Prepare For Your Cruise

We're tickled pink you're coming on board. But before you do, you need to prepare for your adventure and make sure all of your online forms are completed. The information below provides answers to questions you're surely pondering, and of course, you can always reach out to one of our Sales Counselors—they're just as excited about your cruise as you are!


Passport/Identification Requirements

U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. traveling exclusively inside U.S. borders do not need a passport or visa for travel (only a government-issued photo ID such as your driver’s license). You ARE required to travel with a passport if your Alaska cruise route sails through Canadian waters, or any other non-U.S. international destination.

Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada entering the U.S. are required to bring their passport. Other nationalities, passports are required to enter the U.S. It is your responsibility to check with your local embassy/consulate to confirm visa/passport requirements and to obtain the proper visa/U.S. alien card (green card)/etc. necessary for your cruise destination.

For all travelers, we recommend making a photocopy of the photo ID page and taking it on your trip, separate from your passport. If your passport/identification is lost or stolen, the photocopy will help considerably for facilitating a replacement.



You or your travel agent are responsible for booking your own flights to and from your home city for your UnCruise adventure. We do, however, need the information on your flights (60 days prior to embarkation) in order to arrange transfers. If this information is not provided, then transfers will be on your own. To assist you in booking flights at the right time, click the link below.


Hotels & Land Excursions

Are you interested in extending your trip with a few nights in your embarkation or disembarkation port? How about a little inland exploration? We've done our research and come up with some exciting options for many of our destinations.


Arrival & Departure

We’ll provide a transfer from the airport to your UnCruise Adventures vessel or the hotel of your pre- or post-cruise (UnCruise) stopover package as long as we have received your air travel information 60 days prior to departure. Otherwise you will be expected to make your own arrangements for initial transfers. Make sure you have provided us with your flight numbers and flight departure and arrival times.

If we have your arrival information and you're arriving on the day of your cruise, you'll be met at baggage claim by our representative. Your luggage will be taken directly to your UnCruise Adventures vessel, and you will be taken to the hotel with our hospitality area. You'll most likely then have some free time to explore your surroundings until meeting back again at the hospitality suite at an agreed-upon time. If you've made arrangements for a pre-cruise stopover, then you'll receive specific instructions on transfers with your final travel details. Please make sure you've given us all applicable information regarding your arrival.

On disembarkation day, you'll have one last laugh, and then you'll cry, and then you'll need to make it to your next destination. If you're flying out, then our representative will provide transfer to the airport. If you're making other post-cruise travel or hotel arrangements, you'll receive specific information on transfers with your final travel details. Please make sure you've given us all applicable information regarding your departure.


Recommended Packing Lists

"What kind of shoes should I bring?" or "Is it going to be cool enough to bring a coat?" To help with packing and answer questions on what to bring, take a look at our suggested packing list for your destination. Being prepared for your journey will help prevent any stresses along the way. You come ready for your cruise, and we take care of the rest!


Recommended Reading

"What can I read to be prepared for our destination?" Well we just happen to have the answer to that question. We've compiled some great reading to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of your destination. Fiction, non-fiction, guides and natural history. We're not suggesting that you read the entire list—but you can if you want!