Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Baja, Mexico in 2022

Six more weeks of winter?! Forget that! Time to head down south where the sun is shining and the water is warm. No better place to travel than Baja, Mexico in 2022. Here are 10 reasons why!

1.     Traveling in Baja is Safe

I am not saving the best for last. If this one wasn’t true, none of the rest would matter. Everyone from bloggers to your anxious friends to Forbes Magazine want to know that it is safe. The government of Mexico takes COVID safety seriously. Cabo, as with most tourist ports in Mexico, has the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Safe Travels Protocol Stamp. This stamp requires following CDC and WHO guidelines for public health and safety. See the link for details. Over 91% of adults in Baja California Sur had been vaccinated by the time of a Mexican Government Epidemic Report in December of 2021.


2.      An UnCruise Adventure is All-Inclusive and Unlimited

Many people think all-inclusive resort when they think of Mexico. Great, if you are willing to sit in the same place all week! An UnCruise Adventure includes everything AND does it in a different location every day. Unlimited activities to choose from twice a day. Unlimited gourmet farm-to-table dining featuring local flavors with choices for everyone. Unlimited open bar. Unlimited photo opportunities. Unlimited smiles and service from the best crew in the business. Snorkel gear. Classes for beginners. Open bridge. Heck, we’ll even pick you up at the airport!


3.      Isolated Locations

One of the best parts of small boat cruising (and we mean small – maximum 60 passengers on board Safari Voyager!) is that we can go into isolated coves and beaches that other cruise ships can’t. No ports – all natural wildernesses. You will snorkel with sea lions at Los Islotes. Ride burros and meet local rancheros at Bahia Agua Verde. Hike at Isla San Francisco. Kayak at Isla Partida or Isla Espiritu Santo. No crowds, EVER.


4.      Baja’s Wildlife

The Galapagos Islands are on nearly everyone’s bucket list (and hey, we’re happy to take you there, too!) but pricey and a long trip. Most people don’t know that you can find blue footed boobies and frigate birds in Baja California Sur. How awesome is that! Did you know that Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortes “the world’s aquarium”? The snorkeling here is amazing – and we provide wetsuits so that you can stay out there as long as you like. As mentioned in the last point, you will get a chance to frolic with juvenile sea lions (the puppies of the sea) with our expert guides. Check out these great photos of the area by New York Times photographer Benjamin Lowy. Depending on the season, you will also either travel to Bahia Magdalena and see migratory gray whales or venture out in Bahia La Paz for a close encounter with whale sharks, the biggest fish of the sea. Win Win!


5.      Adventure Activities in Baja

We are all about adventure – it’s in our name! All the gear you need is included – snorkel fins and masks, floatation aids, kayaks, everything down to your own sterile water bottle that you keep all week. Snorkel, paddle board, kayak, swim, hike, skiff, or just sunbathe with a margarita in hand. Activities are available at all skill and interest levels, and our awesome guides will teach you, help you, and take you cool places. It’s like summer camp for adults!


6.      Traveling in Baja is great for families

Because activities are available for all different kinds of people, these adventures work perfectly for families of any size, especially multiple generations. Take your kids away from the electronics and out in the wilderness (yup, no Wi-Fi!). 8–12-year-olds can often hike circles around the rest of us. All kayaks are tandem – for two people – so they can enjoy with a parent. Teens might take on open paddle for more independence, geek out about whale migration with a guide, and try fun mocktails. Twenty-somethings will recognize themselves in the crew and have a great time. Our chefs are happy to accommodate every palate, from your picky 8-year-old to your diabetic cousin to your vegan son. Everybody’s family. Read a blog from a family that did just exactly this cruise!


7.      Baja is great for couples


We mentioned those tandem kayaks earlier – also awesome for couples, though one of our most popular tees in the online gift shop will tell you “Love is Surviving a Kayak Together”. No Wi-Fi. No cell phones. The focus is on connection with your partner, fellow travelers, and the wildlife and nature around you. Awesome food, open bar, do as much or as little as you like. And never any pressure to dress up. Safari Voyagers Junior Commodore and Commodore suites make for a great honeymoon or anniversary. We offer adult-only departures on March 26, April 23, and May 28, 2022.


8.      UnCruising is awesome for solo travelers

Small boat (maximum 60, remember!) adventures create a community that welcomes everyone, including solo travelers. Small group activities make for conversations, shared adventures, and helping hands. All cabins, even the designated solo cabins (of which Safari Voyager has four), are outside ocean view with private bathroom. Open seating in the dining room so that it’s totally natural and easy to meet people. Like minded people make great new friends – and there are also always places to retreat with a good book and a glass of wine.


9.      Groups love Baja Adventures

Traveling is more fun with groups of your friends and family! It’s a great balance of time with your “framily” and meeting new people. Everybody does what they like best during the day. Table tops for six guests in our open seating dining room. Lots of space in the lounge, the sun deck, and other areas to gather and share photos and stories. Safari Voyager’s Admiral, Junior Commodore, and Commodore Suites can all take triple occupancy if needed or just provide more space to spread out. Groups of 10 or more earn savings or other perks as well!


10. The Tastes of Baja

Our three course meals are locally sourced and full of the flavors of Baja. Our partnerships with local fishermen and farmers bring us the very freshest and best. Vegetarian, land, and sea entrée options with customization available for dietary requirements of all kinds. All breads and desserts baked on board by our own pastry chef. A combination of local and premium beers, wines, and spirits. A foodie’s delight. Fresh. Local. Inspired.


It's the perfect time to get away, and Baja is the perfect place to go!