How to Find the Best Alaska Cruise Specials and Deals

The 49th state is one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. Around 1.6 million people are expected to visit Alaska via cruise ships this year. Cruise season lasts from April to October, with June and July being the peak travel months. 

Are you ready to visit the Last Frontier without spending a ton of money? Alaska cruise specials are a great way to take your dream vacation without breaking the bank. There are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you're getting the best deals on Alaska cruises. 

This guide will discuss our top tips when looking for cruise deals to Alaska. Get the best prices available for your upcoming trip. 

Go in the Off-Season

As we mentioned earlier, April through October is the most popular time to cruise to Alaska. Prices for cruises are less expensive during the off-season or at the tail end of the busy season. This time includes the following months:

  • September
  • October
  • November

The off-season is when kids typically go back to school after the summer break. It's also when families stop traveling as much. Demand for Alaska cruises isn't as high, causing prices to go down. 

The dead of winter isn't a great time to cruise to Alaska. Many cruise ships stop their service during that time of year. Cold and dark winters aren't ideal for Alaskan cruises because travelers can't experience the wonders of the state. 

Keep an Eye Out for Last Minute Cruises

You might find some great Alaska cruise specials if you start looking around 90 days before you want to leave. Cruise companies want their ships to be full. If people have canceled their reservations or the ship hasn't sold out, they might dramatically drop their prices to entice people to book. 

It can be challenging to find last-minute cruise ship deals. This is more difficult for people that have a specific ship or itinerary in mind. You might not have the flexibility you need if you book your ticket at the last minute, instead of planning in advance.

However, if you're not picky about what ship you go on and what stops the cruise includes, booking last minute is a great way to find cruise deals. 

Book Your Trip Early

On the flip side, booking your cruise to Alaska as early as possible can help you with getting a good price. Many cruise lines open their departures at the lowest price they're willing to sell their cruise packages for. Prices will start to go up as spots begin filling up. 

Book your cruise as soon as reservations open up. Keep in mind that you might have to plan far in advance. Some cruise lines open their bookings a few years before the trip takes place. 

Some of the benefits of booking cruise packages early include:

  • More time to save for your trip before you go
  • Get the cabin type you want
  • Lock in your desired itinerary 

You might be able to reduce your fare if the price for the cruise drops after you've made your reservation. There are times when your fee gets locked in and cruise lines won't price match. Make sure you read the fine print when making your reservation because not all fare types will let you make changes after you've booked. 

Explore Social Media

You can find many cruise ship deals on various social media platforms. Cruise lines use every method available to advertise their packages, including social media. Some of the places you might find advertisements include:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

You can also set up notifications on platforms like Google to let you know when a new deal is available. 

Go on an Older Ship

New ships that are filled with amenities typically cost more than older ships that might not have the same bells and whistles. You can save money by booking your Alaska cruise on an older ship. This is a wonderful option if you're not looking for a ton of amenities on board. 

Work With a Travel Agent

Companies like UnCruise Adventures have travel experts that can help you find the best cruise deal available. Our travel specialists are skilled in finding the lowest prices for trips to Alaska. 

One reason travel companies have access to cheaper fares is that they can tap into bulk fares. The general public can't take advantage of these fares since they purchase their rooms individually. 

Travel companies will block out multiple rooms as soon as bookings are available. They'll then sell these rooms to customers over the subsequent months. You can also access extra perks by booking with a travel company, such as:

  • Extra amenities
  • Onboard credit

Travel experts can provide you with guidance on what type of cabin would work best for you and your travel companions. They'll be available if you encounter any problems while on your cruise. 

Carefully Choose Your Cabin Location

Many cruise lines will charge higher prices for the same type of room in different locations on the ship. For example, cabins on higher decks are more expensive than those on lower decks. Cruise lines know which rooms are more desirable and have adjusted their prices accordingly. 

The extra costs for a cabin in a more premium location can quickly add up. That money can be used toward other things, like drinks or souvenirs. If your room location isn't important to you, get placed in the lowest-priced cabin available.

Get Help Finding Alaska Cruise Specials

There are plenty of Alaska cruise specials out there if you take the time to look. Take the time to research every option available instead of rushing to make a purchase. We hope our tips will help you save money while having the trip of a lifetime. 

UnCruise Adventures is here to make finding deals on Alaska cruises a breeze. Our travel specialists are available to answer your questions and help you book your trip. Contact us to get started.