Why International Travelers Should UnCruise for Your 2022 Adventure

  1. Safety is priority 1

Safety of our guests and crew has always been priority number one. 100% of guests and crew must be vaccinated, including booster shot, for all our adventures. We stay on top of federal and local conditions and regulations and match our policy to those conditions. Currently, pre cruise testing has been dropped as a requirement to board, and while masks are encouraged, they are no longer required. Should conditions change, policy will adjust as well. Our crew is trained in safety of all kinds, from ship logistics to wildlife safety to remote wilderness first aid. You are safe with us.

Crew of Safari Voyager



  1. Top value with all-inclusive adventures

You’re planning a long international trip. You have plenty of planning to do. Stop the mail, the milk, and the paper deliveries. Set up the dog sitter. Renew your passport (be sure it’s valid for 6 months after your scheduled return date!). Choose an adventure that is all-inclusive so that expenses and day-to-day planning are NOT on your to-do list.

Once you choose your adventure and make your payments, leave to work to us. Meals are included, and you can expect to eat as often as a hobbit! Early riser breakfast; hot breakfast; lunch that includes fresh dessert; hot cookies at 3; appetizers and cocktail hour at 5; three course dinner with land, sea, and vegetarian options (or go half-and-half).

Free open bar all day from mimosas in the morning to brandy at night if you like. Or challenge our bartenders to whip up amazing mocktails, they love that too!

Free activities every day, and you don’t have to choose any further in advance than the night before. No getting locked into prepaid excursions 90 days in advance. Choose from options of different skill and interest levels, land or sea. Or if you want a nap and a book with a glass of wine, that’s great too. It’s up to you.

Free activity gear use during the week – kayaks, stand up paddle boards, snorkel gear, walking poles, water bottles, rubber boots in Alaska.

Free transfers between airport and check in on embarkation and disembarkation days.  

  1. Adventure in 7 countries

You’ve been stuck at home for over two years – your bucket list is calling. There are so many places that you want to go! With one company you can adventure in 7 countries – United States (Alaska, Pacific Northwest, Columbia & Snake Rivers, and Hawaii), Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, and the Galapagos! (with a post tour to Machu Picchu, you can add Peru for 8!) UnCruise’s Loyalty and Next Adventure programs give you higher and higher savings with each trip – so it’s good to have options to stick with one company to rack those savings up!

Capuchin Monkey
  1. Visit 12, 14, 21 days or longer

International travelers from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Europe often have four or more weeks to spend on their adventures. You’ve come so far – you want to see as much as possible! UnCruise offers two-week adventures in Alaska to explore even farther. Add on the Denali & Talkeetna Wilderness Rail Adventure to see the interior, and you have three weeks! We also offer pre and post cruise hotel options in all destinations, as well as land packages in other destinations such as Machu Picchu, Arenal Volcano & Monteverde Rainforest in Costa Rica, Gatun Lake & Historic Panama City, and Chaa Creek in Belize.

Bushwhacking in Alaska


  1. Visit multiple destinations back-to-back

Our Adventure Specialists are experts at putting together extended package itineraries with multiple destinations. Our Cruise Combo Packages page gives some great examples, but tell us which destinations you are interested in, and we will help you put it together! Pacific Partners starts in the Pacific Northwest and then launches off to the Hawaiian Islands. Or, start with that Pacific Northwest itinerary and head south to Mexico – Orca to Whale Sharks. Best Adventures North and South starts in Alaska’s Great Land and then adds Mexico’s Sea of Cortes. Hawaii and Alaska? Pacific Northwest and Rivers? Absolutely!

Hiking on Hurricane Ridge in Washington
  1. Truly see the places you traveled so far to visit

Cruise ships can take you to Alaska, Hawaii, or Mexico. But all you will see on the big ships is shopping, the tourist spiel, and the casino and restaurants on board. Would you rather see glaciers from hundreds of feet away, or from a kayak? See talks about bears or go hiking through Chichagof island while shouting “Heeeey, bear!” to be sure you don’t startle one? Don’t go whale-watching on a crowded tour boat. Take a skiff with 10 people at sunrise looking for baby humpbacks or the local pod of orca. You can certainly pick up souvenirs at the port where you embark. During the week, focus on the places, the people and creatures, and the world at ground level.

Kayakers near bear family
  1. See the last great places while they are pristine

A key reason to adventure from a small ship is to be able to reach places from the water that are very difficult or impossible to reach from land. This lets you see some of the remaining pristine wilderness areas. Kayak near retreating Alaskan glaciers. Hike through old growth forest in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. Snorkel with sea lions, whale sharks, green sea turtles, Galapagos penguins - maybe even an elusive manatee in Belize.

Kayaking through glacial ice
  1. Authentic local experiences

Any company can book you a flashy luau. UnCruise takes you to the home of a family that has lived in Molokai’s Halawa Valley for 50 generations. Learn about planting taro from a local. Hike private land through tropical rainforest to a waterfall seen by very few. Cap the day with a pa’ina feast cooked by locals based on the food her parents and grandparents cooked for celebrations.

In Guatemala, visit with local Garifuna people and explore their culture in story and song. In Belize, visit the Kekchi Mayan Women’s Bakery and a women’s health clinic.

In Alaska, explore totem parks in Ketchikan or Sitka, by all means. But go farther. Sit in the Chief Shakes Tribal House in Wrangell and learn the tools of the trade that built the house. Meet Joe Williams, known as Ka Xesh X’e in his native language, for a walking tour of Ketchikan full of storytelling from Tlingit oral history.  

  1. Summer camp for adults

UnCruise Adventures are thorough, expert learning experiences, and a great value. But they are also FUN. We describe what we do as summer camp for adults (though kids and teens love us too!). Learn by doing. Taste the seaweed and berries that Alaskans forage.

Feel the spray from the waterfall you kayaked right up to – and the chill from a glacier – and how soft the moss is underfoot. See tiny flowers and enormous whales. Our crew are the best in the business. They are knowledgeable, but also engaging and fun. They are encouragers and will do backflips to make sure that you get the most out of your trip.

Mid leap polar plunge
  1. Like-minded guests make friends for life

UnCruisers are a diverse group from all walks of life and all over the world. We are encouragers. We are explorers. Meet teachers, first responders, scientists, students, businesspeople. But travelers all. UnCruisers live life hands on. Our crew are amazing, the gourmet food is top-notch. But the best thing is the people that you meet. Conversation over dinner or a glass of wine in the lounge may range from photography discussions to geology to philosophy to arguments about the best seafaring movies of all time. It is very common for travelers to decide to take their next adventure together. One of the best parts of small ship travel is getting to know everyone and really connecting. It’s an experience unlike anything else.

Friends with warm drinks in Alaska