Why Your Next Big Adventure Should Be Back-to-Back Cruises

Are you looking for the adventure of a lifetime on the open seas? Consider going on a cruise.

Research shows more than 29 million people took cruises in 2019, with the average cruise length being 5.5 days.

What if you could experience 14 days of incredible adventure instead? That's what back-to-back cruises offer. Let's explore what you're sure to love about our back-to-back cruise packages at UnCruise Adventures.

Why Back-to-Back Cruises?

Back-to-back cruises are multiple consecutive cruises on a single ship. Instead of leaving the ship once your first cruise is over, stay onboard for a second sailing.

Back-to-back cruising, which is sometimes called consecutive cruising, is different from side-to-side cruising, where you sail on a ship and disembark to board another ship right away.

Consecutive cruising is the perfect way to prolong a vacation while maximizing your airfare's value. Don't fly somewhere for only a three-night cruise. Choose back-to-back cruising to enjoy more ship time and justify your airline price.

This cruising option also expands the number of places you visit while eliminating the need to fly between these locations. This will more conveniently expose you to more wildlife, more cultures, and a greater understanding of your world.

Fire and Ice Cruises

Some of our most popular 14-day cruises at UnCruise Adventures are our Fire and Ice cruises, which will take you to Hawaii and Alaska. Choose a 14-day Hawaiian Seascapes and Glacier Bay National Park or Hawaiian Seascapes and Glacier Country back-to-back cruise.

Start your cruise adventure in Hawaii, where you'll snorkel with turtles, kayak over reefs, and hike through a lush rainforest. End your trip in Alaska, where you'll kayak near glaciers and explore wildlife, like moose.

Do you prefer to start with the cold and end with the heat? Begin your back-to-back cruise in Alaska and finish up in Hawaii. Stay in a hotel in Juneau, Alaska, or Seattle, Washington, before you set sail.

Our Wilderness Adventurer, Wilderness Explorer, and Wilderness Discoverer cruise ships will bring your "fire and ice" dream to life for between $8,500 and $9,500 per person. These cruise ships set sail from April to May.

Baja and Bergs Cruises

Our Baja and Bergs 14-day cruises are excellent choices for vacationers looking for snowy and sunny adventures in Alaska and Mexico, respectively.

Enjoy 14 days of adventure with a Whale Sharks, Whales, and Mobulas cruise for seven nights in Baja, Mexico, followed by a Glacier Bay or Glacier Country cruise for seven nights in Alaska.

Ride on mules, snorkel with large fish and majestic sea lions, and enjoy desert hiking in Mexico. Then, see whales and otters in Alaska. Depending on your flights, you may stay in Juneau, Seattle, or Cabo.

These back-to-back cruises cost between $9,400 and $10,500 per person and run from April to May.

Darwin and Cortez Cruise

Another unforgettable 14-day cruise option is a Darwin and Cortez adventure. It's perfect for exploring Ecuador's famous Galapagos Islands and Mexico.

Spend seven nights on our Ecuadorian Darwin's Discoveries cruise followed by seven nights on our Mexican Baja's Bounty cruise. Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, and even riding a fishing boat while looking for the following types of animals in the Galapagos:

  • Penguins
  • Flamingoes
  • Giant tortoises
  • Blue-footed boobies

Then, fly to Mexico and snap photos of gray whales, dolphins, pelicans, and sea lions in Mexico's Magdalena Bay.

The Darwin and Cortez back-to-back cruise cost is a little more than $15,000 per person. The cruise is available from February to March.

Two Weeks in Alaska Cruises

Interested in spending a couple of weeks in Alaska? Choose one of our Two Weeks in Alaska back-to-back cruise packages.

Set sail on our Nights Wild, Woolly, and Wow cruise for seven days and a Glacier Country or Glacier Bay cruise for another seven days. Feed humpback whales and see mama bears with their cubs on our cruise ships. You might even see eagles carrying off prey, like octopi.

Let our cruise ship take you between Seattle and Juneau, or enjoy Juneau the entire time from two ships offering two different perspectives. Some of our pairings require a single hotel night.

The Two Weeks in Alaska back-to-back cruise cost is between $8,300 and $9,600 per person. These Alaskan cruises run from April to July.

Our Unique Onboard Experience

Exploring some of the most beautiful aspects of nature isn't the only benefit of cruising with UnCruise Adventures. Expect a five-star onboard experience when you set sail on our cruise ships.

UnCruise Adventures has a small cruise line. This means you'll enjoy open spaces and fewer faces as you relax in our casual, comfortable, welcoming environment.

Take advantage of our cozy, private cabins when you need time to retreat. Then, visit a spacious community space when you're ready to mingle with fellow adventure cruisers from various parts of the world. We cater to singles, couples, and families.

Ready to eat delicious meals during your cruise? Enjoy morning coffee with your new friends, hors d'oeuvres when the social hour arrives, and grade-A dinners every night.

How We Can Help

Back-to-back cruises are an excellent way to enjoy multiple destinations during a single vacation.

Choose our UnCruise Adventures Fire and Ice or Baja and Bergs cruises to take in everything Hawaii and Alaska have to offer. Our Darwin and Cortez or Two Weeks in Alaska cruises may also give you the adventure of a lifetime.

At UnCruise Adventures, we're excited to give guests enriching travel experiences and inspire them to embrace the earth and local cultures. Get in touch with us to learn more about our cruise options, and set sail today!