Cruise Photography Tips: Capturing Your Seafaring Memories

Breathtaking photos are steadfast reminders of the places you've been and the things you've seen. Documenting your time is a way of capturing an experience that is one of a kind and holds a million memories. Could you imagine getting home from your trip and not having a single photograph to show for it?

If you're embarking on adventures and family cruises, you want to make sure that your photographing skills are up to snuff. Cruise photography can be a difficult task to master. Getting the best pictures requires a little more than just pointing and shooting nowadays. 

Let's take a look at the key to cruise photography and how to get the best shot. Before you embark on any Alaska cruises, read below and get ready to take those breathtaking, once-in-a-lifetime photographs for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Opt For Shaded Locations

There are dozens of spots to take photos on the cruise ship. One of the most often used cruise photography ideas is outside in the sun. While this may seem like the perfect place to capture the beauty of your surroundings, there are a few things you should take into consideration. 

One of those problems with taking photographs in the sunshine is that you're going to squint. Shaded eyes can ruin a perfectly good photo. 

Try to take a picture away from those harsh rays of the sun. Find an angle that allows you to have wide-open eyes. Your photo will turn out much more natural if you don't have to worry about squinting from the sun. 

Use the Rule of Thirds

Your composition is a very important part of capturing the perfect photography on cruises. Following the rule of thirds can be a very important factor in your photos looking their best. Following this rule allows you to add structure to your photographs. 

What the rule of thirds is is looking at your composition as if it is a grid. Fill your frame by taking in your main image and the background that supports it. Be sure to consider what is around the subject and have it fill two-thirds of the photograph. 

When you do this with your photos it gives the eye more to look at. Your picture doesn't feel as if there is dead space, which makes your picture less appealing. When having a cruise photoshoot, keeping the rule of thirds in mind enhances your snapshots. 

Opt for Natural Night

Yes, the flash on your camera is perfect for when an image is too dark. Yet when the option is there, natural light should always be your main source of lighting. Before you ever consider the best poses on cruise ships, you want to make sure that the pictures aren't over or under-exposed. 

Natural light always enhances your photos. It takes away the worry of harsh yellows or oranges putting a film over your photos. Always try to test the camera before you take the final photograph. 

Lighting is a big deal no matter where you're taking photos. Making sure your lighting is correct and looks good will give you the best-looking photos and memories of your cruise. The last thing you want is for photos to turn out too dark or not light enough. 

Look for Fun Settings

If you want photos that reflect the time you've had, scout your settings. Cruise family picture ideas will be the most reflective of your trip if you take them in locations that remind you of your adventures. You want to be able to explain the setting and the memory that goes along with your photos. 

Look for location settings that speak to your family. Take pictures in front of the beautiful landscapes or even right outside of your favorite spot. These types of locations will remind you of the vacation you've taken and the memories that your family has made. 

It is also an asset to look for locations that pop with excitement. Maybe you've seen a fun door or a neat-looking pool that would make the perfect backdrop for those cruise family picture ideas. 

Frame Your Shots for Fun

Quirky photographs are always the way to go. They add to the photographs and give you something to laugh at and remember. This is something you want to keep in mind when your family is posing for photos. 

Take pictures in those special spots or even create some interesting looks for your family cruises. Small cruise ships can supply the best forms of photo opportunities for you and whomever you're with for your vacation. 

Give Your Photos Meaning

Tell a story with your photos! It doesn't matter if you are on an adult-only travel adventure or if they are full-on family cruises; memories are important to capture. You want to make sure that your pictures tell a story and that you know what was going on when you took them. 

Being able to tell a story with your photos makes your pictures stand out and special. Take a photo of that drink that you loved. Capture the sunset that you can't stop thinking about. 

Being in the moment and taking photos that make you remember that feeling and what you were doing make for some of the best memories and tales about your trip. Photos such as these are great reminders of your adventures and just how much fun you've had on the ship. 

Cruise Photography is Wonderful for Adult-only Travel and Family Cruises

Regardless of who is part of your travel adventure, these are photographs you're going to want to hold onto for years to go. Make sure that yours reflects the time that you've had and what you've gotten to see and explore during your vacation. Cruise photography is a snapshot of those memories you want to hold onto and share for ages.

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