Un-Cruise: Un-Typical, Un-Crowded and Ultra Responsible

Un-Cruise Adventures isn’t meant to be an ordinary cruise though, hence the name. Focusing on personalized individual service is the name of the game here and whether you want to challenge a crew member to a game of Trivial Pursuit, skiff around Deception Pass in Washington state, or learn how to tie knots for an hour, they will deliver each and every one of those experiences with a great big smile.

Un-Cruise Adventures offers passengers the chance to take a responsible and eco-friendly tour that provides an intimate look at some of the most inspiring landscapes and ecosystems on our planet. In 2015 the company was recognized for its commitment to responsible travel. The Passenger Vessel Association made Un-Cruise Adventures a member of its Green Waters Program for the company’s dedication and commitment to fostering a cleaner, greener marine environment.