Adults Only Please!

We all have our own reasons to take an adult only trip. You’ve had waaay too much family-togetherness during the pandemic. Or you’re a teacher and you want to go by your first name and not “Mrs. Smith” for a while. You want a chance to have cocktail hour with your friends IN PERSON and not via Zoom. Heck, you might even want to meet new people, which is hard to do as busy working adults. There are as many good reasons as there are people, which is why UnCruise has started offering adult-only travel.

Your trip is all inclusive. Transfers on embarkation and disembarkation days. All food and snacks. Unlimited beer, wine, and spirits as well as mocktails, sodas, and other beverages. Every excursion from the boat. All equipment – paddle boards, kayaks, snorkel equipment, walking poles, you name it. Expert and engaging guides. Entrances into everywhere we go. No surprises – put away your wallet until it’s time to thank your crew at the end of the trip!

One of my best friends travels once every two years with her two brothers and their spouses, leaving the kids at home. They love their kids, and they are very devoted to them. But day to day, kids can eat up your life. Select league sports. Extra curriculars. Curriculum night. It’s a lot! Thus the vacations to bond with their siblings. Do what they want to do. Let someone else wash the dishes for once! They’ve done Las Vegas. This year a trip to Utah. But next time? They are thinking about an UnCruise. My friend does all the planning, and it’s a lot of work! With an UnCruise, she doesn’t have to set anything up. If the weather isn’t right for the original plan that day? Our guides offer a new plan that may be even better! All the food and drinks are organized – no Costco run on the way to the rental place. Just time to have a blast and not worry about a thing.

There is nothing like an adult only trip to reconnect with your partner. Focus on yourselves and each other. Put down your cell phones, they won’t work out here. No Facebook. Save your Instagram-post-worthy photos for when you get back to port. Time without distractions to play together. As one of our most popular tee shirts says “Love is Surviving a Kayak Adventure Together” . After that, we are happy to provide you with a stiff drink! Soak in the hot tub under the stars. Look for the Northern Lights. Enjoy a bottle of wine or a fierce game of cribbage. Sit down to three course dinners every night. Most of all have fun together.

Sometimes you need a girls’ getaway. With everything included, you only have to split the bill once! Gourmet food, fun bartenders, photo opportunities galore. Enjoy beach parties. Try your hand at paddle board yoga. Put a hibiscus behind your ear on your hike. Uninterrupted social time. Relax.

Other guests seek out adult-only travel when they are flying solo. When you’re looking to get away from it all, “all” can include children underfoot! Quiet time to meditate. Finally get time for that book. Try new things without kids gawking at you. It’s also very true that it is easier for a solo traveler to meet other adults when it is all adults on board. Meeting like-minded people and making friends as an adult is hard. Even when you aren’t in a pandemic lockdown. Which, hey, we all have been. Most of our dinner tables seat six. And our amazing food will give you plenty to talk about. You already have that bear sighting in common, and we’ve all agreed not to tell who screamed like a little girl when the humpback breached. Making friends isn’t so hard.

A lot of people planning an adult only trip think of an all-inclusive resort, possibly in Mexico. Some sun, everything taken care of, nothing to plan. Those can be great. We recommend you start with Barcelo Gran Faro Los Cabos for a few days. Then take the inclusions a step further – getting into places you need a small boat to reach. Snorkel with sea lion pups. Ride a burro at Agua Verde. Swim with whale sharks. Our small boat cruise groups leave right from the Barcelo on their way to La Paz and Safari Voyager.  The adult only departures of Whale Sharks, Whales, & Mobulas are March 26, April 23, and May 28.