Galapagos Islands

7 Night Galapagos Cruise Adventures | May - Sept

The places you visit play a starring role throughout every journey, and planning your Galapagos cruise stops is equally important. While this list isn’t exhaustive of every nook-and-cranny you’ll explore along the way, we’ve included descriptions of key ports and places to help you get to know the wilderness areas, landmark locations, notable regions, and coastal towns relevant to this itinerary.

Dozens and dozens of three-feet-long iguanas pile up like sandbags. Watch your step. Wildlife in the Galápagos isn’t afraid to walk—or lie— around. And because these animals don’t encounter predators, they’re not afraid to get up close to you. Iguanas plop down on pathways and tortoises are in no hurry to get out of the way.

The Galápagos Islands belong to the animals. From millions of years ago to now, each island is filled with discoveries and its own endemic species. Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station for an inside peek at the conservation efforts of the giant tortoise. On Isla Floreana, paddle board alongside sea lions or stroll the white sand beaches as rays relax on the sea floor. Snorkel or kayak along Isla Isabela’s dramatic landscape of eroded tuff cones. Hike Isla Santa Cruz’s Dragon Hill, eyes peeled for
expert lounging land iguanas and maybe a flamingo or two. Download rates and dates PDF.



Darwin's Discoveries Galapagos 7 Nights

La Pinta
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What To Expect In The Galapagos

Ecuador welcomes with Spanish colonial architecture, though chances are you’re here for the wildlife. Get in a snorkel with green sea turtles or a guided amble past blue-footed boobies, flamingos, penguins, and iguanas. Darwin’s famed giant tortoises watch over their natural habitat reminding you that this is an ancient world—for you to explore.

Do it right! Darwin’s Discoveries goes from Guayaquil to seven islands of the Galapagos, boutique yacht style. Enjoy glass-bottom boats and beachcombing, kayaking, snorkeling with marine life. Adventures in Galapagos are active and inspiring. Plus there is plenty of wildlife. It’s why you came and better than you imagined. Check off animals from your Galapagos bucket list, and a few you’ve never even heard of. Wildlife is bigger, better and bolder in the Galapagos.





“Absolutely an enchanting adventure…. The cultural exchanges were our highlight: the sacred valley of Halawa; the fabulous dinner and entertainment at the museum; our encounters with spinner dolphins; a skiff ride to the turtle sanctuary; the snorkel experience off the Big Island; the taste of freshly cut pineapple; dance party on deck; magical double rainbows; stunning sunsets; the interesting people we met (crew members and passengers); the fun of sharing all our adventures with our friends….” 

Kathleen C., Sequim, WA

“Crew was very knowledgeable and diverse in their perspectives but all were extremely accommodating. Loved having the captain talk to us on her role and navigation logistics—she was impressive. … [The expedition leader] went above and beyond with making sure that I saw a hawksbill sea turtle (and I am terrified of the water!)... And I am so grateful! It was a lovely achievement for my 70th birthday.” 

Gail B., Burlington, IA


"When I got onboard, I soon met many returning passengers and I quickly saw why this is perfect! I love the flexibility of the schedule." — Rosalie M., Cincinnati, OH (2015)

Rosalie, M., Cincinnati OH


Safe Environment

our own bubble in the wild. And we’ll do our darndest to keep it that way. Prior to getting on board an UnCruise, precautions are taken to ensure guests and crew alike arrive healthy and the risk of spreading a bug is minimized during your cruise. Crew members are fastidious about cleaning and safety protocols. Check out our triple testing protocols.

Beauty of Small Boats

We go places others can't and get you up-close-and-personal with nature. No queuing up hoping to get in on the action or FOMO. There is room for everybody no matter how you choose to spend your time. Kicked back or go, go, go. Choose daily activities that fit your adventure level. Presentations from your expedition team can happen outside on deck or in the lounge. And on most boats, you can even listen in from your cabin. Check out the full experience.

Life on Board

Share a laugh and cocktail in the lounge with your new comrades. Chat up your captain and mates on the open bridge. Watch for wildlife or take a quiet moment on the bow. Time to enjoy comfortable adventure with like minded travelers and award winning itineraries and cuisine.