Sea Lions of the Sea of Cortez March 2022

Live from the field - from Erika Hernandez Calvo, Expedition Leader aboard Safari Voyager

If you are looking to spice up your snorkeling, nothing is more exciting than jumping in the water with California sea lions.

Sea Lion Nipping a Fin

These charismatic marine mammals make their home on Los Islotes, a rocky outcropping on the northern end of the Isla Espíritu Santo archipelago. The rookery (la lobera) is home to over 500 California sea lions and is the southernmost breeding colony for these creatures.  

Sea Lions Resting on Los Islotes

Playful pups eagerly explore their surroundings. Their curiosity is on full display as they twirl through the water, sometimes approaching snorkelers with an inquisitive stare or a light nibble on your fins. Whether you see them flipping around you up close in the water or barking at your from the rocks on shore, it is always an amazing experience.