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COVID-19 Updates  

**Updated April 15th, 2022** Note that a single booster is required to sail.

Please check this page regularly. We have learned that COVID-19’s effect on the population can change. This may alter our protective actions from time to time. Currently we are not requiring pre-arrival COVID-19 testing or masks onboard our ships. However, this may change based on impact of yet unknown variants.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Vaccinated Cruises  


1. Must I get vaccinated if I had COVID-19 and recovered? Yes, guidance from federal and state government is clear on this.

2. I have a religious objection to vaccination, will I be allowed aboard with a negative COVID-19 test, only? No, vaccination is required for all guests.

3. I have a Medical condition that prevents me from being vaccinated. Will I be allowed aboard with a negative COVID-19 test, only? No, vaccination is required for all guests.

4. Will I be required to have a "booster" shot to sail with you? Yes, all guests and crew will be required to have a single COVID-19 booster to sail. UnCruise Adventures will continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding boosters.

Testing and Vaccines for COVID-19 

1. Do I need to have a COVID-19 vaccination prior to cruising? What documents will you accept as proof of vaccination? Yes, all guests regardless of age are required to be fully vaccinated and boosted prior to boarding our vessels. Guests will be required to submit proof of vaccination in the form of an original vaccination record issued by the country's health authority administering the vaccination or by your medical provider who administered the vaccination. This information must be uploaded via the Guest Portal no more than 30 days prior to departure.   

2. Do I still need a PCR/rapid test prior to boarding? No. With the current changes in mask mandates and our relaxation of mask requirements on board, you will also no longer be required to provide a PCR/rapid test to board. You will still be required to be fully vaccinated and have a single booster.  

3. What will happen if a person tests positive for COVID-19 while traveling before embarkation? Boarding will be denied. Guests who find themselves in this situation will be given the opportunity to travel in the future based on availability.

4. What vaccines are accepted by UnCruise Adventures? We will accept any of the nine vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and that will be accepted for entry into the US. See accepted vaccines here.

5. Can I get a rapid molecular/PCR test when I depart the Sea of Cortes? UnCruise Adventures will be providing complimentary rapid antigen testing that fits the requirements for U.S. re-entry for all guests departing one of our Mexico adventures. Testing will be provided by a private doctor on the day of departure in La Paz. Results are typically provided within 1- 4 hours by email. You may also ask for a hard copy. Please see additional testing options below for your convenience in both San Jose del Cabo, and Loreto. Speak with an UnCruise Adventures representative should you have more questions.

Purchasing a Vault testing kit is a good option We've also found some success with rapid testing kit options on Amazon. Details on COVID-19 PCR/molecular testing can be found below this section under Coronavirus resources. We do not endorse any specific test listed. These are for resource purposes only.

6. I have had and recovered from COVID-19, and as a result I will test positive, but I am not contagious. Is there a way for me to travel with you? Testing is not currently required. All guests, including guests who have recovered from COVID, must be fully vaccinated, including booster shots when eligible.

Life on Our Adventure Boats 

1. Will you require masks onboard? The U.S. Federal mask mandate is ending and we will follow these guidelines along with the updated CDC recommendations. While masks will not be required onboard, note that it is possible for fully vaccinated people to contract COVID-19. Which is why everyone onboard is encouraged to wear a mask. You should also wear a mask when on public transportation or when requested by UnCruise to wear a mask in ports.

2. Am I at risk while onboard? It is possible for fully vaccinated people to contract COVID-19, which is why everyone aboard is encouraged to wear a mask. You should also wear a mask when on public transportation or when requested by UnCruise to wear a mask in ports.

For COVID-19 and many other forms of illness, the health and safety of everyone onboard is intricately linked together. Our onboard cleaning and sanitization protocols along with the cooperation of all guests with hand washing and use of hand sanitizers are designed to prevent the spread of all types of illness, not just COVID-19. This is a communal effort.

3. What will happen if a vaccinated person tests positive for COVID-19 onboard the boat? The individual will be isolated in their cabin along with any others that test positive. Medical authorities will be contacted and advised on the condition of the guest (s). Due to vaccination, the person may be allowed to stay aboard in isolation or more likely will be transported to isolation ashore, based on a professional’s direction and the availability of shoreside housing.

4. Is UnCruise operating at reduced capacity? Minimally so, one to two guest cabins, depending on the vessel, have been set aside to provide more open crew areas and provide for quarantine space, if needed.

Coronavirus Resources


Ketchikan Testing: Creekside Health

Sitka Testing: Mt. Edgecumbe Medical

Juneau Airport: Juneau.Org

Anchorage Testing: Free COVID-19 Test

Fairbanks Testing: Foundation Health Partners

Alaska General Information: COVID-19 Traveler Information

Washington State

Seattle Airport Testing: SEATAC


Portland Testing: Portland Urgent Care


Hawaii Testing Partners: Trusted Partners for Pre-Travel Testing

Testing Locations & Appointments. Private COVID-19 Testing: S & G Partners

LumiSight Workplace:

COVID-19 Resources for Hawaii | The Queen's Health Systems (

Contact Us / Molokai General Hospital / Kaunakakai, Hawaii (

Mexico | Sea of Cortes

UnCruise Adventures Provides Complimentary U.S. Re-entry Testing

U.S. Re-entry Testing: World Health Organization Approved Vaccines

Same Day Antigen Testing On Site (by appointment only): Barcelo Hotel, San Jose del Cabo

Same Day Antigen Testing (by appointment only) +52 613 135 0191: Laboratorio Nunez, Loreto

COVID Information and Testing Appointments: Marina Puerto Escondido, Loreto

Home Testing

Vault Home Testing: COVID-19 At-Home Testing

United States

COVID-19 Testing Locator Tool: National Testing Sites

* We do not endorse any specific testing site or option. This is for informational purposes.

Destination Specific Information

Safety Is Our Priority

“This was perfect for us! Like everyone we met on board, we would not consider a cruise with thousands to be a vacation. We made friends each night in the lounge and it felt like a dinner party. The flexibility of the captain and our guides was a fantastic touch. Being able to go into places where it was just our boat was very special.” Richard L., Kamas, UT (2019)

“UnCruise has far exceeded my expectations! The kindness and support of all staff, and the wide range of people and activities has made this a wonderful adventure. I particularly appreciated the kindness of staff to me as a single woman traveling alone. They went out of their way to make sure I was OK.”
Maggie M., Holmfirth, UK (Alaska 2019)


“As a solo traveler, I never once felt that I was alone. Everyone aboard made my experience truly amazing... starting my day with 'rockin' yoga, sitting with new friends during great meals, and participating in the well-planned, active choices for the day. A 5-star adventure!”
Christine F., Rochester, NY (Costa Rica & Panama)