Alaska Coronavirus Updates and Protocols

Prior to Departing Home:

Many towns and cities in Alaska require a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of departure to enter the state.  Guests who arrive without this negative test result may be required to take the test on location and quarantine at their expense until the results are received, potentially missing cruise embarkation.

Guests may satisfy the local entry requirement two different ways:

Travel on/slightly before the day of embarkation – Guests who test as suggested above – no sooner than three days prior to the day of embarkation – should meet Alaska’s entry guidance if they travel on the day of embarkation.

Separate PCR Tests – Some guests arrive in Alaska well before their day of embarkation for additional sightseeing. Guests arriving much sooner than the day of embarkation will likely need two Covid-19 PCR tests – one to meet Alaska’s entry requirement (72 hours before departure) and one to meet UnCruise Adventures’ requirement (no sooner than three days prior to the day of embarkation). 

While in Transit and Prior to Boarding:

Many towns and cities within Alaska require masks to be worn in public spaces. In addition, they ask you to follow guidelines for

 Alaska COVID 19 Travel Information