A Guide to Cruising Through Prince William Sound

Are you looking for a unique trip but don't want to have to plan every detail by yourself? A cruise may be the answer!

A Prince William Sound glacier cruise is a safe and exciting way to see the wondrous landscape and seascape of Alaska's southern coast. Teeming with wildlife, glaciers, and history, Prince William Sound is a must-see bucket list location.

Don't miss out on everything Prince William Sound has to offer. Read on now to find out why you should consider a 7-night Alaska glacier cruise for your next trip!

Where is Prince William Sound?

Prince William Sound is an inlet located on the southern coast of Alaska. It's detached from the Gulf and accessible from the ocean.

Prince William Sound is surrounded by several barrier islands, such as Knight Island and Hichinbrook Island. It's home to many fjords, waterfalls, and wildlife.

Spectacular sights are waiting for those adventurers brave enough to kayak through the sound! For others, a cruise is a perfect way to absorb the natural beauty of the sound from the comfort of a heated deck.

Things to See and Do There

The list of incredible sights located in and around Prince William Sound is long. There are around 150 stunning glaciers within 10,000 square miles of protected waterways.

The waters are rich with marine wildlife. A few of the animals you can expect to see while cruising through Prince William sound are...

  • Humpback and Orca Whales
  • Porpoises
  • Sea Lions
  • Sea Otters
  • Seals

There are 30 different species of land animals living in the surrounding coastlines and rainforests. Some of the land animals you can expect to see are...

  • Black and Brown Bears
  • Moose
  • Mountain Goats
  • Dall Sheep
  • Over 220 species of birds

Cities & Towns

The small cities of Valdez and Cordova are nearest to Prince William Sound. They offer historical museums, harbors, and quaint, village atmospheres.

Whittier is also nearby and is worth a visit. It has around 200 residents, most of whom live in a single apartment building!

Whittier is a great place to start many Prince William Sound adventures from. It is known as the gateway to Prince William Sound.

All of these cities have hiking trails and hidden regional treasures. Prince William Sound tours are available from each city.

Prince William Sound Glacier Cruise

A wonderful way to take in all the sights and visit the nearby cities is to take a glacier cruise! Prince William Sound has so much to see that you should consider a 7-night Alaska glacier cruise.

A 7-night Alaska glacier cruise, like this one, includes farm-to-table gourmet meals and adventuring around the Chenega, Tigertail, and Tiger glaciers. If Prince William Sound weather is cooperating, you can even kayak to a cove within the shoreline.

This cruise also brings you aground to the nearby cities we spoke of and directs you to walking tours. There are many options for water, such as kayaking, skiffing, or paddle boarding.

It's a great way to see all Prince William Sound has to offer without having to plan your itinerary, lodging, and meals.

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The beauty of Prince William Sound's glaciers, waterfalls, and wildlife awaits your arrival. Consider a Prince William Sound glacier cruise to accommodate your wants and needs for your trip.

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