How to Make a Connection to Mokulele Airlines in Honolulu

When you get off your mainland flight to Honolulu, go through whatever security or COVID requirements are in place. Continue out of the terminal toward baggage claim. If you have checked your bag through to Molokai (MKK) then you do not need to pick up your bag – indeed it will not come on the baggage carousel. If you only checked it as far as HNL, then you will need to collect your bag. Continue out to the area where scheduled vans are picking people up outside of baggage claim. You want the Wiki-Wiki shuttle  that goes between terminals. This is on the first area – you don’t need to cross the street.

 WikiWiki Shuttle Honolulu Airport

Take this shuttle to terminal 3, gate H. Mokulele has its own building. Check in there. They will ask your weight and take your luggage if you have it with you. If you checked it all the way to MKK, then the airline that you flew in on will bring your bags to Mokulele.

Mokulele Terminal in Honolulu Airport

In Honolulu, the airline is run by Southern Airways Express. You will NOT find this airline on the overhead departures and arrivals. Don’t panic! Just go to the H terminal on the shuttle. You will island hop on a very small plane – the one we flew on was a Cessna (9 seats).

Mokulele Airplane

We were given seat assignments based on our weight to balance everything for the pilots. You really get a flight seeing trip out of this island hop! You are low enough to see the waves. Do bring your earphones or earplugs if you have them, as a small plane like these is quite loud. 

View from plane

When you land in Molokai, you will see the terminal building there, which is very small. Walk to the front of the building, and you will be met by a driver with an UnCruise sign and a big smile!

Molokai Airport From the Air