5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Trip With Friends

Did you know that Americans spent around $144 billion on international travel in 2019?

Taking a vacation is something that millions of Americans look forward to each year. What could be better than dropping work, packing your bags, and setting off on an unforgettable small ship cruise adventure?

Doing all that with your best friends, of course! In this article we'll explain 4 common mistakes to avoid when going on a trip with friends - helping you book an adventure of a lifetime.

Read on to learn more about what not to do when planning a trip with friends. 

1. Forgetting to Communication

When it comes to arranging any sort of group activity, communication is key. This is especially important when it comes to holiday planning. If you want to have a great time as a team, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page from the off.

Sit down as a group and discuss what each of you wants from your trip. Hopefully, your friend group has similar interests, so aligning on the key issues shouldn't be hard. If your friend group includes people with different interests or ability levels, you'll want to make sure there's something for everyone to do.

Here are a few things you'll need to discuss before going on a trip with friends:

  • Destination
  • Budget and holiday finances
  • Schedule and timeframe
  • Activities
  • Food preferences or restrictions
  • Emergency contacts

One great way to maintain a clear channel of communication is with a group chat. You can use popular apps such as Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger to stay in touch with each travel companion and make plans for your trip. That way, nobody will feel left out of the planning process.

2. Not Setting a Realistic Budget

When it comes to planning holidays with friends, holiday finances are a crucial part of the process. Realize that not everybody has the same financial clout or spare money to spend on a holiday. Plus, discussing these issues can prove awkward.

As a rule, you should try to agree on a daily budget per person. That's not to say you can't spend a little more on yourself if you feel like it, but make an agreement on primary costs. Figure out how much each person will need to save to make the holiday plan a reality before you depart.

There's nothing worse than going on holidays with friends only to run out of money, but when you cruise with a small ship cruise where everything is all inclusive and there are no extra costs. This means no worry about extras or pulling out your wallet. 

Be realistic and set aside enough money for a contingency if things go wrong. It's always a good idea to have a safety net as part of your holiday planning.

3. Smudging the Itinerary

When you're going on a trip, it's natural to want a full and jam-packed holiday experience. However, with group holidays, it's easy to overload the itinerary - leading to travel fatigue, short tempers, and even spats between group members.

However, it doesn't have to be that way. With a little teamwork and sensibility, you can work together to design an itinerary that suits your group down to the ground. Take into account the interests, abilities, and ages of the group when building a list of things to do and see.

Remember - it's okay to do different things. If half your group are elite cyclists and the other half just want to sunbathe, split the group between the hills and the pool for a day or two. Then, you can all meet up for a delicious meal at sunset.

By communicating with each other and being honest about your expectations, you can make an itinerary that leaves each member of the group satisfied and

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Going on a trip with friends hinges on clear communication, realistic budgeting, balanced itineraries, and shared responsibilities.

By openly discussing preferences, setting budgets, and crafting an itinerary that accommodates everyone's interests, you'll ensure a harmonious and memorable adventure.