10 Reasons to Break Up With Boring and Choose to UnCruise

  1. No waiting in line

Cartoon people standing in line

Waiting in line is totally boring.  Whether it’s at a big resort or on a big cruise ship, there’s a lot of waiting. Wait for dinner. Wait for a tender to go ashore. Wait to talk with the concierge. Who needs it? Small ship adventures have between 22 and 84 guests, MAX. The expedition guides come to you during happy hour to take your adventure order for the next day. No line there. We take small groups of 12 or fewer at a time – no waiting there. Give up on waiting.

  1. No compromises on food

Crab Legs Dinner

Sometimes to get one thing you want, you have to compromise and give up something else. You want to get out in nature, but who wants to eat dehydrated camping food or hot dogs at the lodge? Not if you have a choice! UnCruise adventures take you out into nature without roads, but you come back to locally and sustainably sourced gourmet food – land, sea, and vegetarian options – every day.  

  1. No nickel and diming – do everything you want

Family kayakers in Alaska

Don’t you hate seeing those daily fees at hotels? Or booking the big ship cruises to find out that the activities from the boat all cost extra, are capacity controlled, and must be booked months in advance? Restrictions and fees do not add to the fun of your vacation! An UnCruise Adventure says do it all. Kayak. Snorkel. Stand up Paddle Board. Go Whale Watching. Hike the Tongass, Olympic National Park, Hualalai Volcano, or the Curu National Wildlife Refuge. All of it is included in your fare.

  1. No inside cabins or garden view hotel rooms

Man photographing wife in front of Baja Sunset

To get the best prices onboard a big ship cruise, you might choose an inside cabin. You have no window – you might as well be in a hotel. In a hotel, you might get parking lot view or look onto another building. BORING! UnCruise’s small ships are all outside cabins with ocean view and private bathrooms. No boring views!

  1. No dress code

Laughing guest with Alaska mud mask

Who wants to deal with dressing for dinner? Heels, skirts, ties, bling – leave it all at home. Leave your curling iron too. An UnCruise Adventure is about real people doing amazing things all day and coming home to crash at night. We care about who you are, not how you look. 

  1. Flexible Itineraries

Humpback whales bubble net feeding

You want to see and do a lot, but “if it’s Tuesday, it must be London” is not for our crowd. You won’t see the same things as everyone else. The itinerary itself is subject to change based on wildlife, weather, and whim. If something cool is going on – whales feeding and breaching; a raft of otter; a lot of glacial ice in the water at this glacier as opposed to that; the perfect conditions for kayaking – that is what we are going to do that day. Captain and Expedition team are always on the lookout for wildlife and the best activity options for that specific day. Never the same thing twice. Never boring.

  1. Kayak to Glaciers and Waterfalls

 Alaska kayakers

Looking at glaciers from the height of 10 decks above the water? Looking at whales or bears through binoculars? Watching all the beautiful waterfalls and forests sail by your balcony? BORING! Our adventurers kayak through glacial ice. Search for whales and bears from a 12 passenger inflatable skiff. Hike through untamed wilderness. We don’t watch the world sail by.


  1. Summer Camp for Adults

Two hikers on Ridge with view Baja

UnCruisers call our adventurers “summer camp for adults with friends you never knew”. We offer all the best toys to play all day in the wilderness. Snorkel gear, hiking poles, kayaks, paddle boards, we’ve got it. Expedition team heads deep into the forest, along a desert ridge, or up the side of a volcano. Always several cool options and activities. Every day.

  1. Always fun Never Boring Crew

Pastry chef with volcano cake

Our crew are the best in the business. Not only are the educated, certified, and trained in all types of safety and local lore. They are engaging, enthusiastic, encouraging people. They are fun! Even the amazing desserts are fun. You might see turtle milk bread treats in Hawaii, a volcano cake with lava, or glacier cake in Alaska. Everyone from the captain to the pastry chef loves the job, and it shows.

  1. Make new friends that last a lifetime

Friends on top deck

Whether you are solo, a couple, or bringing the whole family, a big part of the UnCruise Adventures experience is the people that you meet. On a small ship, you will meet everyone. The other travelers share your love of nature, adventure, and the world around you. They hail from all over the United States and the world. After helping each other through a bushwhack, applauding their polar plunge, or learning photography tips from each other, friendships are made. It’s very common for guests to decide to travel together on their next adventure. Having new friends to play with is never boring.