4 Top Reasons Why an Alaska Cruise is the Perfect Family Vacation

If you're planning a family vacation, you must consider the ages and interests of everyone involved. Depending on how many family members travel with you, this can seem like a monumental undertaking.

Just like every child is different, each member's tastes will differ. But with an Alaska family cruise, you can plan your vacation with all the necessary elements to ensure everyone has a delightful experience.

There is something genuinely special about taking children on an Alaskan cruise. Alaska radiates natural serenity from stunning and picturesque scenery, providing guests with much to see, ranging from orcas and other whale species to glaciers and icy mountaintops.

An Alaska family cruise from UnCruise Adventures provides a unique opportunity that spouses and children will love. If you've been looking for a vacation that will delight children and grandparents alike, look no further. A family cruise to Alaska offers something for everyone, with a broad spectrum of leisurely activities and unique educational experiences.

Why Choose Alaska Family Cruises?

Aside from the breathtaking aesthetics, the best Alaskan cruise for families provides a field education in nature and the environment. Alaska family cruises traverse million-year-old landscapes, including fjords, inlets filled with orcas, and the open water where various whale species might appear at any time.

Although some vacationers may choose the sunny beaches of the Caribbean, no cruise destination can display the biodiverse array of flora and fauna in a weeklong cruise other than Alaska.

Multi-Generational Appreciation

Many people think of cruising as either being for an older, retired demographic or the younger generation's party scene during spring break. While this isn't true of all cruise lines or destinations, Alaska family cruises break this common misconception, representing virtually every demographic onboard.

Cruisers and tourists worldwide consider Alaska a bucket list destination. However, they shouldn't wait until the end of their life to experience the spectacular area. Children brimming with curiosity can appreciate the grand scale of watching glaciers calve. In contrast, parents and grandparents capture the awe-inspiring impact of these young ones observing their first whale breach.

It isn't uncommon to find up to three separate generations taking an UnCruise Adventures family cruise to Alaska. We encourage bringing the kids, grandparents, and whoever else will appreciate the beauty and experiences Alaska has to offer.

Alaska checks numerous boxes for individuals of various activity levels in addition to points of interest and education for all ages. If you're looking to plan your next family vacation, consider taking a cruise to Alaska with your family.

Access to Natural Ice and Wildlife

Family members can literally reach out and touch icebergs and even witness brown bears fishing in local waterways. Alaska family cruises get up close and personal with nature.

Children will be in awe of Alaska's abundant glowing blue glaciers and wild animals patrolling their environment. They'll hardly realize they're learning all about Alaska's rich wildlife and environment as they relax on the comfortable cruise ship.

Some travelers may want the rush of coming across a moose or bear while hiking on the trail. While this is arguably a more thrilling experience, viewing wildlife from the comfort of a ship deck with friends and loved ones is equally thrilling for the less adventurous and able.

The best Alaskan cruise for families offers a rare chance to educate the young and old about Alaska's stunning natural beauty, providing insights on what to observe and be aware of.

Experience the Midnight Sun

The midnight sun phenomenon is where the sun remains visible at or after midnight, occurring during the summer in regions residing north of the Arctic Circle (or South of the Antarctic Circle).

Less than one-third of Alaska lies above the Arctic Circle. However, even parts of the state that fall outside the "midnight sun" zone still experience exceptionally long summer days—some days providing more than 17 hours of sunlight.

Alaskans take advantage of these extra daylight hours with many outdoor activities running past 8 p.m., including teeing off for a round of golf at 10 p.m. during the longest summer days.

Alaska Won't Stay the Same Forever

Global warming is a real worldwide threat we all face. Alaska gives us many natural treasures, including sprawling forestry and iconic glacier landscapes. As our climate continues warming, in turn, Alaska's landscape changes.

Visitors to Alaska can see signposts near large Alaskan glaciers denoting where glaciers used to sit with nearly 200 feet between the posts, outlining how fast the glaciers recede. Climate change affects not only ice but Alaskan wildlife in the air, land, and sea as well.

Today is the time to take an Alaskan cruise and cultivate a memorable experience for the entire family. We don't know what the environment might look like in a few short years. Alaskan family cruises offer an excellent opportunity to get as close to the remaining environment as possible.

Create the Family Trip of a Lifetime

A family vacation can take on an entirely new meaning when traveling with multiple generations. Add in the one-of-a-kind experience that only observing the awe-inspiring and everchanging landscape of Alaska can provide, and you can create a genuinely memorable family trip. No matter how often we tour Alaska at UnCruise, we find new sights and fun Alaskan adventures that the entire family will appreciate.

Alaska is a unique state with numerous adventurous activities that can get the adrenaline pumping. Nonetheless, those less willing or less able don't need to leave the ship to observe many of the state's wonders firsthand. An Alaska family cruise from UnCruise Adventures gives you the chance to see natural wonders like whales, eagles, moose, bears, and glaciers from the comfort of your cruise ship.

UnCruise Adventures takes pride in helping all generations experience and appreciate the marvels of Alaska. To learn more about an Alaska family cruise with our team, including our Juneau Tours, contact our dedicated professionals today for additional information.