Island Paradise: Hawaiian Seascapes Explored with UnCruise

Tourists love Hawaii—so much that almost 900,000 tourists visited Hawaii in June 2023 alone!

Whether it's to visit its world-class beaches, hike through tropical rainforests, learn about its rich history, or see all that nature has to offer above or below the crystal blue water, the Hawaii islands have something for every traveler. 

And the best way to experience Hawaii? With a Hawaiian cruise! There's no better way to see the islands.

Here's why you need to go on a Hawaiian cruise—and why it needs to be an UnCruise with us!

The Pros of a Hawaiian Cruise

Exploring the Hawaiian islands via a Hawaiian cruise has some incredible benefits you won't get otherwise if you decide to skip the cruise. What makes a cruise to the islands so great?

Explore the Islands Quickly

It's a great way to explore the islands quickly, allowing you to see more in less time. Let's say you only plan on visiting Hawaii once in your lifetime. Do you really want to miss out on seeing the major islands?

A cruise will allow you to see many of the islands, and you usually stay in port for hours, if not days. Often, you can book additional onshore activities, such as hiking and sightseeing.

For example, if you check out UnCruise's route map, you will see that our tours visit the big island of Hawaii, Maui, pass by Kaho'olawe, and make additional stops at Lanai and Molokai. In a single week, you can see four islands without the hassle of island hopping flights. 

We also have additional onshore excursions you can add to your itinerary. 

It's not just about the excursions; it's about the ships themselves. Our onboard experience ensures that the ship is your home away from home, no matter which vessel you are on.

An Affordable Alternate for Visiting Hawaii

Another pro of a cruise to Hawaii is the cost. A Hawaii vacation can be costly, as shown by this estimated cost breakdown. Hotel, parking, meals, and drinks all add up quickly—especially for longer stays. 

However, a cruise with us will include drinks and onboard meals. Hotel and inter-island flights are done away with, saving you additional money. 

A Hawaiian vacation can be expensive, primarily due to all the little things travelers forget about, such as parking, drinks, and additional activities.

Minimize Your Planning and Stress

A cruise to Hawaii is also an easy way to travel with minimal planning. If the thought of trying to plan and schedule everything stresses you out, a cruise is the perfect solution. You don't have to worry about lodging, food, inter-island travel, scheduling activities, and so many other stressful items. 

Vacation anxiety is a significant issue for many folks. Planning stress is a key contributor to this anxiety. However, it's important to take vacations. Aside from lowering your stress, vacations are great for strengthening relationships, boosting your creativity, and improving your overall well-being.

If the thought of planning every detail of a vacation stresses you out, minimize your vacation anxiety and go for a cruise.

Hawaii Seascapes Are Incredible

Visiting Hawaii is perfect for wildlife lovers. Hawaii seascapes are famous for their beauty and world-renowned for their wildlife. 

Maui's Turtle Town is the perfect spot to see Chelonia mydas or the Hawaiian green sea turtle. It's not called Turtle Town for no reason—there are plenty of sea turtles here in their natural habitat. Aside from the Hawaiian green sea turtle, you may spot Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, and Leatherback sea turtles. 

The abundant wildlife and sources of food mean the turtles are plentiful here, along with plenty of other aquatic wildlife. Hundreds of species of tropical fish call the nearby waters their home, along with corals, dolphins, whales, and more. 

Like wildlife? Like snorkeling? Then, places like Turtle Town are must-see destinations.

Turtle Town isn't the only place worth snorkeling. Shark Fin (named for its shape) is another excellent snorkeling spot.  Shark Fin offers the chance to see tons of coral and fish. You can snorkel all around Shark Fin, enjoying the experience of a lifetime. 

Nearby, Lanai Island's steep sea cliffs create an incredible view.

It's Not Just the Seascapes

Hawaii seascapes are incredible, but there's plenty to see above the water. Lahaina Town is a great all-around town for shopping and entertainment, offering a break from other activities.

On the Big Island, hike up Hualālai Volcano, approximately 6,5000 feet above the coast. We have a private trail and a naturalist guide to take you there. Magnificent vistas await you as you walk amongst native forests and birds.

Hawaii is a hot spot for birdwatchers. On the Big Island alone, you may spot the Nene or Hawaiian goose, white-tailed tropicbird, palila, or akiapolaau.

Aside from birds, other animals are endemic to the islands. The Hawaiian hoary bat and Hawaiian monk seal are two species of mammal found only in Hawaii. Both are also the only native mammal species. The Kamehameha butterfly is also endemic to Hawaii and was officially declared the state insect in 2009.

Another notable insect is the Happy Face Spider, named for the smiling face pattern on their abdomen. Despite being in the same family as the black widow spider, happy face spiders have a low venom toxicity, making them harmless to humans.

You may see hundreds of species of flora and fauna throughout your visit to Hawaii. Unfortunately, many of these are endangered or close to extinction. Your trip to Hawaii may be your only chance to see these incredible species.

A Different Kind of Hawaiian Cruise

Your Hawaii vacation should be something special—and it can be when you choose UnCruise for your Hawaiian cruise. 

Uncruise Adventures is a different kind of cruise. It's in the name—we're not your typical cruise line. We value smaller cruises, respecting the local cultures of our destinations, and preserving the fragile ecosystems of the environment. 

When visiting Hawaii, don't book a cruise—book an UnCruise for your trip. We offer all types of travel: adventure, family, solo, and adult. There's an UnCruise for everyone.

Ready to see all that Hawaii has to offer? Contact UnCruise today.