Journey to the Last Frontier: Unraveling the Wonders of a Cruise to Juneau, Alaska

Alaska is one of the greatest places in the world to experience wilderness unspoiled by human influence. From gliding through icy blue waters surrounded by majestic mountains to hiking in ancient forests, and maybe even running into bears or spotting migrating grey whales, the opportunities for adventure are many. 

UnCruise Adventures to Juneau, Alaska

Known for its small-ship cruising experiences, UnCruise Adventures offers unforgettable voyages to the picturesque town of Juneau, Alaska.

The company's reputation for delivering unique and immersive journeys is well-established. With UnCruise, you don't just see Alaska; you experience it. The sights are breathtaking; ice-blue glaciers that break into roaring avalanches of ice into the sea, vast fjords etched by ancient glacial activity, and dense forests teeming with wildlife. All this and more awaits on your voyage.

A key element setting UnCruise apart from other cruise lines is our unwavering commitment to sustainability. We've made significant strides in minimizing waste onboard their ships and aim to have a positive impact on the local communities they visit.

This is far from your standard cruise line. Each day brings opportunities for exploring off-the-beaten-path locations that larger vessels can't access due to size restrictions, making each journey feel personalized and exclusive. Juneau, located at the base of towering mountain peaks along Gastineau Channel’s shores, provides passengers with numerous excursions both on land and on water, offering one-of-a-kind encounters with nature’s grandeur.

You'll find that no two days are alike when traveling with UnCruise. Our flexible schedules allow guests spontaneous moments like stopping ship-wide when whales surface or extending hikes if everyone's up for more adventure.

Journey Through Breathtaking Landscapes

Imagine a landscape so stunning it leaves you speechless. Immersing yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of Juneau, Alaska is what this adventure is all about.

The journey starts with the icy wonderland of Tracy Arm Fjord, a place where nature unfolds its raw beauty as your ship glides past massive glaciers that shimmer under the Alaskan sun. You'll feel like a tiny speck against their towering grandeur, but at peace amidst this stark and beautiful wilderness.

Next up is Tongass National Forest, one of Earth’s largest temperate rainforests. The emerald-green canopy stretches out as far as the eye can see—a living testament to Mother Nature's artistry. Your UnCruise trip lets you explore this verdant forest through guided hikes and paddle excursions, helping create memories that will last long after your return home.

No Alaskan cruise would be complete without encountering wildlife unique to these regions. Nothing quite compares to watching humpback whales breaching, or spotting bald eagles soaring overhead. Majestic moments like these make your journey more than just sightseeing.

Exciting Activities on an UnCruise Adventure

An UnCruise voyage to Juneau, Alaska isn't your typical cruise experience. Forget lounging by the pool; this adventure is about getting up close and personal with nature.

Paddling Through Pristine Waters

The thrill of kayaking through calm Alaskan waters is hard to match. As you paddle around icebergs or alongside lush green forests, it's easy to feel like you're part of the landscape itself. And don't worry if you've never paddled before; experienced guides are there to help out.

Hiking in Untouched Wildernesses

If land exploration sparks more excitement for you, hiking options abound. Whether navigating forest trails or climbing glacier-covered hillsides, each hike offers its own unique view of Alaska's stunning landscapes. The best part? You get all this without bumping into crowds at every turn.

Incredible Wildlife Encounters

You might think spotting a bear from a distance would be exciting enough, but imagine seeing one up close while safely aboard your small ship. With our focus on wildlife viewing, Tongass National Forest's bears aren’t the only animals that can make surprise appearances; keep your eyes peeled for sea lions, eagles, and even whales. This adventure isn't about ticking off tourist hotspots; it's a special voyage into the depths of Alaska, where you can expect to find something new and remarkable every day.

Baby Animals: Nature’s Bundle of Joy

The spring and early summer voyages offer delightful glimpses of baby animals discovering their new world. Fuzzy bear cubs learning from mama bear, playful seal pups testing out their swimming skills; it's like being in a live-action nature documentary.

Migrating Grey Whales: A Majestic Sight

In your journey through Alaskan waters, you may get lucky enough to witness migrating grey whales breaking the surface as they undertake their epic annual journey. Gray Whale migration, one of nature's grandest spectacles unfolds right before your eyes. So keep those binoculars ready at all times.

Bird Watching: A Feathered Fiesta

If you have an eye for our feathered friends then this trip will not disappoint. Bald eagles soaring high above against clear blue skies make for great photo opportunities while spotting rare species such as puffins and guillemots can be quite thrilling too.

Itinerary Options

One of the advantages of our unique cruises is the variety we offer. For those seeking an intimate, immersive journey to Juneau, Alaska, you can choose from several options.

7-Night Journey: Glaciers and Fjords Discovery

This trip lets you start your Alaskan adventure with vigor. From hiking through Tongass National Forest to kayaking around icy fjords, every day is filled with excitement. You'll also get up close and personal with Margerie Glacier—an awe-inspiring sight that's bound to take your breath away.

10-Night Adventure: Exploring Wild Alaska

If more time exploring wild Alaska sounds appealing, this itinerary might be right for you. It includes all the highlights of the 7-night journey but gives additional days for wildlife encounters in areas like Glacier Bay National Park or Icy Strait Point. The chance of spotting humpback whales here significantly increases because they frequent these waters during migration season.

14-Night Expedition: Ultimate Boreal Frontier

A full two-week exploration lets passengers truly soak in everything Juneau has to offer—from its bustling salmon-filled streams to serene glacial landscapes. This extended stay promises unparalleled access to untouched wilderness spots seldom seen by others.

So whether you're a nature lover wanting more time outdoors or someone looking for shorter yet action-packed escapades, you decide. Rest assured that no matter which route you pick, you're guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Preparing for Your Adventure

Packing for your journey to Juneau, Alaska can be a bit daunting, but with some thoughtful preparation, you'll have everything you need.

Your clothing should include layers suitable for all weather conditions. Pack lightweight base layers like thermal tops and bottoms that can help regulate body temperature during hiking or paddling activities. Include mid-layers such as fleece jackets or vests which provide additional warmth without adding too much bulk. Don't forget waterproof outerwear; rain jackets and pants are must-haves in Alaska's unpredictable climate.

Footwear Essentials

You'll need sturdy shoes fit for both on-board comfort and land-based exploration. A pair of comfortable sneakers will serve well aboard the ship while waterproof hiking boots are ideal when ashore on rugged terrain or wet trails.

Gear Up

To make the most out of wildlife spotting opportunities, bring along binoculars if possible; it makes those bear sightings even more spectacular. A camera is also crucial. Remember to pack extra batteries, since charging options may be limited onboard.

Navigating Alaskan Weather

The weather in Juneau can vary drastically, even within a single, day so it’s important to plan accordingly by checking the forecast before your trip. Don't forget sunscreen and sunglasses for those bright Alaskan summer days.

Adventure Awaits

By preparing well in advance, you can ensure your experience will be smooth sailing. Your Juneau adventure awaits. Reserve your cabin today!