10 Reasons Your UnDad Will Love an UnCruise

  1. Nobody borrowing money – everything is included and prepaid!

UnDad can leave his wallet in his drawer – everything is prepaid. All food and beverages, alcoholic or not, are included. No asking if it’s ok to book snorkeling – there’s no extra charge! No figuring out a taxi – transfer cost is included. All of the taxes, permits, all that good stuff is paid before you board. The only thing we don’t automatically include is the gratuity, because we want you to have control over that. Even there, though, if UnDad wants to prepay it, you can!

  1. No chores or honey-do lists – our awesome crew does it all.

While you are out hiking, kayaking, skiffing, whale watching, birding, paddle boarding – choose your own adventure – we will take care of all the boring parts. Our friendly helpful staff, from the captain to the dishwasher, are there to help. No cooking or washing dishes – no making the bed (unless you really want to, I guess, “you do you”). We are there with a smile to take your order, from your entrée choices to your cocktails to your adventure order.  

  1. No lawn to mow – let the wilderness stay wild!

Our adventures are in the great outdoors and emphasize time in the wilderness. Every week is different, with Mother Nature in charge. We will bushwhack – hiking where there are no trails – about as far from a mown lawn as you can get! Every day we look to see what nature provides, always understanding that unlike in our own backyards, here we are not in charge.

  1. No internet or phones – focus on family time

How many times has your UnDad told the family to “put down your phones” or “get off the computer for a while, guys”! They will love a week with us because we are unplugged. This is a very purposeful decision on the part of our Founder and CEO, Captain Dan Blanchard. It is important that we as people connect with each other IRL (in real life), face to face, and that we look up and around us to connect with nature. Take the day and hour and the moment as it comes. We have a satellite phone on board for emergencies, so your family can reach you if it is crucial.

  1. NO TIES

Just what every dad wants, another tie, right?! On an UnCruise Adventure, there won’t be any need for those. We are casual attire all day and all night. No bathing suits in the dining room, and please wear shoes. That’s about it! Nobody cares what you look like – they care who you are and the stories that you tell. Clothes should be appropriate for the weather, no more no less. (For hints in that regard, see our blogs on what to pack).

  1. Couples bonding experience in a kayak

As mentioned under #4, an UnCruise is about family time and bonding with your travel partners. One of the most entertaining ways to do that is with a tandem kayak. Every week we offer Kayak 101 classes for folks who have never kayaked or want a refresher. All our kayaks are tandem (two person) kayaks with a rudder. It can take a bit of trial and error to get the hang of it, which can be fun for the novices, or at least for their travel companions cheering them on! It’s no wonder that some of our most popular tees say Love is Surviving a Kayak Adventure Together”. 😜

  1. Hot tub for any middle-aged joints after an awesome hike

All the Alaska, Pacific Northwest, and River cruises include hot tubs for soaking. This is awesome after a polar plunge, of course, or a long hike in damp forests. Imagine watching the northern lights in a hot tub with a drink in hand. That could be your UnDad!

  1. Peace And Quiet

Leaves in a forest with sun shining through

Whether it is a houseful of noisy kids and pets or a busy stressful office environment, maybe crazy traffic – a lot of UnDads are desperately seeking a little peace and quiet. There is a peacefulness that comes from sailing far from cities and other tourists. Lift your paddle and glide in a kayak … all you can hear is the call of birds and the sound of a waterfall nearby. No city lights to block your view of the stars. Now, there will be laughter and stories aplenty – but the opportunities for peace and quiet are always there.

  1. Awesome desserts and cocktails

Meringue dessert

When we are aboard, we eat like hobbits! Early riser breakfast, full hot breakfast, lunch, 3pm cookies, 5pm hors d oeuvres at happy hour, and three course dinner every night. We have a pastry chef onboard every boat, so the desserts at lunch and dinner (and the aforementioned cookies) are always ah-mazing. The chef is happy to create vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free desserts for everyone who lets us know in advance that they need or want them. The bar tenders are all fun and love a challenge. Try a different creation every night if you like! Interested in local brews? The bartender can put together a flight for you. All included.

  1. New people to listen to their UnDad jokes


Funny crew member with mud on his face

Probably ‘nuff said. Our crew are so friendly and happy to help that they will even laugh at your UnDad’s jokes … at least the first two or three times.  😊