Our Guests

“This is our fourth trip with UnCruise, and probably the best one yet. It's becoming difficult to say that UnCruise experiences exceed our expectations, because we've learned to set our expectations extremely high!”

— Bob K., Agoura Hills, CA (Alaska 2019)

Who sails with us?

It doesn’t take long for guests and crew alike to get to know one another. And while you have your own private, cozy cabin to retreat to… adventure activities, meals, and comfortable and spacious community spaces mean spending time with your fellow adventurers. If you're wondering who it is you might be traveling with, our guests hail from all walks of life—a range of ages, places, and lifestyles; couples, singles, and generations of family; educators and the educated (be it the school-of-life or a PhD); and savvy-travelers, entrepreneurs, even celebrities. Rest assured—our guests are likely a lot like you! And we are pretty sure you'll quickly find common interests.

So join in with other stargazers picking out constellations in the night sky from the bow, match up with a new compadre for sharing a kayak, or enjoy the company of a different group mixing up the tables at meal times.

Get a better idea from a few snapshots about our guests:

Guest Interests & Involvement

Will other guests be passionate about similar topics as you? Are they involved with like-hobbies or -philanthropic causes? Will you have similar socio-cultural curiosities and interest in current events? Well... they tend to be civic-minded, involved in community, care about the environment, enjoy different cultures, and they're active and like to learn. Here are a few of the groups, organizations, and interests our guests share:

  • Historical, educational, and archaeological societies
  • Astronomy, cycling, golf, yacht, and hiking clubs
  • Sierra Club,Nature Conservancy, and World Wildlife Fund
  • ACLU, Lions Club, and Global Red Cross organizations
  • Audubon and anthropology societies • Master Gardeners
  • Trout and Ducks Unlimited • Cooks Illustrated, Canoe & Kayak, Atlantic, Forbes, Smithsonian, Popular Science, New Yorker, Sunset, Rolling Stone •

“We had an awesome experience…. The [other] guests were lovely and I enjoyed meeting new people from different parts of the world.”

— Carol D., Auckland, NZ (Alaska 2015)

Let's get personal

While our guests quickly find commonalities with one another—shared hobbies and interests, travel experience, career paths, sometimes even hometowns, every guest's story is unique. And the individual journeys that brought each guest to an UnCruise adventure is one of the great things that makes our cruises so unforgettable—and unduplicatable. Sharing stories during morning coffee—albeit sometimes sleepily; over hors d'oeuvres during social hour; or making lifelong memories captaining a kayak together. In fact, many of our guests create such tight bonds of friendship while aboard, they become lifelong friends and choose to sail together (with us) again in the future! Here are snapshots of some of our past guests:

Andy, a New Yorker...

and business executive, travels with his adult daughter once a year—they chose a weeklong Alaska adventure.

Australians Bill and Nadia...

along with their 20-something daughter, wrapped up their three-week US holiday—including a ski trip and visits with family—on an adventure-filled voyage in the Hawaiian Islands.

Sandy, from Colorado...

is a budding photographer who's managed to capture a few prize-winning photos on her two past cruises with us. Ahh, the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands and British Columbia!

Joan, a solo traveler...

and retired educator was eager to explore Baja after reading Steinbeck's The Log from the Sea of Cortéz with her students.

Kate Winslet, actress...

joined by her best friend and their families, chartered one of our yachts—not once, but twice. They opted for exclusive adventures in Alaska and Mexico's Sea of Cortés.

A women's travel club...

based in the Midwest, has booked groups of 20+ on our Columbia & Snake Rivers and Hawaiian Islands adventures. Next up—Mexico's Sea of Cortés. These gals know how to travel right!

A former state governor...

and their travel companion opted for an adventure cruise aboard one of our expedition vessels in Southeast Alaska.

Corby, has chartered 7+ times...

lives in Florida and loves Alaska! He opts for the smaller yachts, each time returning to sail a different itinerary—with friends in tow!

A Girl Scout troop...

in Maryland planned and fund-raised for two years. Then they sailed, with fellow-guests from all over the world—learning about Alaska and the environment. Unbeknownst at the time, their trip was profound. And now they're planning another!

“Adventure shared is adventure multiplied! The UnCruise was exciting and un-predictable!”

— Cameron H., Toronto, ON (Pacific Northwest 2015)