What to Pack for Your Galapagos UnCruise

You are confirmed on your UnCruise for the Galapagos, congratulations! There is nothing like the wildlife and unspoiled nature of the Galapagos. You are smart to be grabbing the opportunity now! You chose the perfect itinerary, boat, and cabin for you. You’re fully vaccinated, tested, and raring to go. Now, what’s on the packing list?



For your clothes, think layers. In the Galapagos, you will mostly want short sleeves or tanks, but if you get too much sun (or want to prevent getting too much sun), a long sleeve option is a great idea. You will want a pair of shoes for hiking and a pair of shoes that you don't mind getting wet. Swim suit is a must of course! Wide brimmed hat, also a very good idea. The sun in lower latitudes is much stronger than it is in Seattle, Minneapolis, or New York. We will have reef-safe sunscreen on board. Be sure that if you bring any of your own, you check that it is reef safe. Avoid cotton in general for an active vacation. Clothes made from wicking fabrics or wool do a better job at handling sweat, splash, and rain. You won’t need any fancy clothes or dress shoes – what you wear during the day is just fine for meal times.  

There are no laundry services on board for the 7-night cruises, so you will wear the same clothes more than once. And THAT IS OKAY. Nobody is going to look at you funny. We have no dress code other than to dress for the conditions.

You have clothes covered. What else? You will find binoculars, walking sticks, and water bottles to borrow onboard, so no need to pack those. Bring your camera and all of the cards, charging wires, etc. that you need for it. Latin America is stunning and you will take some of the best pictures of your life there. If you want to use a laptop computer to store and edit photos, by all means, but be aware that we are UNPLUGGED. Never fear, there are outlets in your cabin. But the Wifi is very limited and you are unlikely to have cellular service. Part of the experience is to connect to the people you are traveling with and to nature. Connect back to the world at large when you get back to port. Instead, bring a good book or a movie to watch before turning in at night.

The most important things to pack take up no space in your suitcase. Bring an open mind and heart. Don’t forget your curiosity, willingness to try new things, and patience. Kindness and respect for the places that we go, the creatures that we see, and the people that we travel with are mandatory.