8 Amazing Writers & Influencers Recommending UnCruise Adventures

These are 8 amazing influencers that traveled with UnCruise Adventures in the past year along with one who will be traveling with us in September. We are so pleased to have had them aboard to see what we are all about and to share their personal experiences. It's important to share our story from many points of view, and we thank them for joining us and sharing their viewpoints and experiences. 

Jeannette Ceja – Jet Set with Jeanette

Jeannette Ceja

Jeannette is a seasoned and bilingual journalist known for her expertise in women's travel, luxury travel, and the Latino-Hispanic travelers demographic. A passionate advocate for women and diversity, Jeannette has been a speaker at many conferences. She is an active member of The National Association of Hispanic Journalists and The Society of Professional Journalists. She aims to assist and cover more stories of representation of every traveler with a special emphasis on women, diversity, youth, and travelers with disabilities.

Home | Jet Set Jeannette (jetsetwithjeannette.com)


Scott Eddy – TV Host and Cruise Influencer

Scott Eddy

Scott Eddy started one of the first digital agencies in Southeast Asia. Owning and selling this agency gave him a deep understanding of the digital transformation several industries would encounter. Although based in South Florida, there is no one place he currently calls home and is a genuine citizen of the world, traveling full-time, living out of a few suitcases through countless destinations. 2020 changed the world of travel in ways no one could ever predict, and for better or worse, Scott Eddy has become the ‘go-to’ digital guy for the travel industry, understanding it far more than many others as he chooses to completely immerse himself in its development and growth.

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KyAnn Lewis – Kid Tripster Family Travels

KyAnn Lewis


KyAnn Lewis is the Editor of KidTripster. KyAnn's an Emmy and Murrow Award winning journalist based out of Portland, Oregon. In 2022, she received the prestigious Gold Award from the North American Travel Journalists Association for best Independent Travel Blog. She serves as the CVO (Chief Vacation Officer) for her family, always on the lookout for a good deal and a new destination to explore. KyAnn's also KidTripster's Disney expert. She and her family have visited every Disney theme park in the world. They’ve also sailed on each of the Disney Cruise Line ships and are repeat guests at Aulani. KyAnn believes one of the most important gifts that you can give your child is a passport.

KidTripster - Families Traveling The World Together


Ryan and Kelly McDaniel – Watch Us Wander

Ryan and Kelly McDaniels, Watch Us Wander Vlog

Ryan and Kelly McDaniel are the couple behind Watch Us Wander, a vlog they created as a way to share their love of travel and adventure. They take you wherever they go - exploring the temples of Angkor Wat, dog-sledding over Norway's snowy hills, climbing the rugged Rocky Mountains in Montana, or cruising through the impressive Panama Canal. They aim to create videos that show the beauty of the world and offer helpful information, too. They're genuine adventurers that will share with you both the highs and lows of travel.

Travel Videos | Watch Us Wander | Hike, Cruise, Explore, Tips (watchuswandertravels.com)


Danni Washington – TV Host

Danni Washington

Danni is an adventure-seeker and travel enthusiast. Having been all over the world, from Barbados and Belize to Papua New Guinea and Ghana, Danni has explored some of the most incredible places on our big blue planet. But she’s not finished. With a bucket list bursting with ideas and places to go, Danni is always ready for another adventure. For the last decade, Danni Washington has been on a mission to bring awareness to the ever-growing ocean crisis. Many of Danni’s worldwide adventures are focused on educating and inspiring a generation of ocean advocates to take the actions needed to protect our oceans.

Danni Washington | Science Communicator


A. V.  Eichenbaum – Seattle Gay News

A.V. Eichenbaum

Currently serving as the acting Editor-in-Chief of Seattle Gay News, A.V. has a background that ranges from fast food to fortune-telling, and a lot in between. They’ve been involved with journalism since age 14, working both in front of and behind the camera ever since, both freelance and on staff, alongside a performing career. A.V. moved to Seattle in 2017 and started with LGBTQ+ newspaper Seattle Gay News in 2020.  

SGN :: Seattle Gay/Lesbian/LGBTQ News


Lawrence Philips – Green Book Travel

Lawrence Philips, Green Book Travel

Lawrence is the founder and CEO of Green Book Travel, the first ever black travel review website. Similar to the Negro Motorist Green Book, he wants to help make travel as easy as possible for the Black Traveler but on a global scale. Rather than rating activities, Green Book Travel rates cities or destinations in categories like adventure, relaxation, etc. but also “traveling while black”. The site has over 5000 travel tips from black travelers across over 400 destinations. Lawrence will travel with us in September of this year to share his point of view for celebrating special occasions onboard.  

Green Book Global - Black Travel Made Easy 


Sarah Dandashy – Ask a Concierge

Sarah Dandashy

Sarah is an award-winning Concierge at one of the top hotels in Los Angeles, and a member of Les Clefs d’Or (The Golden Keys), the five-star concierge global association. Ask a Concierge evolved from an assignment to create a vlog into a multi-platform brand where she shares all the things that she loves to do in LA, throughout the US, and the world.

Ask A Concierge – Award-Winning Concierge Shares Insider Tips on What to Do in Los Angeles and Around the World!