Panama and Costa Rica Cruise

7 Night Adventures | Oct - Dec

On a Panama and Costa Rica cruise, humidity soothes from the outside in. Ocean, sky, or palms—painted with the brightest blues and greens. Howler monkeys and hummingbirds lure you along jungle hikes. Fragrant orchids creep out from mangroves. Villagers display their woven baskets. And strolls through ancient walled cities and sleepy coastal towns feel like a step back in time.

Enjoy a skiff in the mangroves, kayak through the Chagres River, or hike in the Osa Peninsula with wilderness and wildlife never far away. This is a place to snorkel in warm waters and hike your way through lush jungles on an itinerary that suits your style. You will see some of the most colorful wildlife—from scarlet macaws to spotted eagle rays—in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Guatemala. Download rates and dates PDF.



Unveiled Wonders Costa Rica & Panama 7 Nights

Safari Voyager
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What To Expect In Costa Rica | Panama

Vines cascade into pink flowers springing from a swath of green. Spongy mushrooms cantilever out of Caribbean pine. A line of leafcutter ants trots along the forest floor bringing sawed off bits of green to their home. Your
guide points out a flash of a monkey high above as a Red-capped Manakin does his dance in the trees. Welcome to the jungle.

The rainforests are lush; the snorkeling, a kaleidoscope of color; and the beaches, even better than in pictures. Duck under the palms for a hike beneath the jungle canopy in Costa Rica and Panamá. Snorkel Cousteau
style among the cayes of crystal clear waters. Soak up local culture in seaside towns of Guatemala. This is the paradise you’ve dreamt of—white sands,crystalline waters, neon fish—plus high adventure led by your expert,
enthusiastic guides. Hike, paddle, and play your way through this diverse
part the world.


"When I got onboard, I soon met many returning passengers and I quickly saw why — this is perfect! I love the flexibility of the schedule."

Rosalie M., Cincinnati, OH

“Crew was very knowledgeable and diverse in their perspectives but all were extremely accommodating. Loved having the captain talk to us on her role and navigation logistics—she was impressive. … [The expedition leader] went above and beyond with making sure that I saw a hawksbill sea turtle (and I am terrified of the water!)... And I am so grateful! It was a lovely achievement for my 70th birthday.” 

Gail B., Burlington, IA


“So glad I found UnCruise! Wanted to do the Panama Canal, but not on a huge ship. Then saw that the emphasis was on nature and outdoor activities and I was sold!”

Meg S., Custer, SD


Safe Environment

our own bubble in the wild. And we’ll do our darndest to keep it that way. Prior to getting on board an UnCruise, precautions are taken to ensure guests and crew alike arrive healthy and the risk of spreading a bug is minimized during your cruise. Crew members are fastidious about cleaning and safety protocols. Check out our triple testing protocols.

Beauty of Small Boats

We go places others can't and get you up-close-and-personal with nature. No queuing up hoping to get in on the action or FOMO. There is room for everybody no matter how you choose to spend your time. Kicked back or go, go, go. Choose daily activities that fit your adventure level. Presentations from your expedition team can happen outside on deck or in the lounge. And on most boats, you can even listen in from your cabin. Check out the full experience.

Life on Board

Share a laugh and cocktail in the lounge with your new comrades. Chat up your captain and mates on the open bridge. Watch for wildlife or take a quiet moment on the bow. Time to enjoy comfortable adventure with like minded travelers and award winning itineraries and cuisine.