What could be more adventurous and breathtaking than taking a cruise to Belize? When it comes to small ship cruises, Belize makes the perfect destination: beautiful, exotic, and full of exciting adventure destinations. With some of the most inviting waters to swim in, gorgeous scenery to steal your heart away, and a variety of colorful local wildlife to thrill and entertain along your cruise, Belize is the ideal place to escape into a whole new world. 

It is our great pleasure to introduce people to the peerless beauty of Belize. Taking a small ship cruise to Belize is a more intimate venture than a large and crowded ship, allowing you to fully experience the wonders and splendors of this amazing country. Immerse yourself in the amazing culture and climate of this unique destination, explore its ruins and their incredible history, and partake in the hospitality and endless activities: fishing and surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling, and all the amazing food! 

When you're traveling to a place like Belize, having a handy guide can help you make the most of every moment. From paying attention to local laws and customs to having an itinerary allowing you to tour all the most interesting locations, we want you to enjoy everything that Belize has to offer. Come enjoy the scenic vistas and the mystique of a marvelous green country from the comfort and magic of a small ship cruise. Belize awaits!

Keeping Up with Local Customs

Anytime you travel outside of the United States, it's a great idea to learn a little about the local laws and customs. Not only will it help you enjoy yourself more, but it will also keep you safe and informed while on your cruise. Belize is an amazing place with a growing economy and the country welcomes tourism as both a lifeline and an opportunity to showcase all its myriad Caribbean attractions. 

Local Laws and Safety

While Belize is a welcoming country, travelers are advised to exercise due caution when it comes to certain activities and behaviors while in the country. Penalties for drug-related offenses are high in Belize. Cruises are fun, but it's important that travelers don't attempt to circumvent these restrictions, such as by bringing or attempting to purchase marijuana, while in the country. 

It is actually illegal in Belize to photograph official buildings, so sightseers should always stay aware of their surroundings. Local police are helpful and have dedicated tourism police forces. They're usually available to answer a question if there's any doubt, so be sure to check with them before photographing a building if you are unsure. 

Some areas of Belize, even tourist areas, are at risk of crime. Don't let that prevent you from taking a fantastic trip! Always be sure you travel with friends and don't go alone anywhere you don't know, and you should have a good time. Local authorities will usually offer advice to help keep you safe and let you steer clear of the riskiest travel areas. Practicing good safety and security practices and remaining diligent will help ensure you get to enjoy all the beauty of Belize safely and soundly. 

Be sure your passport is properly updated and not set to expire within six months of traveling to Belize to avoid any potential complications during your stay! 


Belize uses the Belize Dollar (BZD) as its local currency, but US Dollars are also gladly accepted. Large tourist facilities allow you to use traveler's cheques and credit cards, as well, but these won't be accepted everywhere, so be sure to plan ahead. 

Travel Advice in Belize

Finding a tour guide offers a perspective on Belize that you might not find on your own. This gem of the Caribbean has a little of everything that a traveler could want, including local community-based tourism. These incredible experiences offer visitors a look at the heritage that shaped the area, like the Maya, Kriol, and Garifuna. Some of the villages even allow visitors to stay overnight and receive a tour from a local community guide, immersing travelers in the rich traditions of the region.

Sights and Sounds: Popular Activities in Belize

Belize offers some of the world's most incredible natural and cultural attractions. With multiple wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful natural destinations like waterfalls, and eco-friendly tours for visitors from across the world, Belize is a paradise for anyone who appreciates the beauty and mystery of nature. However, the country offers far more than just remote landscapes, with historical and cultural sites of great importance to Central America. 

When you take a small ship cruise to Belize, you have the opportunity to experience all these things and more. Here are a few of the most popular tourist destinations and activities to enjoy while in Belize: 

Dive into the Waters of Caye Caulker

The waters around the barrier reef display a dazzling variety of colorful biodiversity and fascinating spots to dive and snorkel. If you enjoy scuba diving, swimming, or just lounging on the beach, Caye Caulker provides the perfect place to relax in the sunshine!

Explore the Mysteries of Achtin Tunichil Muknal Cave

This amazing cave holds ancient Mayan pottery that still stands after hundreds of years. Along with an impressive battery of stalactites and other cave formations, the "ATM" cave is steeped in history and lore, which local tour guides are happy to share with visitors.

Walk in the Mayan Ruins

Belize has multiple Mayan ruins for visitors to explore. The Caracol ruins are located near a museum and local tour guides will show you through displays of artifacts and information about the days in which the ruins were built and ultimately abandoned. 

Sun and Surf

In addition to snorkeling and scuba diving, the many beaches of Belize offer bountiful surfing and wildlife watching around the barrier reef. Avid bird-watchers will find some of the world's rarest and most beautiful birds in the area, and the jungles always offer a prime photographic target. 

Belize It When You See It

Your incredible Central American adventure starts with a cruise to Belize! The beautiful blues and greens of the Caribbean await you. With a Belize cruise, you get a taste of everything from ancient mysteries and evocative ruins to cultures and cuisines that have survived for centuries amid the jungles and waterfalls of Central America. The timeless appeal of this lush region makes it a cruise destination that you will never forget.