Important Coronovirus Travel Updates - Vaccinations


Coronavirus Travel Updates &

Vaccine Cruise Policy

Working Towards a Safe Travel Future

Dear Friends of UnCruise Adventures,

My company has kept a close watch on COVID-19 vaccine production and distribution. We are excited about the dramatic change in the availability of vaccines, thus the update in our COVID-19 policy. With current and forecast vaccine distribution levels expanding rapidly, we have made the decision to require all adult guests and crew to be fully vaccinated prior to boarding our vessels. The safety of our guests and crew is paramount in providing a fun, adventuresome, and memorable time for all.

At this time, a negative pre-cruise molecular test is required of all guests within the 4 days leading up to boarding the vessel. Our commitment to vaccines and pre-trip testing allows us to ensure maximum safety for all aboard.

These policies are ever-changing, so please check our Coronavirus Travel Updates page regularly at Further questions can be directed to our adventure specialists at

We hope you will join us as planned, but if you are uncomfortable traveling under these policies, you may make a one-time date change to 2022. I do ask that you let us know if you will be traveling as planned, no later than April 1, 2021. 


Captain, Dan Blanchard

Owner, UnCruise Adventures

What You Need to Know Prior to Departing Home 


Vaccine- All guests and crew 18 or older must be “fully vaccinated” prior to boarding our vessels.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) defines this as “14 days after your final Covid-19 vaccine shot.”  At a minimum, this process takes 42 days for the 2-shot Moderna vaccine, 35 days for the 2-shot Pfizer vaccine, and 14 days for the 1-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  Plan carefully as it is often unknown which vaccine is available at any given facility.   


COVID-19 Molecular Testing - Guests must have negative results from a molecular test administered no sooner than 4 days prior to the day of embarkation.  For example, guests should test Tuesday morning for a Saturday embarkation. 


Pack Well - Guests are asked to bring sufficient masks for the duration of the trip, but additional masks are available onboard. Do not forget your vaccination and Covid-19 molecular test documents (printed or electronic). 


 While in Transit & Boarding the Vessel 

Travel - Guests should follow all federal and local guidance for traveling to the destination. Wearing a mask at the appropriate times, physical separation, etc. 


Check-in - On the day guests board our vessel: 

  1. Complete a health questionnaire provided by UnCruise Adventures.  
  1. Present proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. 
  1. Present proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular test, taken no more than 4 days prior. 

The Big 3 - We can’t emphasize this enough … “Wash Hands, Wear A Mask, and Physically Distance.”  This is especially important while traveling to join us for your amazing adventure! 

Life Onboard for Guests and Crew 


Mask Use – Per current US federal mandate, guests and crew must wear masks whenever in the interior of the vessel or within 6 feet of others outside of their bubble. Consuming food, drinks, and cabin time are notable exceptions to this requirement. On deck, or during activities, masks need not be worn if physical distancing is observed.  If the federal government easemask requirements for vaccinated cruises, we will act accordingly. 


Sanitize Public Areas and Adventure Gear – If it is on the boat, it is getting cleaned regularly. Crew sanitize touchpoints throughout the vessel at least every four hours. To the maximum extent possible, guests will be issued their own adventure and protective gear for use throughout the cruise (life jackets, boots, masks etc.). Crew members will sanitize all common-use adventure and protective gear daily. 


Plated Meals – All buffets have been replaced with plated meals. 


Safe Beverages and Snacks – Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be kept behind transmission barriers and passed to guests individually. 


Hand Sanitizers – Located at primary entrance points and in public areas. 


Onboard testing - Each vessel will have the capability to administer and analyze onboard COVID-19 rapid molecular tests.