Small Boat Adventure Company Takes Their Onboard Giftshops Virtual for Improved Guest Experience

SEATTLE, WA. November 23rd, 2020.  – The leading small boat adventure company, UnCruise Adventures, announces a new online shopping experience to engage more travelers at home. The just-launched boutique offers custom gifts and gear previously only available on their exclusive adventure itineraries. The giftshop collections include an ever-changing, fresh mix of outdoor and casual gear that their guests crave. The company states that additional items will be coming for the holiday season. Shoppers can browse limited items at along with early access Black Friday deals available to both U.S. and overseas consumers. The company is dedicating 10% of online gift sales to a relief grant for their foreign-based crew and vendors who have been affected by the pandemic and loss of tourism. 

“We are always listening and learning from our guests,” states company owner and CEO, Dan Blanchard. “We are on a mission to relentlessly improve our guest experience and constantly innovate. This is a simple way to do that at a time when our guests can’t come to us.” 

The evolving travel experience has created new opportunities for brands to engage with their guests and adapt to the pandemic. UnCruise Adventures understands the actions they take now will prepare them for a strong future. This includes solid health safety standards, company restructuring, traveler surveys, and strong outreach to guests and future adventurers. As technology comes front and center for the travel industry and more virtual access is expected, UnCruise Adventures provides more of what their guests expect. 

According to the brand, guests have been asking for options to continue their connection with an online experience. Keepsakes and souvenirs have long been at the heart of travel and this is a perfect complement to allow guests to bring their adventure memories home. 

“This is a time to rethink everything. We are not content with just waiting out the pandemic. We are evolving and providing more access points for our guests to stay in touch and stay inspired for future travel. We are excited to offer this new shopping experience.” shares Blanchard. 

The site debuts collections for everyone, including ladies, men’s, kids, footwear, accessories, and pets. Visit to shop online or request customization individual items. Shoppers can share their new finds online with #DreamBigShopSmall 

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Media contact:  Liz Galloway | UnCruise Adventures    

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UnCruise Adventures’ is a responsible travel and adventure leader in the small boat industry. They operate boutique yachts and small boats carrying 22-86 guests on voyages in Alaska, Hawaiian Islands, Mexico’s Sea of Cortés, Columbia & Snake Rivers, coastal Washington, Galápagos, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, and Colombia. In 2019, UnCruise Adventures was picked as the top adventure cruise line by Cruise Critic. Travel & Leisure readers also named UnCruise Adventures in its World’s Best Awards and its list of top 10 small ship ocean cruise lines three years in a row. UnCruise Adventures is a member of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and the Transformational Travel Council.