Vaccinated Cruise Information

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Letter from Captain Dan

Dear Friends of UnCruise Adventures, 

 My company has kept a close watch on COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution. We are excited about the dramatic change in the availability of vaccines, thus the update to our COVID-19 policy. With current and forecast vaccine distribution levels expanding rapidly, we have made the decision to require all adult guests and crew to be fully vaccinated prior to boarding our vessels (Galapagos excluded). The safety of our guests and crew is paramount in providing a fun, adventuresome and memorable time for all. 

 At this time, a negative pre-cruise molecular test is required of all guests within the 4 days leading up to boarding the vessel. Our commitment to vaccines and pre-trip testing allows us to ensure maximum safety for all aboard.  

 More good news…with guests and crew vaccinated we are now free to make port call to the Alaska towns of Ketchikan and Sitka.  

 Team UnCruise will continue to monitor the vaccine roll out and its positive effect on COVID-19. Should federal or local guidance change, we will update our policy accordingly. 


 Captain Dan Blanchard 

Owner, UnCruise Adventures 

*Updated March 18th, 2021.

Vaccinated Cruise Information  

Prior to Leaving Home
  1. VaccineAll guests and crew 18 or older must be “fully vaccinated” prior to boarding our vessels.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines this as “14 days after your final Covid-19 vaccine shot.”  At a minimum, this process takes 42 days for the 2-shot Moderna vaccine, 35 days for the 2-shot Pfizer vaccine, and 14 days for the 1-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  Plan carefully as it is often unknown which vaccine is available at any given facility.   
  3. COVID -19 Molecular Testing Guests must have negative results from a molecular test administered no sooner than 4 days prior to the day of embarkation.  For example, guests should test Tuesday morning for a Saturday embarkation.

Pack Well – Guests are asked to bring sufficient masks for the duration of the trip, but additional masks are available onboard. Do not forget your vaccination and Covid-19 molecular test documents (printed or electronic). 

While in Transit and Boarding the Vessel
  1. Travel – Guests should follow all federal and local guidance for traveling to the destination. Wearing a mask at the appropriate times, physical separation, etc.
  3. Check In – On the day guests board our vessel: 
    1. Complete a health questionnaire provided by UnCruise Adventures.  
    1. Present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. 
    1. Present proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular test, taken no more than 4 days prior. 
  4. The Big Three We can’t emphasize this enough … “Wash Hands, Wear A Mask, and Physically Distance.”  This is especially important while traveling to join us for your amazing adventure! 
Life on Board for Guests and Crew
  • Mask UsePer current US federal mandate, guests and crew must wear masks whenever in the interior of the vessel or within 6 feet of others outside of their bubble. Consuming food, drinks, and cabin time are notable exceptions to this requirement. On deck, or during activities, masks need not be worn if physical distancing is observed.  If the federal government eases mask requirements for vaccinated cruises, we will act accordingly. 
  • Sanitize Public Areas and Adventure GearIf it is on the boat, it is getting cleaned regularly. Crew sanitize touchpoints throughout the vessel at least every four hours. To the maximum extent possible, guests will be issued their own adventure and protective gear for use throughout the cruise (life jackets, boots, masks etc.). Crew members will sanitize all common-use adventure and protective gear daily. 
  • Safe Beverages and Snacks Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be kept behind transmission barriers and passed to guests individually. 


Plated Meals All buffets have been replaced with plated meals. 

  • Hand Sanitizers Located at primary entrance points and in public areas.

Onboard Testing Each vessel will have the capability to administer and analyze onboard COVID-19 rapid molecular tests.

 *This policy does not apply to the Galapagos Islands. Please see link below for specific COVID-19 policy for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. 

*UnCruise Adventures has instituted a $97 COVID-19 service fee for each guest based on our protocols and associated costs for all COVID-19 enhancements. 

*We will update COVID-19 protocols as federal and local guidance evolves. 

*See all of our 2021 COVID-19 protocols for all destinations below.


Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Vaccinated Cruises  


1. - Must I get vaccinated if I had COVID-19 and recovered? Yes, guidance from federal and state government is clear on this. 

2. - Are minors, 17 and under, permitted to join the cruise without a vaccination? Yes, there is considerable data that indicates that minors are more resilient to COVID-19. The number of minors is capped at a low percentage of people onboard.  

3. - I have a religious objection to vaccination, will I be allowed aboard with a negative COVID-19 test, only? No, vaccination is required for adults this summer and fall. We suggest that traveling in 2022 may be a better option for guests who are not taking the vaccine. 

4. - I have a Medical condition that prevents me from being vaccinated. Will I be allowed aboard with a negative COVID-19 test, only? No, vaccination is required for adults this summer and fall. We suggest that traveling in 2022 may be a better option for guests who are not taking the vaccine. 

5. - Will I need a vaccination to cruise in 2022? This question is asked world-wide, with no definitive answer, yet. However, recent indications from professionals indicate that once herd immunity is reached, the need for vaccination may change. We will follow the best scientific guidance that is available at that time.  

Testing for COVID-19 

1. - Why are guests required to have a negative COVID-19 molecular test result, 4-days prior to departure? While vaccinated individuals have far less risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19, it is believed that they may carry the illness. Vaccination combined with a molecular test reduces risk for everyone onboard.  

2. - Do I need to have a COVID-19 vaccination prior to cruising? What documents will you accept as proof of vaccination? Yes, all guests will be required to be fully vaccinated prior to boarding our vessels. Guests will be required to submit proof of vaccination in the form of an original vaccination record issued by the country's health authority administering the vaccination or by your medical provider who administered the vaccination.  This will need to be in the form of an original document or electronic record only from residents where electronic records are the standard documentation such as a QR code.

3. - Are minors, 17 and under, required to have a negative COVID-19 molecular test result, 4-days prior to departure? Yes 

4. - What will happen if a person tests positive for COVID-19 while traveling before embarkation? Boarding will be denied. Guest should have results from the 4-day pre-departure molecular test before departing home. For example, take the test on Tuesday morning for boarding on Saturday. Guests who find themselves in this situation will be given the opportunity to travel later in the summer or in 2022 based on availability.

5. - I cannot find a local molecular COVID-19 test that returns results in a timely manner. We have had good fortune with Vault at home testing at Vault Health. Details on COVID-19 molecular testing, in Alaska, Washington and Oregon, can be found below this section under Coronavirus resources.

6. - I am traveling in Alaska prior to my UnCruise. Where do I get my COIVD-19 molecular test prior to boarding day? Using testing facilities available within Alaska is the best choice. Testing in Anchorage is easy to do. On a limited basis, with prior coordination, UnCruise may accomplish a small number of rapid molecular tests on the day of embarkation. Also, purchasing a Vault testing kit prior to departure from home, and then sending your sample in from Anchorage or Fairbanks is a good option. Details on COVID-19 molecular testing, in Alaska, Washington and Oregon, can be found below this section under Coronavirus resources.

7. - Does Alaska, Washington or Oregon require testing or vaccination to enter these states? No, currently these states do not have a testing or vaccination requirement for entry. However, Alaska advises (but does not require) travelers to take a 72-hour pre-departure test. 

8. - Antigen screening was in your last policy update, why has it been removed? This screening has minimal value on a vaccinated cruise. However, we do carry rapid molecular test kits and analyzers aboard each vessel. This is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing. 

9. - Why do you have a COVID-19 service charge on a vaccinated cruise? UnCruise has made considerable investment to operate our adventure cruises at an elevated level of safety. The primary expense is for rapid molecular test kits and analyzers on our vessels. This and many other COVID related enhancements, including greater crew to guest ratios, add a considerable amount to the cost of operations. 

Life on our Adventure Boats 

1. - UnCruise is no longer requiring daily temperatures checks, why? Body temperature provides minimal value in determining if someone has COVID-19. However, we do carry rapid molecular test kits and analyzers aboard each vessel. This is the gold standard in COVID-19 testing. 

2. - Why have you added back port calls in Port Angeles, Ketchikan, and Sitka? With the change to vaccinated cruises, the risk to our guests and the community is reduced. We feel comfortable in adding these ports back to our routes. 

3. - What will happen if a vaccinated person tests positive for COVID-19 onboard the boat? The individual will be isolated in their cabin along with any others that test positive. Medical authorities will be contacted and advised on the condition of the guest (s). Due to vaccination, the person may be allowed to stay aboard in isolation or more likely will be transported to isolation ashore, based on a professional’s direction.  

4. - Why are masks required on the vessels interior when this is a vaccinated cruise? Currently, the US federal government includes our boats as part of transportation infrastructure, just like an airliner. Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) came out with encouraging guidance for people that have had full vaccinations and how mask use may be relaxed. We are hopeful that this updated guidance will soon apply to our vessels. We are engaging Federal Authorities on this subject. 

5. - Is UnCruise operating at reduced capacity? Yes, guest cabins have been set aside to provide more open crew areas and provide for quarantine space, if needed. 

Coronavirus Resources


Ketchikan Testing: Creekside Health

Sitka Testing: Mt. Edgecumbe Medical

Juneau Testing: Ethel Lund Medical

Anchorage Testing: Free COVID-19 Test

Fairbanks Testing: Fairbanks Memorial

Alaska General Information: COVID-19 Traveler Information

Washington State

Seattle Airport Testing: SEATAC


Portland Testing: Portland Urgent Care

Home Testing

Vault Home Testing: COVID-19 At-Home Testing

United States

COVID-19 Testing Locator Tool: National Testing Sites

* We do not endorse any specific testing site or option. This is for informational purposes.


Destination Specific Information

Safety Is Our Priority

“This was perfect for us! Like everyone we met on board, we would not consider a cruise with thousands to be a vacation. We made friends each night in the lounge and it felt like a dinner party. The flexibility of the captain and our guides was a fantastic touch. Being able to go into places where it was just our boat was very special.” Richard L., Kamas, UT (2019)

“UnCruise has far exceeded my expectations! The kindness and support of all staff, and the wide range of people and activities has made this a wonderful adventure. I particularly appreciated the kindness of staff to me as a single woman traveling alone. They went out of their way to make sure I was OK.”
Maggie M., Holmfirth, UK (Alaska 2019)


“As a solo traveler, I never once felt that I was alone. Everyone aboard made my experience truly amazing... starting my day with 'rockin' yoga, sitting with new friends during great meals, and participating in the well-planned, active choices for the day. A 5-star adventure!”
Christine F., Rochester, NY (Costa Rica & Panama)