Solo Travel

“As a solo traveler, I never once felt that I was alone. Everyone aboard made my experience truly amazing... starting my day with 'rockin' yoga, sitting with new friends during great meals, and participating in the well-planned, active choices for the day. A 5-star adventure!”

— Christine F., Rochester, NY (Costa Rica & Panama)

Discover an Adventure All Your Own

Find the companionship of newfound friends. The logistics are planned for you. And your solo traveler’s journey is a relaxed and safe one. Guides and crew know you by name—and it’s not long before you and your shipmates are on a first-name basis. Bonding happens naturally.

If you’re on the fence, the pros far outweigh the cons. There’s a reason guests often describe these cruises as “summer camp for adults”— sharing stories, laughter, and AHA! moments with your comrades and crew. And when you seek it, there’s quiet solitude, too.

On our adventure cruises, a unique smorgasbord of activities presents opportunities for creating lifelong memories.

Making Solo Travel Better:

  • Friendly rates (you don’t pay double!
  • Safe, comfortable environment
  • Open seating in the dining room fosters social mingling
  • Buddy system during adventure activities—snorkeling, kayaking, hiking
  • Time for beach walks, stargazing, and strolling towns in small groups
  • Freedom to curl up with a book in the onboard library or lounge

“UnCruise has far exceeded my expectations! The kindness and support of all staff, and the wide range of people and activities has made this a wonderful adventure. I particularly appreciated the kindness of staff to me as a single woman traveling alone. They went out of their way to make sure I was OK.”

— Maggie M., Holmfirth, UK (Alaska 2019)