Coronavirus Travel Information

Working For a Safe Travel Future

We are exempt from the recent Canadian big ship cruise ban to Alaska, and our U.S.-based, U.S.-flagged, U.S.-crewed vessels have put initiatives in place to advocate for the betterment of small boat travel and its guests. Our UnCruise Adventures CEO, Dan Blanchard, has been the architect behind the formation of the U.S. Overnight Passenger Small-Boat Operators Coalition.

We can enjoy the outdoors again, perhaps in ways we never thought possible, if we work together and act prudently. Reasonable safety measures can largely mitigate risks with minimal impact on our activities together. While no travel policy can guarantee 100% protection, we are confident that our procedures significantly add to the safety of our guests and crew.

See all of our 2021 COVID-19 protocols for all destinations below. These are ever changing so please check back for more updates. *Updated March 2, 2021.

Covid-19 Protocols  

Prior To Departing Home
  • Vaccine – We emphatically encourage vaccines for all guests. These should be completed at least 1 week prior to your departure.

    We are encouraged by recent increases in vaccine distribution. Projections show that US citizens will likely be able to receive a vaccine by sometime in April. We will monitor the vaccine roll out and adjust our vaccine expectations accordingly. Crew will be vaccinated or have been in isolation prior to sailing.

  • Self-Isolation – Even if you have received your Covid-19 vaccination, all guests are highly encouraged to self-isolate for 10 days prior to departing home. Being a good shipmate is paramount to our mutual success.

  1. The Big 3 – The simple process of “Wash Your Hands, Wear A Mask, and Keep Your Distance” minimizes the spread of Covid-19 and other illnesses.
  • Covid-19 PCR Testing – Regardless of the vessel or destination, UnCruise Adventures requires all guests to receive a negative PCR test no sooner than three days prior to the day of embarkation. For example, guests with Saturday embarkations must test no sooner than Wednesday. Documentation is required to board our vessels.

    PCR tests usually require lab analysis, so plan accordingly and take the test within the proper window of time. If a guest lives in an area where COVID-19 PCR testing is infrequent and there are concerns about receiving test results in a timely manner, this link reviews a number of options for testing online: Travel and COVID 19 Testing Information.

  • Pack Well – Guests are expected to bring sufficient masks for the duration of the trip, but additional masks are available onboard. Do not forget to bring Covid-19 test results (printed or electronic).

While in Transit and Before Boarding
  1. The Big 3 – We reiterate the simple process of “Wash Your Hands, Wear A Mask, and Keep Your Distance” minimizes the spread of Covid-19 and other illnesses.
  1. Limit Contact – It is preferred that guests arrive at the destination airport on the day of departure. This helps to reduce exposure to others prior to boarding. If you do arrive prior to embarkation day, staying away from indoor areas and events that are attended by many people is wise.


  1. Testing Before Embarkation – As previously discussed, UnCruise Adventures requires guests to take a COVID-19 PCR test no sooner than three days prior to the day of embarkation. This protocol provides a high confidence level in the safety of our travel bubble.


What To Expect OnBoard
  • Hand Sanitizers – Everywhere! Please use them often.

  • Mask Use – Per US Federal mandate, guests and crew are required to wear masks whenever in the interior of the vessel or within 6 feet of others outside of their bubble. Consuming food, drinks, and cabin time are notable exceptions to this requirement. Masks may be requested at other times as the situation dictates.

    Hiking, beach walks, kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and most off vessel activities will not require masks if social distancing is honored.

  1. Temperature Readings – Crew members and guests will have their temperatures taken once every morning.
  • Sanitize Public Areas and Adventure Gear  – Crew sanitize touchpoints throughout the vessel at least every four hours. To the maximum extent possible, guests will be issued their own adventure and protective gear for use throughout the cruise (life jackets, boots, masks, etc.). Crew members will sanitize all common-use adventure and protective gear daily.

  • Dining Bubble – We encourage guests to dine with the same shipmates as much as possible.

  • Plated Meals - All buffets have been replaced with plated meals.

  • Table Spacing – Tables are now spaced to ensure physical distancing. Insofar as practical, guests may be placed on staggered eating schedules to further minimize the number of people in the dining room at any given time.

  • Safe Beverages and Snacks – Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be kept behind transmission barriers and passed to guests individually.

  • Increased Activity – Expect to see options for increased levels of off-vessel activities including longer kayaks and hikes with picnics ashore.

  • Presentations – When appropriate, evening presentations may take place on deck under the sun cover, or you may (depending on the boat’s capabilities) watch presentations from the comfort of your cabin.

  • The Big 3 – We never let our guard down. Even on the boat we will zealously remind each other of The Big 3 – “Wash Your Hands, Wear A Mask, and Keep Your Distance.”

*UnCruise has instituted a $97 Covid-19 service charge for each guest based on our protocols and associated costs for all Covid-19 enhanced protocols.

*Check this page often. Due to the increase in vaccine availability, advances in testing and guidance by regulators, we will be updating the protocols on this page as needed.

Destination Specific Information

Coronavirus Resources

Updated Coronavirus resources.

SEATAC: Coronavirus testing options for travelers around Seattle

WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak

WHO: Situation Dashboard

Global Rescue: Coronavirus Daily Updates COVID-19 Traveler Information

C-19 Locator Tool: National Testing Sites

Vault Health: COVID-19 At-Home Testing

* We do not endorse any specific testing site or option. This is for informational purposes.


Safety Is Our Priority

Travel Update FAQ's

Q. Will UnCruise Adventures be canceling cruises due to COVID-19?

Our 2020 sailing season was suspended. We restart operations in May 2021. In the case that there is a future suspension that affects you, either an UnCruise Adventures sales counselor or your travel advisor will notify you directly. We hope you are excited to join us onboard our small boat adventures when travel emerges and rapid testing is more widely available.

Q. Will our trip insurance protect us?
This is a decision determined by your insurance policyholder and not UnCruise Adventures. Most travel insurance providers are not offering the ability to cancel with a refund or approving claims for Coronavirus related fear of travel issues. We encourage you to reach out to your individual providers to confirm details.

Q. Will departures and protocols change?
This situation continues to be fluid, and we will constantly monitor developments as they arise and adapt accordingly. None of us can be certain of each outcome but we are confident in our ability to support our guests and crew while continuing to provide an unforgettable adventure on our small American-owned and -operated boats. See added safety protocols below.

Q. Who do we contact for more information?
You can reach an UnCruise sales counselor at or contact your travel advisor directly.

Q. What is the UnCruise Adventures pre-cruise and embarkation process for COVID-19?
Both domestically and internationally safety has always been at the forefront of what we do. For now, our comfort zone for return to travel is simple: Isolate, test, and use reasonable caution while aboard our vessels, including:

  • Completed pre-travel health questionnaires.
  • Required negative COVID-19 testing certificate presented pre-embarkation.
  • Pre-boarding screening protocols administered by our crew and denial of boarding to guests with:
    • Elevated temperatures.
    • Cold or flu-like symptoms.
    • Other symptoms of concern.
  • Uncruise managed pre-cruise transportation directly to our vessel. (Alaska only)
  • Arrival on the day of your departure/embarkation is requested. (Alaska only) Please enjoy Juneau/local communities after your small boat adventure.
  • Thorough crew health testing and evaluation.

Q. Are these onboard protocols for all UnCruise Adventures itineraries?
Yes, these health and safety protocols are currently required to minimize risk for all of our upcoming departures in 2021. We will continue to update the requirements for other itineraries as they are available.

Q. Where can I find more information and testing options?
We've provided links to testing options for reference. Prior to arrival, guests are encouraged to minimize contact and must complete a COVID-19 test that meets the entry requirements for UnCruise and the arrival state. We suggest guests test in accordance with the timeline required by the local destination. Upon arrival, passengers may be retested at the airport. Testing is required for all guests for our itineraries.

Coronavirus Updates

2020 Onboard Testing Results


On August 4, 2020, a guest aboard the Wilderness Adventurer received a positive COVID-19 test result from the State of Alaska. This was the guest’s second test following a negative test result provided upon boarding. A retest a couple of days later showed a negative result for the same guest. The Wilderness Adventurer returned to Juneau early and all guests were quarantined. At no time did guests or crew show any outward symptoms of any kind. All guests and crew were retested, at which time negative tests were returned and guests were greenlit by the State of Alaska to return home. You can see the full details and timeline in our recent press release. With months of preparation, we were still able to pivot quickly in response to this event.

The Outcome

  • Zero hospitalization.
  • Zero illness on board amongst guests and crew.
  • Zero spread of Covid-19.  
  • Canceled 10 weeks in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.  
  • Guests and crew had an outrageously fun time in the wilderness. Guests viewed this trip as a success, even in quarantine.  
  • All of our COVID-19 mitigation planning paid off and worked.

We wish to emphasize that UnCruise Adventures sees providing a safe and responsive environment for all travelers as imperative. All precautions were taken, as supported by public health authorities and interim guidelines. Subsequently, we have opted to cancel all future 2020 Alaska and Pacific Northwest departures.

If you are a member of the press or an inquiring journalist, we are happy to hear from you.

Please contact


What We Did That Worked

  • Guests were strongly encouraged to do 1-week isolation prior to departing to Alaska.
  • Crew testing before boarding vessel with 2-week isolation prior to boarding guests.
  • Provided 4 touchpoints, directly with guests, one month prior to the cruise. These touchpoints reinforced policy aboard and the need for the guest to be part of this success by isolating and traveling safe prior to boarding in Juneau.
  • Guests pre-arrival testing under 3 or 5-day Alaska criteria. Guests on a 5-day program retested in upon arrival in Juneau.
  • Encouraged guests to arrive on the day of boarding to minimize local contact upon arrival in Juneau.
  • Provided a private meeting area in Juneau as a “group bubble” while guests waited to board our adventure cruise.
  • No pre-boarding meetings. This helped reduce group activity.
  • Boarding by small groups of 1-6 people. This helped reduce group contact and provide better service.
  • Guests self-select dining partners for the week and created their own microbubble for the meals they would have aboard the ship.
  • Cut capacity from 60 to 36 (40% reduction). This made social distancing at meals and meetings of very easy to maintain.  
  • All normal COVID polices on masks, sanitation stations, physical distancing, 6/15 rule, no buffets, atomizing devices for cleaning, etc.  
  • Pre-boarding and daily temperature measurements were taken. Health questionnaire for all guests and crew.
  • Added Expedition staff in order to provide additional activities with small groups of 6-11 people. Expanded off vessel activities starting early and ending late in the day. These are small group outdoor events in open air. Often these adventures would span meal periods, so meals were packed with hiking, kayaking, and small boat adventures leaving fewer people on the boat.
  • No port calls of any kind or any outside touch points with other humans once aboard the boat.
  • Moved most crew out of crew quarters and into guest cabins that were not utilized. This reduced exposure of crew by having individual or double person rooms.
  • Set aside isolation rooms onboard the vessel.
  • Kept passageway doors to the exterior open to allow airflow. Also instructed guests on the value of opening cabin windows and spending leisure time on deck.
  • Kept cabin doors open after twice-daily cleaning. Sanitation rounds every 4 hours onboard.
  • Sneeze Guards installed at bar/lounge area.
  • Assigned life jackets and other adventure equipment to guests for the duration of the cruise.  
  • Added portable fans to the dining room, lounge, and passageways to move air.
  • Unique Alaska signage throughout vessel concerning the value of masks and social distancing.
  • Use of hot tub by family groups only.
  • Pre-arranged hotel rooms for guests in case we needed to isolate ashore. This allowed us to quickly move guests off the boat and away from the crew, reducing the opportunity for transmission.
  • Provided logo masks for interior use and buffs for use during activities off the boat.
  • Carried 100 COVID -19 testing kits aboard the vessel.
  • Created COVID-19 policy that included contingency planning, phone trees, and drills. The phone tree focused on regulatory, crew family, guest agents, and family, etc.
  • No crew rotations during the Alaska season. This helps reduce exposure.
  • All guests’ cabins with exterior windows or doors or both. No interior or below deck cabins used.
  • Contact tracing was implemented immediately upon notification of positive test by Alaska official's land side.


“This was perfect for us! Like everyone we met on board, we would not consider a cruise with thousands to be a vacation. We made friends each night in the lounge and it felt like a dinner party. The flexibility of the captain and our guides was a fantastic touch. Being able to go into places where it was just our boat was very special.” Richard L., Kamas, UT (2019)

“UnCruise has far exceeded my expectations! The kindness and support of all staff, and the wide range of people and activities has made this a wonderful adventure. I particularly appreciated the kindness of staff to me as a single woman traveling alone. They went out of their way to make sure I was OK.”
Maggie M., Holmfirth, UK (Alaska 2019)


“As a solo traveler, I never once felt that I was alone. Everyone aboard made my experience truly amazing... starting my day with 'rockin' yoga, sitting with new friends during great meals, and participating in the well-planned, active choices for the day. A 5-star adventure!”
Christine F., Rochester, NY (Costa Rica & Panama)