Making Memories With Family Cruises: How to Choose Your Adventure

There's a reason why 85% of people who have been on a cruise will do it again. They are the perfect get-a-way option for the whole family as cruises offer an array of activities, destinations, and amenities. Especially once they've been on a small ship cruise and experience the difference it offers for no crowds and personalized service. 

With so many available cruises to choose from, you may be wondering which one is best for your family.

Learn how to sort through family cruises in this guide. 

Look for Convenient Kid Only Cruises

When it comes to family cruises, the last thing you want is more stress. Traveling with children, especially small ones, can be a hassle, so why not book an adventure cruise that offers daily activities for all. Our Kids in Nature, kid only adventures even allow for kids under 8 to cruise with us. 

A good example if you live on the west coast is a Hawaiian or Alaskan cruise where you can easily access the port for embarkation and once onboard everything is included. 

Take a Peek at the Cabin Options

While you might not spend much time in your room, it is still a major decision to make.  You may need to book two rooms or consider an upgrade if possible. 

No need to worry about the view as each of our small  ship adventure cabins include an ocean view, some even provide a balcony option. Make sure you know what to expect when you open the door to your cabin before you book your cruise. 

Consider Activities for Adults and Kids

A large part of choosing adventure cruising are the on-board activities with 41% of people on cruises interested in services for children. This is because you want to have age-appropriate activities to enjoy for adults with child like wonder, or family adventures with kids, grandparents and parents to share a wonderful memory. . 

Make sure that your cruise also has adult-centric activities as well, so both big and small adventurers can enjoy. No big slides and onboard swimming pools are needed on an adventure cruise because nature is our playground and everyone has a choice of activities daily to choose from.

Choose Your Adventure

Some cruises have more flexible schedules than others, especially when you are looking at a typical cruise ship. But when you look at a small ship adventure you don't need to worry about planning your schedule, booking extra tours, or choose your buffet meals because its all catered to make your days easy and comfortable. If you just want an all-inclusive cruise without a tight schedule then choose a more flexible destination like our Alaska, Hawaii, Baja or Galapagos cruises. 

Check for Dining Options

Eating on a cruise is sometimes one of the highlights of the journey. While most cruise lines include food and drink as part of the package, on a small ship cruise adventure it's all included. Including your drinks, snacks and alcohol. What options are you looking for? 

Check out our local community partners we work with to support local and create farm to ship cuisine options onboard. 

Think About Weather and Seasons

Planning family travel at the wrong time can be uncomfortable or even unbearable. Picking the right season and looking at the weather conditions will help you cruise comfortably. With small ship cruise adventures we sail during prime seasonal variations that allow you to be comfortable onboard from peak summer season in Alaska, to warm water cruising in Baja, Mexico and Hawaii.

Choosing the Best Family Cruises

Picking from all the available family cruises should be easier now that you know what to look for. However, you also want to pick a cruise that has a reputation for making your trip special. 

Going for a large cruise line may seem like your best option, however, UnCruise Adventures offers what major cruise lines can't. Our cruises are smaller, which means we focus more on quality rather than quantity. 

Start making unforgettable memories by contacting us today to help plan your cruise.