More Solo Travelers Over 40 Are Choosing Adventure

From Valerie Mellema, Guest Writer

Whether you are in your early forties or you are a part of the “boomer” generation, you'll love meeting other people on our nature-based outings. It's hard to feel alone when you have a built-in group of travel buddies to join in the fun on an all-inclusive vacation. And if you do a quick google search you'll find that you are not alone.



There are plenty of travelers taking their first solo trip over forty, and jumping on board with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure. If you've been hesitating to take your own trip, think again. Getting your body moving and immersing yourself in nature is a fantastic way to relieve the stresses built up from long hours of work and all of the other issues that might be in your life.  And with the current pandemic, many people are experiencing all-time high levels of stress. When travel options start to open up, it will be necessary for those who have the time and means to do so to take some time off. Fortunately, nature is there waiting for us. 

Why do people travel solo, and why is it becoming more popular? There are plenty of reasons, changes later in life, retirement, ticking off your bucket list, and realizing there's nothing holding you back. One of the most compelling benefits is that you can go where ever you want to visit and decide your own schedule. When traveling with friends or any other group of people, you will have to compromise. Sometimes, this means not getting the vacation you want. If you want to get outside and get back to nature, but your friends want to visit a busy city or tourist town, solo traveling may start sounding like a better option.  

Those who travel on their own also get a chance to get to know themselves better and are usually happier to accomplish something on their own. As you hit your 40s and beyond, it’s nice to have this sense of freedom that you might not have felt in a few decades. Keep in mind that, just because you are traveling solo, it doesn't mean that you are on your own. You are sure to meet other outdoor enthusiasts of all ages on our trips who are ready to share their love for travel. And yes, we cater for all levels of activities, so you control your YOU time. Experience life onboard in relaxed mode or full-on adventurer. 

This isn't travel in your twenties, traveling solo over 40 offers the benefit of more experience and confidence. You'll be welcomed on board as an immediate part of the UnCruise Adventures family. 

We are experiencing travel in a new era, mostly from home, but that doesn't mean you can't plan ahead. Now is the perfect time to seriously consider where you might travel in a few months or a year. After all, quarantines are being lifted, and extensive safety measures are being put into place to support the return of travel and tourism. We are setting sail soon in low-risk areas that are closer to home, like Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and Hawaii. 

Solo travelers seem to be some of the most intrepid, and no doubt are already diving into their travel wish list before others. And there are plenty of exceptional places to explore and participate in active adventures. We just happen to think our floating hotel is one of the best ways to adventure. Life onboard is casual - no formal evening wear here - and the only rules seem to be staying safe and having fun. We try to pack weeks of fun into one. As we like to say, it's a [F] UnCruise.

Many solo travelers have gotten over the fear that they will be the only one, or there won't be options for them to integrate naturally into a group. Fear not, because small group travel is growing, and many women and men's solo travel groups are popping up around the world. Now that you've decided to fly solo, do you choose to book every aspect of your travel yourself, work with a travel advisor, or join an all-inclusive travel option? It seems rather than worrying about booking different tours, single supplements, and all the extra hassle of handling everything on your own, travelers, especially solo travelers, are choosing all-inclusive travel. Here are a few of the benefits of having someone do all of the planning for you:

1. You save a ton of time comparing tours and researching sites.

2. You'll get insider tips for local cultural tours and options you may not find on your own.

3. Less worry, more adventure. You already know what to expect for the day.

4. You'll have experts to guide you.

5. Everything's included from meals to outings and even gear. 

Ready to pack your bags and explore? Meet your new friends aboard as we explore the Alaskan coastlines, kayak with otters in the Salish Sea, or get funky with our go pro selfies at Hawaii's Mala Wharf with the green sea turtles. Forty is the new twenty, and solo travel has never been more supported than now in this new age of adventure. Whether you are on board a boat or in the water, you can be sure it is going to be an unforgettable vacation. One to write about in your solo travel journal. 

No matter where you may be traveling to next, we recommend consulting your doctor and following the guidance of local travel advisories. You may also consider protecting your trip with travel insurance.