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Lost then found, then lost again, we love adventure and so will your clients. Once we are lost in the right direction you will be blown away. A realization of your significance against the scale of the place you've found. It's hard to put in words, but you leave a piece of your heart in the places we visit.

Small boats. Small groups. Small footprint.


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  • As part of UnCruise sustainable efforts in responsible travel, we look for ways to have less impact on the environment. One of these ways was to produce a digital interactive brochure. Here are two great tips to build your client list and make your booth interactive at the travel show:
      • - Leverage tablet or your computer. Get interested parties to stop and talk by showing the UnCruise digital brochure and/or videos on your device…AND to create a more interactive booth.  
  • - Gather contact information and send them a digital brochure right at the travel show! Nothing like capturing interested party name, email AND they don’t have to carry the heavy brochure around. PLUS! Now the potential client has your contact information.  

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