Reimagining Travel - Inspiring Videos Make You Want to Travel

It seems like it's always showtime onboard whether we're cruising icy straits or warm waters, wildlife abounds and we are immersed in adventure from sunrise to sunset. We also cover some serious ground island hopping in Hawaii or exploring cove to cove in Southeast Alaska. Of course, we love capturing it all with photos and videos that will keep the thrill of those memories alive! At the same time, we are all taking it at a slower pace these days and reimaging travel for the future. If you've sailed with us before chances are you have some of your own memories to share and if you're getting ready for your bucket-list trip with us you are in for something different - the beauty of small boats. In the meantime, we couldn't help but share some of our favorite videos to ignite your wanderlust. Stay inspired friends, we are ready to welcome you back in 2021!

It's always a good day to chat with our owner and CEO, Dan Blanchard as he shares what it's like running a small boat business, working through many changes and his lifelong love of the sea. Enoy the video below as one of our first behind the scenes chats  with him and plenty more to come. 

Sometimes all you need are a few moments of solitude out on the deck with a hot cup of coffee or connecting with new friends as you share daily stories. This is a place where the guides and crew know you by name and it’s not long before you and your shipmates are on a first-name basis. Be ready for discovery, connection, and laughter—meeting fellow adventurers over shared experiences. You may find yourself miles away daydreaming as you gaze out at nature's bounty or watching pods of dolphins and whales explore our boat. This video inspires us to keep travel in mind and look towards the future.  


Our expedition staff is a pretty talented team. We may be biased, but we always look for the best and their vast and deep experience with an impressive collection of advanced degrees in everything from fungi to geology tells the story. We know you'll love them too and be inspired by their infectious attitudes and enthusiasm on board. Listen to some of our team in this inspiring authentic Alaska adventure video. No doubt it will leave you wanting more!


We love beautiful remote places, and we love sharing them with you even more. Each of our experiences are different and customized to get the most out of each destination along with all of it's rewards. Scenes like impossibly blue ice against the backdrop of thousands of green trees covering the mountainsides is a scene that our guests will not soon forget. Travel videos are what happens when you take the world's most beautiful places and add the UnCruise dedication to adventure.

This is one way to reimagine travel but it's only the first step. Next it's time to get out there yourself. Check out our special offers and keep dreaming. You can see all of our videos on our YouTube Channel.