Recipe for "Whale Soup"

From Sophia Taylor, Expedition Guide on the Safari Explorer


To make Whale Soup, first start with a large body of water, preferably free of other boats and humans. To the body of water add 1 part small fish (herring or krill), 1 part gentle current, and 1 part drizzle (light or misty preferred). When the surface of the water begins to gently bubble, add 12-17 humpback whales of various sizes. After a few minutes the whales should begin to lunge feed.

After the 50th lunge or so, throw in a sprinkle of ecstatic cheering, camera shutter clicking, and a few subtle oohs and ahhs for an added bit of spice. Allow the gasps of appreciation to mix with the dives and whale flukes for approximately 30 minutes. You may see some pectoral fin slapping at this point as well – that is part of the process.

For extra flavor, you may choose to add a dash of breaching whale towards the end of the show.

After 30 min, the Marine Mammal Protection Act recommends you begin to leave the humpbacks to their happy feeding. This is a great time to add one last dash of applause as the ship moves gently past the soup.


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