has so much to offer visitors, it's easy to see why. The area is a fantastic choice for solo travelers, hikers, couples, families, friends, and those seeking an immersive, culturally diverse experience.

Nevertheless, heading to a foreign country can be a stressful experience for less-seasoned travelers. The good news is that Costa Rica remains an amiable country, welcoming individuals from all over the world. Many Costa Ricans (especially those in the tourism industry) also speak English, helping to alleviate language barrier issues and other potential traveler woes.

Renowned for its stunning biodiversity, protected ecosystems, and seemingly year-round warm weather, travelers can discover dense jungles, active volcanoes, spectacular waterfalls, and vibrant city life all in a single day.

Why Visit Costa Rica?

The Costa Rican landscape is excellent for travelers who love hiking and nature. However, if your idea of a vacation is a one-way cruise to Costa Rica to an all-inclusive resort, the country can also satisfy this desire.

Costa Rica remains an incredible destination, providing travelers with stunning landscapes and a melting pot of cultural insight. Navigating the country is a breeze, thanks to the expansive tourism infrastructure available to any visitor who wants to explore.

Unique Wildlife

Costa Rica ranks among the world's most biodiverse regions, with an ecosystem that boasts over 500,000 unique species. This small country incorporates more diverse species than most other countries combined, a notable accolade for a country.

Costa Rica cruise travelers can view whales in the Pacific, wake up to the exciting sounds of simians and macaws, or take time to spot sloths as they lay about in the tree line.

Experience an Exhilarating Adventure

Cruises to Costa Rica typically promise travelers at least two things—epic scenery and adventure—and the country never disappoints. If you’re a traveler that loves activities that get your adrenaline pumping, Costa Rica offers them in spades. From ziplining through the jungle to rappelling down a waterfall for a swim, travelers experience no shortage of exciting outdoor adventures.

Alternatively, for those travelers taking cruises to Costa Rica for a more relaxed experience, the region provides various ways to traverse the terrain via unforgettable experiences like hanging bridges, nature hikes, or bird-watching. Embarking on a Costa Rica cruise means travelers will stay entertained while enjoying the region’s natural elegance.

Indulge in Pura Vida

Costa Rican locals use the phrase “pura vida” (pure life) as a hello, goodbye, how do you do, and to share that life is great. However, there’s more to pura vida than a simple greeting. Pura vida reflects the way of life for Costa Ricans, helping them spread the joy of living content, happy lives. Many travelers on a Costa Rica cruise quickly understand exactly what pura vida is all about after a few short days in this stunning location.

Things to Know Before Traveling to Costa Rica

When taking a Costa Rica cruise for the first time, you’ll naturally want to know what to expect. Although many laws and regulations in Costa Rica are the same or similar to those in the United States and Europe, some differences may impact how you enjoy Costa Rica cruises from Florida.

Driving a Car in Costa Rica

Motorcycles are one of the most popular and common forms of transportation in Costa Rica. Those traveling by car in the region should be cautious and remember that motorcycles will likely pass slower-moving cars when traveling on the highway, in residential areas, or while at stoplights.

Moreover, the Costa Rican road infrastructure is rarely in preeminent condition. Visitors must keep a keen eye on the roads and their speed limits. Driving over 74.5 miles per hour in any area of Costa Rica is a felony offense, and drivers may face stiff consequences for exceeding 25 mph over posted speed limits. Consequently, Costa Rica allows a legal speed cushion where travelers can exceed the speed limit by 12.5 mph without facing legal repercussions.

Drinking, Smoking, Vaping, and Drug Laws

In Costa Rica, a “no open container” law prohibits the consumption of alcohol while driving. Passengers are free to drink alcoholic beverages without legal repercussions as long as the driver isn't the one drinking. Individuals can also legally drink at the age of 18 in Costa Rica.

No Costa Rican resident or visitor may drink in public spaces or exceed a blood alcohol concentration of more than .05% mg while driving. Depending on the circumstances, offenders may face over $400 in fines or spend at least three years in jail.

Travelers may buy and smoke tobacco in Costa Rica as long as they’re 18 and can smoke or vape anywhere in the streets. Like in the United States, smokers cannot expose strangers to secondhand smoke in smoke-free places, so don’t expect to smoke in clubs or restaurants.

Dining and Tipping in Costa Rica

Travelers on Costa Rica cruises from Florida and other globe-trotting visitors can forego the tip while dining in the region. Most checks from bars and restaurants include a non-negotiable gratuity of 10% for their service. Nonetheless, if you feel you received exceptional service, most servers, bartenders, etc., will accept your tip with gratitude.

Costa Rica to Panama Cruise

Our 7-night Costa Rica to Panama cruise is an unforgettable experience. This trip begins in Costa Rica and continues on to Panama. Along the way, travelers will have the chance to visit some of the most breathtaking sites in Central America. This highlights the beautiful scenic views of the Panama Canal. During the transit, guests will be able to observe the engineering marvel and then take a stop at the Agua Clara Visitor Center. 

The trip also includes visits to some of the most stunning natural sites in the region. Guests can explore a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a wildlife refuge, and a conservation area. There are also plenty of chances to take part in activities such as tropical rainforest hikes, snorkeling at Coiba National Park, and exploring private botanical preserves. Guests can also enjoy a variety of water-based activities including kayaking, paddle boarding, and skiff exploration. Throughout the trip, travelers will be able to experience the beauty of the natural environment.

10 Night and 11 day Cruise

UnCruise Adventures provides an unforgettable 10-night, 11-day adventure cruise through Latin America with a cruise to Costa Rica, Panama, and Cartagena. On day one, you will arrive in Cartagena and will be welcomed aboard the ship. On day two, you will explore the Archipelago of San Bernadino and explore the stunning islands and beaches. On day three you will sail on to Capurgana and Sapzurro, where you can dive and snorkel in the crystal clear waters. On day four, you will have the Captain's Choice and can explore the many islands in the area. 

On day five you will sail to Guna Yala and San Blas, Panama, where you can visit some of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean. On day six, you will sail through the Panama Canal, one of the most impressive engineering feats in the world. On day seven, you will visit Isla Iguana, with its stunning coral reefs and renowned diving sites. On day eight, you will explore Coiba National Park and take in the sights of the tropical rainforest. On day nine, you will sail to Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica, where you can observe the incredible wildlife that inhabits the area.

Consider Visiting Costa Rica

UnCruise Adventures proudly offers travelers and guests enriching adventure travel experiences while inspiring appreciation of local cultures and our natural environment. As one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, Costa Rica is an unparalleled tropical vacation destination, providing travelers with golden beaches, abundant wildlife, and endless adventure.

To learn more about a one-way cruise to Costa Rica, experiencing a vacation adventure with our UnCruise Adventures team, and how we can help you make your next tropical sojourn a memorable one, contact our professional team today for additional information!