Celebrate With UnCruise - The Champagne's On Us!

Whether it’s by yourself, with your partner, your family, or the whole mob of friends that become your family, an UnCruise is a great way to celebrate. It’s an unlimited all-inclusive vacation. No worries, no planning, no day-by-day details to keep track of. No checks to split. Imagine it – days of adventure and nights of gourmet meals, specialty cocktails in the lounge, and time with the ones you love. Spread glacial mud on each other’s faces. Laugh your way over and under obstacles on a bushwhack. Birthdays, honeymoons, anniversaries, graduations, retirements – we love a good party. Champagne’s on us.

Any birthday is a good reason for an adventure! We often like to do something really fun, maybe a little challenging, for a big birthday. (Those ones that end in 0 especially.) An UnCruise gives you the challenging, the fun, and the “once in a lifetime” opportunities all together. Go by yourself to test your independence and remind yourself how much you can do. Take the family. Or take your girlfriends or college buddies. Time to do things you always wanted to do, at least once. Walk on a glacier. Ride on a mule. Snorkel with sea turtles. Walk through Mayan ruins. Take a polar plunge! Our amazing pastry chef will whip up a yummy birthday treat, and your gang can toast your birthday in style. While wearing jeans. Perfect.

Graduations are a time for launching out into the world. Take your graduating child, niece or nephew, or grandchild on an adventure. Explore how much more of the world there really is. Bushwhack through temperate rainforest. Watch a two-hundred-year-old glacier calving into the sea. Hike the ruins of ancient civilizations and learn about current cultures from the locals themselves. Over dinner and on those hikes, meet people from across the country and “across the pond”. The world is a big, amazing place. There is nothing like seeing it firsthand.

Planning a honeymoon? Congrats! Starting your lives together with an adventure is perfect. UnCruise Adventures are all-inclusive and unlimited. Hiking, snorkeling, and the true test of a new marriage – the tandem kayak. 😊 Gourmet food at every meal, with beer, wines and cocktails included all day. In upper-level cabins, snuggle up in a king bed. Fill your cameras. Create memories together on your first trip of so many in your future.

The most romantic, though, is definitely the Romance Package on Safari Explorer in Hawaii. First off, Hawaii is a classic honeymoon destination. Sweet fragrances from flowers and fruit. Warm sun and sea. Beautiful sunsets (and sunrises, too, if you’re into that sort of thing). Then add in the luxury of staying aboard the princess of the fleet, Safari Explorer. In an Admiral, Jr Commodore, or Commodore Suite, you get a king bed, jacuzzi tub, heated floor tiles in the bathroom – top comfort. The Commodore Suite even includes a step-out Juliet balcony. If they know it’s your honeymoon, the crew will treat you to vintage champagne, a fruit and chocolate plate, Hawaiian leis, and most romantic of all, a private dinner for your own honeymoon fête.


Now me, we couldn’t afford a big honeymoon at the time. We stayed in a B&B that was close by for two nights and then went home and back to work. For folks like us, the big celebration trip may well be for a wedding anniversary instead. In my case, it was Hawaii for our 5th anniversary. But that’s just the first anniversary trip we’ve done. We’ve celebrated a lot of anniversaries on adventures ever since!

A 50th wedding anniversary is a landmark to be celebrated with all your family around you. A time for all the children and grandchildren to get together in one place. One of our yachts like Safari Quest or Safari Explorer, with 11 and 18 cabins respectively, are perfect for that! With a full boat charter, you have input on activities, food, and the most important sights to see. Do you have an idea of what your perfect celebration dinner looks like? Do you have grandchildren or aunties who would like to have high tea? Cousins who love kayaking and will stay out all day?  Want family photos in front of a waterfall? Our amazing chefs and crew will bring your dream trip to life.

Everybody knows retirement is a great thing to celebrate with travel. Now is the time for bucket list trips and longer vacations. No scheduling around the school calendar. No rushing back due to limited time off. Take the trips you’ve always wanted to and take your time. Kayak in the Salish Sea in the Pacific Northwest on your way to an Alaskan adventure. Sail to the Galapagos for the great tortoise, blue footed boobies, sea lions, and more one-of-a-kind creatures. Then stay in Latin America and add the Machu Picchu package. Take an Alaskan cruise and then head inland on the Denali package. So many options.

Life is full of mileposts and reasons to celebrate. Our favorite way to celebrate is with friends, food, and adventures.